To Persevere on the Steps to Success in Life while Embracing any Problem Solving Process Needed

To persevere is one of the most crucial elements for climbing the steps to success in life while learning to also be a problem solver.

It’s in our power of mind deep within us, yet easily accessible to receive the answer to: “How can I be successful in life?”

This is also why I suggest this video below for reflecting the life you want into your material world.

As you absorb what this article has to offer you, keep in mind what A Course in Miracles asks us in this principle:

  • “Would you remain within your tiny kingdom, a sorry king, a bitter ruler of all that he surveys, who looks on nothing yet who would still die to defend it.

This leads me to a brief story about a dog once in my life.

Once, there was a canine called Cisco. Home to Cisco was the backyard, which was rather small, too.

Cisco’s world focused on all the corners of this little yard, which was similarly utilized as the laundry location.

Strange as it might seem, Cisco had a favorite location in this yard where it slept and stayed.

This was the area under the sink, where most of the laundry work was being done.

Cisco shared its favorite area with the laundry woman.

The laundry woman saved all sorts of soapboxes, pails, basins and tools under the sink, which created obstructions for the poor pet dog.

Still, Cisco would be discovered crawling under its preferred location and making itself comfy in the middle of these items.

At times, the laundry woman kept heavy items in Cisco’s preferred area that the bad dog needed to struggle to move these items aside just to be able to squeeze itself in.

Cisco might hardly move; however somehow, it still liked the spot very much.

All sorts of mixes have been done to dissuade the pet from sleeping under the sink. But still, the pet always managed to squeeze itself in.

When Cisco discovered it tough to fit itself into the area, he would sit for a while taking a look at its preferred area. I mean as if contemplating a method to get itself into it.

  • And in each of its attempts, it prospered.

Aren’t you surprised at such a screen to persevere and of persistence? To think that Cisco is simply a pet dog makes it more incredible!

If a canine has such level of determination, why can’t we humans have the very same? If we meet barriers, we quickly wave the white flag of surrender.

This reveals our absence of perseverance, determination, and to persevere in pursuing our goals.

It takes persistence to progress and to persevere.

If we stop someplace along the road towards success in life, it resembles beginning with the top once again.

When we quit, we lose everything we strove for: time, effort, financial freedom, and most especially, the steps to success in life.

If we surrender somewhere in-between, we will never understand how close we are to success.

It is a choice in between ‘what is success in life’ and mediocrity. Giving up is accepting that success in life is not what you truly want.

To persevere and to continue, regardless of adversity in life or barriers, is the way to success.

  • We can accept failures, why not?

Our state of mind should be programmed to view failures as momentary.

Failure is a pre-requisite to the steps to success in life and it is only short-term. When we stop working, it is time to learn and assess from our errors.

Then, we need to discover another way and still proceed until we reach the door of success. Yes, never fluctuating to whatever life challenges that might hinder us.

When we will be confronted with life adversities from time to time it would result to making a choice.

It’s the power of choice whether to continue or not, we should open our minds and anticipate instances.

We may be unsure which strategy to take next. The best way to persevere is to analyze the options and choices offered to us.

From there, we can move on and continue to our journey towards the accomplishment of our objectives.

  • Success is never easy, and failure is part of success.

The sad part is that most of us are discouraged by the simple idea of failure. Likewise, this disables us from taking the ideal course of action.

We see many individuals who easily quit and are satisfied with their own weak sense of accomplishment.

They merely kick back and see effective people being happy in life while they take part in self-pity. They become sad and sorry for that they have actually given up prematurely.

The option to persevere is ours to make.

And this is a quality that men adore in women which I’d written about previously a wonderful course on shining forth beauty.

Remember, at times, the laundry female placed challenges in Cisco’s favorite spot that the poor pet dog had to persevere tougher.

The dog had hard times to overcome challenges just to be able to squeeze itself in. It is a power of choice between success in life and settling for less.

  • Persistence to continue, in spite of obstacles, is the way to success.

Failure is part of the journey to success and it is just temporary.

We must find other options and still move forward in life so we may climb the steps to success in life.

The key to success is to persevere, never fluctuating to whatever life hurdles that might impede us.

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Next, let’s tale a peek at the problem solver and understanding the problem solving process for your way to success.

Problem Solving Approach for a Better Life 

The human mind need not have to work tough and achieve anything in the days to come.

We are in the threshold of choosing now as to what to do with our brain, not only the mind, too, even with our limbs.

Whether it is driving the car and truck or decision-making, the dependence on the devices are becoming high.

The so-called accomplishments so far, are the artifacts of the power of the mind that is the Light of Who you are.

A Course in Miracles further states, “You have been told to bring darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness.”

The scholastic patterns upwards prove the power of the mind working and satisfying the challenges on the journey.

