Stop Hating Yourself Right Now and Learn How to Gain Self Esteem

This food for thought brief article is to help look within the real you to stop hating yourself.

Yes, and I mean, rather begin seeing the real you and the real world you are part of for how to gain self esteem.

Let’s learn how to begin reflecting yourself with a brighter picture for success in all areas of your life by letting go of condemning yourself to death.

Let’s look at why you can easily stop hating yourself:

That’s because to condemn is unreal.

Condemnation only occurs in time, but a highest level of self esteem is eternal.

Whenever your impression of yourself or another person is limited to the body, or by the body, falsity is going on.

I mean, in that same proportion you are accepting the same limits on yourself placed there by the ego.

Remember, as I discuss in my book series, the ego is that aspect in we humans with a foundation of fear and doubt.

What I mean, here is if you look at your spouse, a child, parent, or a friend, as being a little bit, or very much limited, then your own thoughts of this make you limited in that same proportioned amount, size, or fashion.

All that you are doing is reflecting yourself, and this is how the ego shows its face to you.

All that you see of another’s body is a projection from yourself. This is why the split-mind that continues to fragment must be healed so that awakening may occur.

As a whole, the final healing point which awakens us will occur in this same instant where time won’t matter.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that:

  • “Joy is a unified purpose, and a unified purpose is only God’s. When yours is unified it is His. Believe you can interfere with His Purpose and you need salvation”.

To the ego in ourselves the statement here seems to be condemning.

But in no way can it be, because unlike what the ego has taught us over generations, God does not condemn.

He does not live in time. He has no reason to dream of illusion; those fears and doubts like we humans do.

Therefore, when we condemn ourselves and others as we’ve been doing ever since the “big bang of thought”, it is an unreal thought system as its foundation.

Likewise, its seeming results are unreal. Such as, the story of God forcing the confused couple from paradise.

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If you’re with me here so far, we further add that when we condemn others we are seeing them as a body.

This leads to you trying to stop hating yourself.

We’re actually condemning ourselves.


Because we feel guilty and ashamed for this separated thought that has projected itself as an animal type body.

Whatever type, it wouldn’t matter. That’s because it is so much lower and degrading from the true expression of the Glory we are created from.

The body is not the creation. As well, we know deep within we cannot achieve a higher and more beautiful essence than the Oneness of God.

Think about this seriously. Why are we so ashamed to be seen naked in public?

Why do we feel a loss of dignity if total strangers as well as even loved ones, would gather to watch us shower or use the toilet?

The ego mind is ashamed of what it has projected. This is why it is so fearful, guilty, and doubtful.

Furthering the Projection will only keep you from how to gain self esteem and a higher confidence level.

If condemnation is of the body and is not real, it is a form of attack. One that has no real purpose or results, other than furthering the ego’s shameful projection of itself.

But you may be saying that you like what you see when you look in the mirror at yourself. Too, and that you are not ashamed of yourself, “for the most part”.

You even add that we all have a “bad hair” day once in a while.

You are absolutely correct, and if this is an attitude you normally carry with you, and if it’s true and honest, then, “for the most part” you operate from higher self esteem. 

Try not to image results from being down on yourself. Or from what is unreal, because this fantasy will cause you grief.

Free up your mind from believing in the untrue, and here is where you will stop hating yourself.

In this freedom is your release from illusion, which is a release from fear. Likewise, in your “extending” activities is your hope, giving you joy.

What other hope is there?

Your real, extending, unlimited mind has no attack thoughts because it is never ashamed.

You will no longer have the need to stop hating yourself, because you will have opened to love.

But it does have communication with unlimited power and wholeness. The power is its extension.

Don’t get “stuck in the mud”, or be a “bump on a log” with your thoughts of this world. Then, you will open your mind to the real world.

Just like Jesus, as our model, when your mind is open for the real world to see, communication is the result.

This is when your purpose and passion will be joyfully and peacefully accomplished.

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To being open-minded to the real world,

James Nussbaumer

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