Dealing with Sadness and Why so Terribly Feeling Melancholy

Your unlimited real mind needs to be opened when you are dealing with sadness so you may heal from this type of stress and anxiety.

At the Transformation Conference in Eureka Springs, AR I discussed for 90 minutes the issue of why at times we’re so feeling sad and depressed.

Today let’s look more closely at what is going on when you feel you’re up against life challenges that feel too difficult to handle alone.

Just the other day someone who attended that conference message in to ask more.

Also in book 3 of my ever-developing series, And Then I knew My Abundance, I deeply explored this.

As we age there’s that area within us that may experience depressing and sad feelings. I mean like, that our lives are ending.

This is normal for the human brain.

But let’s try to understand that dealing with sadness needs to be looked at differently.

I’m saying that this sadness is of the ego side in us always operating from fear and doubt. The ego aspect in us all as humans is aware that time is running out.

When we get depressed we’re not listening to our divine Teacher. That’s because His Lessons give joy which is the opposite of what you’ve been experiencing.

You are clearly realizing limits in your mind and are delaying healing. This harms yourself, when you see your body as anything other than a means for communication.

Your commitment to your physical and mental health becomes part of the purpose. Just as proper maintenance is to anything of utmost importance.

To attack is an unreal purpose that helps no one. It’s because apart from your mind the body has no purpose at all.

Only in dreams can thoughts be made into flesh and bones therefore the body has no power to limit you.

Remember, when you are dealing with sadness you are the one making the projected images.

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Without your body the dream of life; a story of mankind and the world of fear and doubt we call life, does not exist, there’s no projection.

However, your mind representing the real you can be manifested through the body if you go beyond it.

Yes, and do not permit the wrong thought system to interpret limitations of any kind.

What I mean here, is, the real you, the Holy Spirit in you, can make manifest as your body.

This is how you have the ability to bring your body in line with what you want, which is your true free will and purpose in life.

Your purpose filled with passion is in helping to move along the re-awakening process.

This is how Jesus, a man, was able to manifest Himself as the Holy Spirit by use of His body.

Again, remember, His body was a projected image in the dream of separate identities.

But, as well, keep in mind that this was His purpose, and then to resurrect, is our lesson in the beginning of Atonement.

It’s the lesson the Course in Miracles gives us: that as the whole Son of God we will re-awaken, at Home, where we’ve been all along.

Jesus remains in the dream, but no longer having the purpose of projecting a body of Himself. But now He projects by expressing Himself through us as the Christ Mind.

He has taught us to do this for ourselves which helps when dealing with sadness and such.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that it is through the most all-important and valuable lesson of the dream; which is eternal life through our re-awakening or resurrecting.

Let’s look at this in a simple and easy to understand manner. Each of our purposes leads us to one goal, whole re-awakening.

This goal may seem like it’s taking quite a bit of time to accomplish. Yes, it does.

But only so to the aspect of fear in us that the ego-based, separated mind, uses to raise doubt.

Once again, in reality the lapse in time over what seems to be eons since the Garden of Eden, and two thousand or so years since Jesus, is truly only an instant in the dream.

It’s a flick of the eyelid of the mind that dreams and is feeling melancholy.

We’re still within that dreaming instant where we project time and space and bodily form.

Time is an illusion which is of the dream of fear and doubt.

When the plug is pulled from the projector, and the Light is seen, the images will no longer project.

The theater screen, so to speak, will be replaced by true reality, where time never did exist.

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To healing your sadness,

James Nussbaumer

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