A Healthy Happy Life Lived Each Day toward Your Goals is your Salvation

What is your salvation other than leading a healthy happy life while trusting your goals to achieve in life always happening?

What is a wonderful lifestyle if you cannot visualize a better life in love, success, happiness, spirituality and so forth.

Let’s think a bit deeper about what does it really take to be happy in life regardless of all the life challenges we are faced with.

There’s not just one thing we are physically here in this world to do.

However, each thing we do accomplish becomes a result of an earlier step taken and begins another stage in our evolving.

Yes, which really is, in our awakening by realizing true goals.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “To change all this, and open a road of hope and of release in what appeared to be an endless circle of despair, you need but to decide you do not know the purpose of the world. You give it goals it does not have, and thus do you decide what it is for.”

Each step or experience you have is a shift toward greater experiences that opens up a healthy happy life.

But many will step sideways for a while. Sure, I mean, naturally trying out new skills on the journey to their ultimate purpose.

This could be where you are at during this period of your life. If so,accept it, embrace it, and realize it is a necessary step for you. 

Unlike what the ego aspect in we humans will teach about a healthy happy life, it’s okay to take a step backwards for a while and regroup.

Errors will be made as long as we project images of human form. But errors are made to learn from, and will be reversed or corrected in its due time.

But regardless of errors along the way in your pursuit of your purpose, don’t judge your own purpose by the standards of others.

Or, likewise, by what society, or well-meaning but misinformed family and friends have advised is best for you.

You may very well be here to develop inner peace and radiate that quality of joy into the realness of others.

You’ll help make a healthy happy life available to them.

You may be here to explore the realm of the intellect that drives the business world. Likewise, assisting the thought forms of intellectuals at that level.

Or, you may be here to teach and care for special needs and handicapped children.

(I like another related article as a massive component of identifying why your Creator wills that you know your purpose is living according to what inspires you.) 

Whatever reason you are here for, you must operate above the tension of the world.

Your healthy happy life is where focus of the positive is, and gives you the willingness to take responsibility for all that you create.

Your readiness will give you the trust needed in your forward steps.

We’ve been taught to seek salvation when many of us don’t really know what being saved actually means.

Did we even know that salvation means “to be saved”?

To truly be saved means to see illusion for what it truly is, or better yet not seeing illusion at all.

You can do this and become aware of your salvation in every action you take throughout your day.

What is a great lifestyle just perhaps is always visualizing a better life.

But by taking action steps comfortably on your goals to achieve in life is also crucial to your self-growth          

You will need to use forgiveness by using the right Teacher.

Rather than using your ego-based illusions to defend against other illusion, simply forgive them.

This could mean forgiving yourself for your own erroneous thinking.

Remember, to forgive is to “overlook by looking beyond” ego-based thought and actions. This drives you to reality and is what is called, “real salvation”.

Quite simply, salvation means to live a life beyond illusion.

I mean, which only you would know how and what and why they’ve ruled over in your life so far.

It is the false ideas you have about who you think you are that makes the errors. You must let them go.

(This other related article wants me to speak about, visualize a better life; and ways to do so, or what brings you release from inner turmoil has been used by world icons to long ago.) 

To a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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