In the science front, humankind has reached the peak by solving the problems utilizing the efforts of the brain alone.

Even the primitive man satisfied his life challenges by utilizing the innate power of mind.

Current research proves that the mind should be constantly triggered to keep us on a path to success and dreams lived.

The senior individuals are asked to start fresh in life at the late years, like learning something brand-new, simply to open up the channels in the mind.

The power of mind likewise can be equated to such a willingness and readiness to persevere.

Can we say that in the story above about Cisco, it was true perseverance to overcome challenges in his way to success?

A mind challenge can simply challenge both the ideal side and the left side of the brain at the very same time.

The ultimate objective is to produce an environment of challenge for the mind using the mind stimulation. 

  • It begins with the preschool level.

The common game of accumulating various color and size rings is a mind trigger to the child.

The challenge of fitting all the rings according to the size definitely requires something out of that kid. The same kid will face a various mind games in the later phases.

It is really essential that the mind be triggered at every phase of a young child growing. The development of physical body alone in children will posture an issue.

The mental activity of a youngster is likewise equally essential. The food for thought is what is actually needed for all of us.

The stimulation of the mind is a sure fire method of achieving success in life. 

  • What is success in life? 

Who is the winner in the race of life? The person who has put only his physical activity is not considered a total success.

Even economically, an individual cannot achieve anything by physical activity alone.

The psychological activity, which comes out as an option to a problem or quality in academics, is the pillar for the success in life.

The great universities groom up its scholars through lots of psychological exercises.

The mind stimulation undoubtedly paves a pathway of success in reinforcing the mind power to stand apart in life. 

The power of mind triggers and stimulation also can be corresponded to the problem solver.

A mind trigger can simply challenge both sides of the brain at the same time for the problem solving process.

The supreme goal is to create an environment of perseverance for the mind to climb the steps to success in life.

Next, let’s take a closer at why you are not carrying the key to success in your life.

Why You’re Not Setting Goals to Persevere

Setting and accomplishing objectives and goals to live your dreams has actually been charted out for you.

All you to realize is that is not hesitate of the light of your real free power of choice to do so.

Yes, of course, do something about your goals and objectives by fact of being a problem solver when needed. 

With setting and attaining objectives and goals, you can inform yourself that you are the “bringer of redemption.”

And for that reason have a life of passion and intent with enthusiasm in this world of bringing light to darkness.

The trouble in the steps to success in life for me had at one time constantly been my concern of not having sufficient time.

Have you ever seemed like you might be lacking time to accomplish your life dreams?

  • Living your Passion and Purpose

Now I have the ability to think about how my inner Divinity–the Holy Spirit in my mind, will adjust time.

Yes, adjust time in my mind where I project it in order to help me with setting and attaining objectives.

I indicate my enthusiasm and life function, like yours, too, while here in the imagined world where time only seems to rule.

You see, for me to accomplish my life function, my passions, somebody else needs to initially be setting life objectives.

I’m saying someone else needs to be on their steps to success in life, to attain their life dreams, and so on.

  • So what about time?

What now does time indicate when you are worried with setting life objectives?

All it does is trigger your own worries about time. But you must and begin permitting yourself to go beyond the idea of time and be the problem solver.

It’s where real Reality holds your Light of passion which is holiness. It’s also your enthusiasm to answer to: “How can I be successful in life in life?”

When you ask yourself, ‘why am I not persevering at my dreams,’ what answer do you get?

Lots of people hesitate of life and let problems control them.

This keeps them from doing something about it on their dreams and objectives and creating the life they want.

  • Being scared of life frequently causes dead ends.

Certainly as people we will sometimes have our worries while in this world.

However if we can see beyond worry by neglecting it we are undoing what is attempting to keep us stuck.

This would mean to persevere and overcome challenges in life.

And in this undoing procedure, a problem solving process, we find out to experience the miracle in our power.

  • You begin being effective in life by your own accord.

Yes, that’s right, you never  require to ask yourself, what am I scared of? Rather, you require to end up being at-one with your inner self-value.


You are magnificent, and this is where you produce the life you desire.

Consider the steps to success in life as we try to find it, still fearing it and extremely scared of how it might treat us.

And after that we open our eyes simply a little and ask, ‘what am I scared of?’

  • Or do we actually fear success and our real full potential?

Ask yourself seriously if you fear success? Addressing this concern within yourself can be a substantial action towards the significance of ‘who you are.’

When you fear, remember this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles: 

  • “The Thought of God surrounds your little kingdom, waiting at the barrier you built to come inside and shine upon the barren ground. See how life springs up everywhere!”

It’s not only the key to success, but also the key to the self-made prison cell you projected onto your life.

It’s time that you walk out the prison door and be free to persevere, being the problem solver, and find what is success in life.

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To achieving success in life,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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