Human Mind Power: Yes, Power of Thoughts for Love and Happiness in Life Always

Today I want to offer you an easy and effective human mind power approach for love and happiness in life.

We want to realize that the healing power of the mind gets us to where we want to be while finding happiness in this world.

Let’s say, a power of thoughts strategy for ways to be happy all the days of your life in this world.

There are several ideas you can use to tap into the fantastic power of your thoughts and the healing power of the mind.

When you master human mind power you will experience as well the healing power of the mind.

As you absorb this article for what it’s worth consider this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles

  • “You need not understand creation to do what must be done before that knowledge would be meaningful to you. God breaks no barriers; neither did He create them. When you release them they are gone.”

I have here for you an easy power of visualization workout which ends up being very effective.

Consider the power of visualization in all you do!

Visualization generally means to sustain an idea or image in our mind of exactly what we wish to produce for a few minutes everyday.

A fine example can be that sports person today utilizing visualization just before they take the field.

They visualize themselves successful in whatever sport it is that they play. And the result is that their power of visualization game improves drastically.

You should understand that the subconscious mind can not differentiate between what is real and exactly what is envisioned!

Take a couple of seconds right now and close your eyes.

The visualization should likewise be in a mindful and regulated way, and should be as genuine and vibrant as possible.

We need to have the ability to feel the desired outcome taking place right in front of us. And when this occurs we are healing from within.

I mean, it is a skill that must be developed for the majority of people, so some patience is needed.

Here is a simple method to develop your visualization skills …

  • First relax yourself.

The more relaxed you are, the more control you will have more than your thoughts.

Utilize the 3 to 7 minute visualization strategy. This has been known to assist your mind focus.

Take something easy– an outline of a circle or rectangle or square. Perhaps, make a firm willpower to focus only on this for the next few minutes or so.

Now while you are envisioning, you will observe that your mind keeps fluctuating about. Simply accept it, and move back to the image you had selected to envision.

Regular practice of the above mindfulness visualization practice  will undoubtedly enhance your human mind power.

It’s the power of visualization skills you want to perfect.

This is why I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation practice to tap into your inner creative powers.

So there you have it!

A effective and easy mind power method you can begin utilizing instantly.

Visualization essentially means to sustain a concept or image in our mind of exactly what we want to produce for a few minutes everyday.

You should understand that the human mind alone cannot identify between what is genuine and exactly what is pictured!

It’s important that even in your spare or down time, take a few minutes to practice this  strategy. Your goals is to become an expert at visualization abilities.

You will want to make sure while you are picturing, you will notice that your mind keeps wavering about.

A reliable and simple human mind power strategy you can begin using immediately for all sorts of goals and objectives.

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Next, let’s you and I explore some secrets to finding happiness, where you will want to use your power of thoughts to achieve.

Happy Inner Dialogue and Simple Ways to be Happy 

Exactly what is the one thing you desire more than anything else for the people you like the most?

If you had a magic wand what would you approve for your family and friends? Exactly what is it that everyone wants?

To be pleased!

How can you make other individuals happy along with you? How can you have love and happiness?

What is it the power of thoughts can offer you?

I have discovered through the success habits of highly effective people the essentials to happiness in life.

I will add that I believe I’ve been searching for the answers for ways to be happy just about all my life.

The Course in Miracles further states:

  • “Your task is not to make reality. It is here without your making, but not without you.”

Do you wish to know what it is and what human mind power is capable of for finding love and happiness?

I had a breakthrough after much soul searching and found out the best ways to be more than happy.

It’ was just after examining my entire life. I found a common pattern, one that existed in all the power of thoughts.

Whenever I was feeling love towards another person I rejoiced. And whenever I felt other feelings of loss or unhappiness I was not-so-thrilled.  

Test this concept for yourself.

When you were blissfully happy, think of a wonderful time. Did you feel loving at that time? This works for me each time. Is this easy or exactly what?

I’d say it is incredible!

If this sounds too easy for you, then I know that you have not tested it on your own.

Switching on a light bulb is easy too just because Thomas Edison did all the research and presented it to us.


Now it is time for happy inner dialogue where it then manifests in your external world.

Talk within yourself just as you would talk in a way that makes your friends and family pleased.

  1. Enjoy Yourself

Spend 7 to 15 minutes asking yourself: who do I love most in my life? What do I enjoy most about myself? What things do I enjoy most in my life?

After doing this exercise you will feel much happier. And you will have done it without needing to invest any cash on pricey clothes, automobiles or vacations!

  1. Spread the love and happiness.

Now that you rejoice you will radiate this to whoever you hang out with. Happiness is transmittable.

Simply be yourself and top up the joy by silently asking yourself the above three questions. Do so before a business event, a loving talk with your spouse, perhaps before committing to any objective or goal.

  1. Use the human mind power for the best ways to be happy.

This will help you when you want to be your best loving self around family and friends.

Depending on how well you understand your friends you may want to approach this step in one of two ways.

When she was delighted, if you want to play it safe ask your good friend to talk about great times. Let her talk and simply listen as she relives those fantastic times from the past.

Share your very own favorite moments too. Enjoy yourself!

Remember, finding happiness among the times you spend with others is important for all of us.

Be sure to be available to the ideas we are talking about here and the power of thoughts  actions I covered above.

Go within and create wonderful inner dialogue about what you like in other people and in life general.

Ask these questions:

Who do you like and admire greatly? What do you enjoy most about being true to you?What things do you like most in my life?

The late Wayne Dyer said in his book, I Can See Clearly Now, “Everything you will ever experience will also happen now.”

So, go on and move forward in life by creating what you want now within yourself. Yes,  live a life of passion and purpose and include your friends and family!

What is the one thing you desire more than anything else for the people you love the most?

Think of all those times when you were energetic, happy and powerful, simply because of your human mind power.

Did you feel loving at that time?

Now that you feel pleased you will radiate this to whoever you spend time with.

Simply be yourself and top up the love and happiness by creating wonderful inner dialogue.

Begin silently asking yourself more and more about what this article has helped you to visualize.

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To the power of your mind,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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