Finding Your Passion and Stay Motivated and Inspired is Easier than you May Think

I have learned that finding your passion and a life of purpose with personal motivation is not as difficult as we often make it seem.

As a student of success for many years, I’ve ended up being knowledgeable about the passion concept.

Yes, I mean that from within our core of who we are produce an enthusiasm for our objectives.

It’s a burning desire to see them brought to fruition.

In the first part of this article on finding your passion let’s discuss what it takes for a life of purpose. I mean for being inspired and not settling for less.

Then, in the later section I share a story about a famous best selling author who learned to stay motivated on her full potential.

She had inspired me when she didn’t even realize it!

As a student of spirituality, I’ve spent a lot of time welcoming the concept that desire is the root of all suffering.

With desire, teaches through ancient writings in the Tao, comes clinging and aversion.

Then, in the Gita, the two seeds of discontent which imprison our souls and keep us pursuing yet never attaining real happiness.

Likewise, success trainers inform us we need to live in the future. They say, drawing clear and vivid images of the truth we want to produce.

Yet, while spiritual instructors tell us we need to live in the present moment, for that’s all there is.

How do you resolve this dilemma and discover a path that leads to finding your passion and purpose?

One method is to choose in depth study on how to achieve goals and finding your passion.

If you’ve picked ancient writings as your path, you’ll defend against any flowering astray of desire within you.

Yes, seeing each desire with detachment, affirming its transience, and ultimately letting it go.

Your desires will not trigger you to respond by doing something about it towards their attainment.

That’s because your path is among extrication from the whims and wills of the mind. Likewise your joy will be originated from the overcoming of desire.

It’s fundamental in your renunciation of the item of that desire. Certainly you’ll seek joy in the here and now.

You’ll actively seek a clearer connection with the part of you that has desire if you’re a student of success strategies.

You’ll then draw vibrant visioning of your future joy, consisting of the objects of your desire in the images.

This is why I suggest that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation getting you to your inner creative state. I always like to suggest trying out this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice that I use regularly and consistently.

You’ll develop a passionate, almost compulsive intention to accomplish your goals.

As well, reasoning that it’s the acquisition of your goals that produces joy.

You’ll work diligently towards the attainment of your objectives and goals. Likewise, will not permit yourself to be content up until you’ve accomplished your objectives.

In my view, finding your purpose by cultivating inner peace is a high priority.

Just as well, experiencing a life of purpose upon the absence or existence of a particular situation is necessary to mental health.

I practice detachment and observe my desires without feeling that they demand attention or acquisition.

Also I imagine myself to be a kindergarten or a preschool instructor, and my desires are the desires of the little kids in the class.

If I’m far out into the future and becoming intent on a specific outcome as a condition of joy, I’ll pull back and stop or slow the game.

If I discover that I’m developing a dependency to specific conditions being satisfied, I’ll practice meditation. I may pray, walk, other exercise, or do anything but pursue the goal.

I practice spirituality since it reminds me that there are no conditions needed for my happiness, which this minute is best, precisely as it is.

A Course in Miracles states, “Praise be to you who make the Father one with His Own Child.”

I set goals since it provides me the chance to further my passion and purpose.

Development is part of our bequest. Plus, in setting goals, I have a structure within which I can live, love, and play.

I discover that really comforting.

Your desires will not trigger you to react by taking action towards their achievement.

You will always be considering that your path is one of extrication from the impulses and wills of the mind.

Also your joy will be derived from the conquering of desire inherent in your renunciation of the object of that desire.

Remember, you’ll then create wonderful images of your passion coming to reality.

Likewise, future joy, consisting of the items of your desire in the imaging.

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Next, let’s consider meaningful magnitude in manifesting your desires for a life of purpose.

Meaningful Magnitude in Finding your Passion

Wouldn’t you agree that our desires in life seem to walk a fine line between being either requests or passions?

Have you ever questioned yourself over a decision you were having trouble making. Or with a goal you thought about pursuing?

You might have asked: “I wonder if this is what God wants for me?”

Or, even when you do finally decide to pursue this goal you may still have uncertainties like: “Am I truly doing what is right for me?”

Or, “What if I am wrong and I end up making a fool of myself by failing?” And many of us worry over this one: “What will others say about me?”

These and more similar questions of uncertainty for centuries have halted humans in their pursuit for glory and freedom of will.

In reality, you truly cannot fail when you side with what is in your heart.

To receive answers from God to questions like these, and quickly, too, is really quite simple.

All you need to do is answer to your heart about finding your passion without worry of a particular outcome.

The answers you seek are within the depths of your infinite wholeness.

You will learn how to tap into the substance of wholeness which is your abundance and is the natural you. This wealth is not withheld by a supreme power located outside of you.

Neither is your own power hidden inside of scientific measurements of intelligence, such as an IQ.

Nor must you get on your knees for lengthy periods, pleading for favors from a power high above.

But what you can do now is begin accepting the answers already in your heart, because this is what God wants.

How can you be sure of finding your passion?

Only in truth is it the same. Anything else is baggage. All thoughts that do not speak of truth about you are not needed in your psyche, so let them go.

Or they will keep you stuck in a mode of littleness. This will keep you chained and cuffed to the world that tries to dictate what is right for you.

But when you do “let go,” be sure to do so in a way that is loving and without blaming others. I mean who may have tried to unintentionally or with full intent to keep you stuck.

Simply thank them for their concern and move on.

You may think you fear God in some regards, but you really don’t see Him as your enemy.

So why would you battle against your heart, the desires that move you and the will to be truly free?

A Course in Miracles further states: “You are but trying to escape a bitter war from which have escaped. The war is gone.”

Why try to believe that the same faith we use to keep us free of fear, can also hurt us by condemning us?

This is what you are doing when you choose not to follow your heart and finding your passion.

There is no fear and there is no hell unless you believe that bad dreams come true. But you try to make a hell by not following your heart.

Heaven defines you and helps you for finding your passion.

An excellent example of this is in the true story told to me by a good friend I’d connected with while I was in prison for 8 long years.

My fellow inmate Ollie was released after nine years. His prison term was for defending himself from a violent intruder on his own property.

Ollie is the father-in-law to a famous author Margaret Peterson Haddix.

She writes mostly historical time-travel books for young adult and children readers, and has lots of fun books published.

Her story told to me by Ollie was a huge inspiration to me.

This was while I was deep in the rabbit hole of the prison system and deep into my writing, but had not yet secured a publisher.

While M.P.H. was mothering her children along with a successful marriage, her first manuscript waited in a file cabinet for four long years.

That was until a main stream publisher appeared along her path. Now she writes book after book, translated in many different languages.

So that people all around the planet stand in lines at book stores to purchase her books and to see and listen to her speak.

In her beginning stages while she waited and continued to write, she didn’t retaliate somehow by placing blame.

I mean on an unfair world somewhere in her difficulty to first find a home for her writing craft.

She knew there was the choice to either weaken herself by blaming, or to simply continue honoring her heart.

Her success story certainly lent me help that kept me grounded in my own heart while I was behind bars.

It’s where in time my own book series finally did secure a main stream publisher.

Likewise is now finding its way to your heart, and perhaps why you were somehow led to this article.

When we place blame we attack, and it is certain we will only fear what we attack. In this sense you will experience difficulty in finding your passion.

This is no different than in the fact we will love whatever we perceive as no threat of fear. Which do you truly choose, love or fear?

To follow one’s heart and finding your passion must certainly be love.

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To living a life of passion and purpose,

James Nussbaumer

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