Feeling Insecure, Alone and Sad Surely is in your Power to Remedy

Ever feel insecure, feeling alone, or just plain feeling sad and lonely? Quite common in marital and other love relationship struggles, wouldn’t you agree? I’d like to pass along a simple exercise that has helped me in my own acceptance of undoing the ego-based mind, or, the Atonement. 

Try to make this become automatic in your daily routine, and it will, by using the following words in the form of a prayer or a brief meditation.

In book 1 of the series I explain…There have been times of feeling insecure or just feeling sad and lonely, but also when I catch myself in awe, say, for example, while I was in prison, looking through the concertina wire fence around the prison yard and noticing a glorious sky, a rainbow, a sunrise or sunset, a blooming tree, or the simple landscape of farmland in the distance. 

I automatically repeat this statement I learned from A Course in Miracles:

                        This awe I feel inside is my knowledge

                        of accepting Atonement for myself. 

                        I remain as God created me.

Try this for yourself when feeling insecure.  Let it become automatic, so you use these words in your mind regularly. 

Create a style for doing so that feels right for you.  You will know when the awe strikes you. 

You’ll find it strikes you more and more often, at simpler and more unexpected times—not necessarily when you are gazing at the beauty of nature, but when feeling insecure or feeling alone, and when you just take a step back and breathe in the hum of the world.

Now you’re moving on and away from the ego-based thought, as you are at-one with the Atonement process. 

Please note this is why I always suggest that people learn mindfulness meditation to soothe the mind and reach your inner depths.

(Here’s how to attain internal peace and find happiness within and find the way to success.) 

Knowing you’re not alone

(Here’s why feeling alone in life can be easily overcome by realizing true eternity.) 

As you contemplate this article about feeling insecure or feeling alone, keep in mind that we are all involved in the Atonement, and the Holy Spirit is our Communicator. 

He will use you when the timing is just right in helping others accept Atonement for themselves.  This may very well happen at times when you are totally unaware He is communicating through you to others.

When feeling insecure everyone’s state of readiness and willingness is different, and His task within and through each of us is to know when the time is right.  He certainly never fails. 

Let the Holy Spirit know when you are ready and willing, so that He may be the Judge on how to proceed.  He knows what’s best for you, especially when you’re feeling sad and lonely. 


For example, as I was finishing a writing project while still in prison, the feeling of being a victim to the prison system was ringing through me. 

Thoughts of being helpless as a convicted felon, which would limit my ability to one day help others in a style I can sometimes foresee, infiltrated inside me. 

I took a break from my writing tablet, stepped into the dayroom, and looked up at the television.

An interview with the famous movie actress Reese Witherspoon, who I’d always admired, was airing on a Saturday morning talk show, in which she was speaking of her desire to help the world in the area of domestic violence. 

She stated that she would never have guessed that because of her career in Hollywood, doors would open for her to help make a difference in the world. 

Ms. Witherspoon’s words–her alignment with the law of attraction, if you will, sent a feeling through me that for the time being I was right where I needed to be.  A calmness came over me, and I was okay.

Then I picked up my copy of A Course in Miracles and opened it directly, without effort, to page 565 in the text, and not-so-surprisingly read the following words:

  • The wish to be unfairly treated is a compromise attempt that would combine attack and innocence. Who can combine the wholly incompatible, and make a unity of what can never join?

Here’s a brief article about mind to mind communication and spiritual awakening by understanding your projections: 

To awakening from feeling insecure,

James Nussbaumer

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