Managing your Emotions and Feelings Always for Living a Happy Life in Today’s World

Let’s test your feelings and begin managing your emotions not only to become happy, but live a happy life every day. 

How much are managing your emotions affected by outdoor junk?

We are delighted or dissatisfied depending on what is happening to us and around us. We have no control over our feelings many of the times.

Why we become happy within occasion and unhappy at the other? A great news makes us happy and an unfortunate news robs us of our happiness right away.

Are we so controlled by outdoor occasions that our mood gets affected quickly? Can we not overlook whatever is taking place and be happy constantly.

Can we not look at whatever with equanimity and say – I will more than happy constantly and live a happy life.

If we can do that, it will be really helpful for our feelings and emotions. We will not be at the mercy of stimuli from outside to make us dissatisfied.

It is not just stimuli from outside, but also from inside. Any bad memory can turn our mood upside down.

Keep in mind as you absorb this article for its value to you, this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “The distractions of the ego may seem to interfere with your learning, but the ego has no power to distract you unless you give it the power to do so.”

You are in control of managing your emotions. 

Joy is only one emotion. What uses joy likewise uses to all other feelings. Feelings damage us at times.

Attempt some enjoyable readings and test yourself about just how much you get affected by world stimuli. Likewise what is your threshold control over your feelings.

How much are managing your emotions impacted by outside world happenings? Happiness is just one emotion, but judgement and criticism is much worse..

What uses to happiness likewise applies to all other feelings. Poor feelings batter us at all times, and make us criticize ourselves and others.

We are like a ship easily getting beaten by the roaring ocean of feelings and emotions at all times.

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Letting the Light Shine for Managing your Emotions

Love is what causes a shift from wrong-minded attitudes over to a much more right-minded approach to seeing the world.

This type of shift begins the healing process of the split-mind. But keep in mind this split is not real. The ego-based mind built on judgement, fear, doubt, and the like, only thinks it is.

Every single thought you have is either of the whole mind of love or it is something different.

Whatever that may be is ego-minded. There is no in-between. It’s either of love or it’s not, and anything other than love isn’t real.

The lesson here is: if you are thinking truthfully about yourself why would you have any reason to fear anything at all?

Your truthful thoughts that have no guilt are the result of God along with yourself, together, in His Mind, doing the thinking.

This “co-thinking” with God is your heart hounding you in a gentle way to stick with your mission and purpose.

It is about being devoted to your passion.

By doing so you operate from non-separated whole thought. In this mode is where your requests are given.

When Stephen King was asked in a TV interview how it was possible that he had written all those amazing books, he replied that he “couldn’t remember.”

But he did say it was like “living inside of a series of wonderful dreams.” He added that he felt the words being pulled from somewhere deep in himself.

Let’s understand that one of the most important aspects of healing and shifting toward a non-separated thought structure is in your willingness to face the ego.

Yes, by dropping its illusory perceived notions. How do you know which notions are illusory?

Are not those wannabe type notions filled with untruths?

Much of the world maintains an illusory thought pattern.

You, however, can begin by accepting the feelings and parts of yourself that you have rejected, repressed, or disowned.

Begin now managing your emotions by opening your mind so your light can shine onto the face of any wrong-mindedness that tries to penetrate you.

You can successfully do this by allowing these illusory thoughts to be exposed to your truthfulness.

The problem has been that our society has many tremendous prohibitions against actually feeling our feelings too much.

We consider this weakness and are afraid to feel too much love, passion, or joy.

I admit, the passion I feel in my writings sometimes have me feeling that I’m going overboard with my thoughts.

But I’ve learned to curb that wrong-minded thought and allow my passion to be what it is.

We are definitely afraid of our own natural sensuality, as well as, the often taboo, sexuality.

Next, let’s take a peek at simple happiness and coping with emotions for a better life.

Simple Happiness to Live a Happy Life

If you aren’t pleased, why aren’t you?

It just might be that it is due to the fact that you want something which you do not have, conditions or things.

This is most likely not a sufficient reason and an evaluation of your circumstance. Likewise understandings may remain in order.

You might have seen video of kids in extremely poor nations chuckling and playing. Perhaps, unconcerned that they must have more to be delighted about.

They are more than happy since they are playing, because they have their friends and family. Maybe some food to eat that day.

Everybody can become happy when they let go of what is not real in them. Likewise if they can start coping with emotions by facing them head on, life changes for the better.

A Course in Miracles further states: 

  • “The ego’s voice is an hallucination. You cannot expect it to say ‘I am not real’.”

Happiness consists more in small conveniences of enjoyments that take place every day that you appreciate.

Yes, more so than in, “Excellent pieces of good luck that take place however rarely to a person in the course of his life,” said Ben Franklin in his autobiography. 

Happiness is inside us, in our minds, in our thinking.

It is not external material things or experiences, however the pleasure of our thoughts and sensations. This is good because our ideas, and for that reason our joy, are up to us.

Start by reviewing the things that you need to be more than happy about and harp on these. Don’t neglect the standard or little things that you take for granted.

Make a routine of substituting unhappy ideas and managing your emotions with happy thoughts.

We all have some good experiences to remember and there are normally little satisfaction around us many of the time.

Happiness might be like the fragrance of a beautiful springtime flower.

Develop good principles and conduct yourself according to these concepts.

Love, or a minimum of be tolerant of, your fellow people. Don’t aim too tough for that which, in the end, will not make you better.

Again, consider, children in very poor nations laughing and playing, unconcerned that they must have more to be happy about.

To become happy is inside us, in our minds, in our thinking. This is great due to the fact that our thoughts, and therefore our happiness, are up to us.

Make a routine of substituting unhappy ideas with the delighted thoughts of managing your emotions.

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To finding happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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