The Power of Visualization for Living the Life You Truly Want

The power of visualization certainly may bring you much closer to what you want to accomplish in this world. Regardless of how hard we work toward our goals, there is an exciting and right-minded practice for focusing our minds while relaxing at home, and without breaking a sweat.

It’s the idea of the power of visualization where you instruct your mind like you do dream figures while sleeping. After all, while in this world are we not simply dreaming of life while in life’s waiting room, so to speak.

In his book Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda describes his teacher carefully instructing and reminding him about the fine art of dreaming: “Every time you look at anything in your dreams it changes shapes.” 

There seems to be a tendency to either merge with the dream figures, which constantly keeps pulling one back into the dream plot, or to move toward wakefulness. 

But there have always been those who are able to maintain a fine balance between wakefulness and sleep. 

If this is the case, however, are you able to distinguish between yourself and dream images?

Think about where our minds must be when we dream. 

Dream Figures

During these moments that a dream takes place, don’t we see a world that seems real?  Think about those characters and situations that are of your choosing where the idea of the power of visualization is concerned. 

Doesn’t the dream seem to be totally out of proportion to the world? 

Our own fascinations bring us the power of visualization and what we thought was out of reach and change to satisfy the ego which represents the body. 

We would not need to have dreams if we didn’t see ourselves as needing the ego, and always feeling as though we are under attack by someone or something ready to deprive us.

Our dreams have no concern with what is true, and our conflicting wishes, wants, and needs bring chaos and misunderstanding to what we dream. 

A dream is the best example of the power of visualization and how we form our perceptions—illusion as a substitute for the truth. 

But when we wake from our sleep we don’t take the dream seriously, because we see that we remain safe in reality. Can we bring the power of visualization to our waking everyday lives?

Positive Visualization

Dreams are a way of looking at the world and changing it to better suit our egos. 

We’ll always have an ego while in this world, because the body is its home.

But the wrong-minded more negative and fearful aspect of ego projects images out of fear, doubt, and guilt that make things seem to be going wrong in our lives.

A Course in Miracles states, “The learning of the world is built on a concept of the self adjusted to the world’s reality. It fits it well.”

From the ego’s more optimistic right-minded thought process, it silences and calms down to open itself to reflection of true reality beyond bodily form, rather than projection of fear, and this is when life seems to be filled with success and bliss.

A Course in Miracles further states, “You see flesh or you recognize spirit.”

The Ego’s Inability

Dreams are excellent examples both of the ego’s inability to completely tolerate true reality and our willingness to change reality on the ego’s behalf.

The ego can’t tolerate true reality because it is aware it can never experience it.

Think of how you may use the power of visualization and what your world could be if you more clearly understood that the ego in you is filled with fear, because it is aware that when it fully awakens to true reality the body will be no more.

While the power of visualization may get you to your goals and align your dreams to true reality, your future may not see all of the big things you imagine.

But more often than not, the practice of positive visualization leads to a healthy lifestyle.

(If you feel the urge for more information that’s a good thing for positive visualization, and I suggest a related article about how to achieve a success mindset with a metaphysical secret.)

To living the life you truly want,

James Nussbaumer

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