Making a Life Plan that Feels Good Even if Tired No Energy No Motivation

Are you like far too many people making a life plan, but lack motivation to actually take action and move forward in life?

Let’s look at why too many people get burned out because they put way too much stress on themselves. Yes, to carry out the perfect life plan.

I want to show you why to commit to a visualization process is more important than planning.

Okay, let’s move on, especially if you’re hounding yourself over: Thoughts like, ‘ I lack motivation for developing a life plan. ‘

Or, you may add that you are ‘ too tired no energy no motivation ‘ for any type of purpose in life.

I want you to right now commit to this article, then affirm, and begin the power of visualization.

That said, let me ask, is strict and harsh planning truly necessary? 

Please keep in the back of your mind as you read along this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “God’s plan is simple; never circular and never self-defeating. He has no Thoughts except the Self-extending, and in this your true free will must be included. Thus, there must be a part of you that knows His Will and shares it.”

I mean, making a life plan should be fun, exciting, stress free, and rewarding.

We are consistently told of the need to plan.

“If you stop working to prepare, you plan to fail and stop working”, “Plan your work, work your plan” etc…, and more…

In regards to goal setting and achieving objectives, when people talk of planning, they generally mean:

  • You set your objectives for developing a life plan.
  • Likewise, you make a plan for overcoming lack of motivation so to begin accomplishing your goals

This, for us, is putting things upside down. And we are going to put things right back on their feet.

If planning is actually needed, it is much more FURTHER UP the MOUNTAIN.

I’m saying, WAY DOWN the MOUNTAIN of goal setting – you decide what you want. You visualize, when, where, how you are going to “imagine and verify”.

This is the foundation to get you to the planning stages.

This “uphill planning” is generally ruled out as planning. It is normally called “power of choice”:

You decide WHAT, check out the reasons WHY, and organize your visualizing and verifying activity (time, location and so on).

This is different from planning.

For example if your objective is to purchase a house in 2 year’s time, you would be preparing for HOW to achieve you goal (save, invest, work more etc.).

Now I am going to shock you with one little-known success mindset trick: once you understand precisely what you desire, visualization is more important.

Yes, much more required – than preparation.

To put it simply, thinking of how you are going to take pleasure in whatever you desire as soon as you get it is more crucial.

It’s important – much more essential – than thinking about how to get it in the very first place!

Visualization is far more efficient, a lot more effective, far more inspirational. As well, motivational than preparation. It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

Once (and even before) you’ve set your objectives, FAITH is likewise a lot more essential than planning.

Faith and commitment are what keeps you moving forward with a smile.

Planning is inverse percentage to faith: the more powerful your faith, the less essential it is for you to plan.

If you truly have faith, you do not need any planning (another “shocking” statement!).

Let us merely state that preparation is just great in-as-much as you require to be reassured. I’m talking about what you desire is actually possible or what you wish to do is truly practical.

The truth about making a life plan is that it just causes constraints. It’s because great deals of possibilities outside the strategy are not even thought about.

So, just state whatever it is that you desire and do not fret excessive about HOW you are going to get it.

I mean, since there are constantly even more methods than you might ever prepare for, or even envision.

Concentrate on what you desire and keep your mind open to the concept that there are always other avenues.

When you concentrate on your objective challenges will vanish.

Yes, since challenges are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.

The best method to get rid of obstacles is to keep your eyes on your objective for making a life plan.

Now, you may ask:” Won’t you journey and fall if you concentrate too much on your objective? As well, and forget to look where you’re climbing?”

Here is my response to your concern: If you have enough faith, you don’t WALK to your objectives and goals.

No way, you FLOURISH with PASSION like never before, over all possible obstacles, directly to your goal.

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In the next section, let’s look at a power of visualization concept and practices for those who berate themselves over: I lack motivation.

Success Mindset Exercise on Making a Life Plan even with Lack Motivation 

As adults with loss of motivation we often find ourselves delighted by originalities and strategies.

What I’m saying is, however overwhelmed by what it will take to reach the objectives.

They make a choice to make a personal transformation, perhaps a big change.

Sometimes the change is about pursuing a dream like taking an enthusiasm for the finer music or others in the fine arts.

They feel like planning to begin turning it into a profession.

No matter what amazing and huge change is on the horizon, we can often find that our impulsivity does something.

It’s that it has us not just desiring – however anticipating – the change to occur much too soon. We may say, quicker than is in fact perhaps meant to be.

When, we have impractical expectations of what we are able to accomplish, this can be brutal on us.

Just as well, disappointment, lack of motivation, and even feelings of failure, are quite typical.

When among my readers messages to me I see some in a situation like this.

I like to suggest a power of visualization practice along with mindfulness meditation.

So, my point, I suggest to some people to also go through a reflection practice that I call, “The Miracle.”

The following instructions will allow you to use this exercise in your own life.
The Miracle: A Visualization Exercise.

  • Step 1: Decide on a plan of action. 

Choose a goal that you are excited about – a change you truly wish to make.

By the way, if have not learned a simple few minute mindfulness practice to do regularly, I suggest that you do.

I recommend this technique that I use every single morning.

  • Step 2: Get comfortable and relax.

Kick back, unwind, and close your eyes. Focus on your breath going in and out, and allow issues and worries to be breathed away … simply for a little bit.

  • Step 3: Visualize a Miracle in your life. 

Develop – in your mind – the vision of a gorgeous, peaceful setting where you are in control.

It is your setting, your world, and it can be anywhere. It can look as you prefer. Get an extremely brilliant image of this miracle being manifested in your mind.

The miracle is your goal. You will reach your miracle when you reach your objective.

What will it feel like when you reach that objective? Believe about what it will feel like to be in that situation. 

  • Step 4: Visualize Your Action Taking Process

Now envision that your miracle is being raised to help humanity. As your motivation rises, you become uplifted.

The uplifting to your life plan becoming a reality. 

Ask yourself, what are the ways that I need to climb this mountain and be uplifted, in order to reach my goal?

What has to happen in order for me to reach particular objectives.

Are there any steps on the path to your goal that you have already attained? If so, imagine yourself climbing the mountain with ease to your miracle.

Step 5: Check-in With Yourself

Do this exercise on a regular basis.

Each time you take an action towards your objective, picture yourself calmly walking to the mountaintop.

Oh, yes, where the perfect life plan waits for you to arrive.

Understand that some ledges will be easy to climb, and some will be a little harder and will take more time.

Although it might look like you’ve been working a very long time, so don’t get discouraged.

Yes, and don’t forget the truth that if you are climbing up the mountain with passion, then you are making progress.

When you get restless and disappointed about your development, keep in mind that life in itself is a journey.

Just remember that developing the life you want to live and individual progress doesn’t  take place at the summit.

It happens on the way to the mountaintop! 

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To overcoming loss of motivation,

James Nussbaumer

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