Visualize a Better Life Now to End Inner Struggle by Moving on in the Mind

To visualize a better life, and ways to do so, or what brings you release from inner turmoil has been used by world icons to long ago.

I mean, all the way back, moving on in the mind has actually seeing light today.

Also, I must add that I hope while you’re reading this article for its benefit to you, that you keep in mind this spiritual principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “To perceive truly is to be aware of all reality through the awareness of your own. But for this no illusion can rise to meet your sight, for reality leaves no room for error.”

Yes, that principle is deep, but not really, if you open your mind to your real inner power to live the life you want.

What I mean is, individuals of the ages, including Jesus, and many more, used the power of visualization.

Yes, not just for personal gain.

No, but for how we all may learn to let go of all that inner struggle built on fear, doubt, judgment and such.

The technique of how you may begin moving on in the mind and create the life you want has actually, for many today, brought forth new self-confidence.

We all have this remarkable power, yes, we do.

However many of us have been reluctant, for some fearful reason, to educate themselves, and shift forward in the mind.

Who we might say as lucky, or fortunate, gifted, we like to think they have it, but we do not!

Here, I want to share with you a visualization process I went through. Yes, for overcoming tremendous inner struggle which helped me along. 

This article is taken from journal notes while in prison, so I’d like to share what was in me then, regarding visualize a better life ahead.

I’m not sure whether it’s due to my present incarceration, or that I am maturing.

Or a better choice of words might be “getting old”, but, regardless, my new passion for music is jazz.

Traditional jazz has given my classic rock’n’roll memories a back row seat.

That is, of course, except for Billy Joel, who could never get ushered to the rear of the music library shelves I’ve set up in my mind.

It’s as though a new world of music has opened my mind to something wonderful. It’s a potential of sort, that I sense with jazz music.

A new freedom, I felt, because I’d visualize a better life ahead. 

A fellow prisoner residing a few bunks away from myself receives a subscription to a popular jazz magazine.

He allowed me to borrow a recent issue for an afternoon when we were locked down.

The Jazz magazine was interesting for me, because I was able to read about the personal lives.

As well, see photographs of some of the famous ones I often listen to on the local all jazz radio station.

It’s mostly what I listen to anymore.

I particularly noticed advertisements of the upcoming jazz festivals around the country.

Yes, while in the background of my mind a sick feeling resided, due to the obvious prison bars. Also, double razor wire fence keeping me from attending.

The radio station would have to be enough.

I focused on a specific ad where only a month away would be the annual jazz festival held at Clearwater Beach, Florida.

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This is where I lived during much of the 1990’s, right there, in the heart of the sand.

In fact, this festival had been ongoing for decades. I remember its events and the huge crowds it drew.

But I was not into jazz at that time of my life. I was still busy analyzing The Moody Blues, or The Rolling Stones, and more.

But I did enjoy some of the safe fun, including golf tournaments, beach fun; and all that carried on during jazz week at the beach.

I’d visualize a better life. 

Need I say more how this full page advertisement sent me back searching and analyzing the “good ole days”, so to speak?

The white sand under the ever-blue sky of Clearwater Beach was gloriously pictured in the center of the ad.

This was my “backyard, my stomping ground, my jogging trail, my tanning bed”, I would say to myself as I viewed the photographs.

The bikini’s, jet skis, and volley ball court stood out.

I can remember jokingly telling my friends at that time when I lived there, “I knew every grain of sand on that beach”.

As I enjoyed the magazine, a longing came over me for those days again.

I wished I could return to the sunshine, sand between my toes, sea salt in the breeze, and the greenish-blue water of the Gulf of Mexico.

Through the prison bars I could hear the waves rushing in on the beach, with pelicans squawking, and seagulls crying.

I had a clear picture of it all in my mind, with the taste of an ice cold beer pulled right from the ice chest.

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To better days ahead for you,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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