Testing Self Esteem Just May Shock You about the True Power Within You

Testing self-esteem is a crucial step yet easily done to find underlying issues about your life challenges. I mean to start to work on locations that need enhancement. Self-confidence tests are offered in lots of magazines, books and online. Lying on a self-confidence test will just result in an inaccurate assessment. If you are honest […]

James Nussbaumer again Signs with Ozark Mountain Publishing; Book 4

James Nussbaumer again promises not to disappoint his valued readers. Even those who have wondered if his ever-developing miracle-minded messages from the darkness of adversity would continue. In this series readers lived through what was the last place he expected to experience ultimate freedom.  His in-depth frank descriptions of prison life give us a stunning […]

Why is Dealing with Life Challenges so Difficult? A Seed for Thought

Have you analyzed obstacles in life as an obstacle? Who named them obstacles? Could we instead call them speed bumps? When we are managing discomfort or dealing with life obstacles, let’s start discovering even more about spiritual recovery therapy can aid. Do Not Let Wrong-Minded thinking Run the Show: If you’re pleased when life is […]

Dealing with Sadness and Why so Terribly Feeling Melancholy

Your unlimited real mind needs to be opened when you are dealing with sadness so you may heal from this type of stress and anxiety. At the Transformation Conference in Eureka Springs, AR I discussed for 90 minutes the issue of why at times we’re so feeling sad and depressed. Today let’s look more closely […]