A Happy Life-Mindset for the Art of Successful Living

What is it you think it takes to lead a happy life? Is there a philosophical approach to life; an academic pursuit or an intellectual achievement?

It is nothing of the sort. 

A happy life is nothing more than living a regular life free from undue pressures, issues and stress.

The art of a happy life and successful living is not a complex sort of art difficult to discover, rather a basic art of living well, consuming well, thinking well and feeling well.

Simply commit to great maintenance of your mind to enjoy every minute of life and let the happiness follow you. This is where you are capable of everyday miracle manifestation.

What is the miracle? It’s letting go of all that is in your way to where nothing but your true inner light of joy and bliss shines forth.

A Course in Miracles tells us that, “Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth.”

Having a happy life is purely an internal matter. Most individuals do the fatal error of looking outwards for finding happiness and joy rather than looking inwards.

Why fret that you can’t play golf or enjoy whatever today due to nasty weather, or any other matter you cannot change that tries to pull you down, rather enjoy it whether it’s hot, humid, cold, cloudy, snowy or foggy?

Finding Happiness

There is something favorable within you that will keep you pleased, and there is something negative within which keeps you dissatisfied.

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If you want to live a happy life and I mean really get the life you want, then get rid of the unfavorable “something” which makes you unhappy.

A happy life is the benefit of favorable right-minded thinking. Remember, just the positive thinking can bring joy in your life. If you cannot believe positively, or right-mindedly, you cannot live a happy life gladly.

Be your own coach and adviser. Look to whatever with a positive angle. Find something excellent even in a lot of defining moments of your life. Make right-minded thinking the basis of your blissful living.

Joy is all around. It’s nearby. If you don’t wish to live a happy life, it’s up to you. It’s your own decision to do so. Don’t blame others. Do not blame your fate or external scenarios.

Living a happy life and with success is absolutely nothing more than living a typical life complimentary from excessive pressures, tensions and issues.

It’s not a challenge in life!

The world seems to be full of challenges in life, but the art of wonderful and exciting living is not a complicated kind of challenge at all, and it’s easy to learn rather a basic art of living well, eating well, thinking well and feeling well.

There is something favorable deep to your core which keeps you attracted to bliss and happiness, and there is the unfavorable ego-based mind in all of us that’s always assuming the worst.

These assumptions or projections keep us dissatisfied, and filled with worry and fear of the future, doubt, guilt, and regret of the past.

A Course in Miracles further teaches us that, “The analysis of ego-motivation is very complicated, very obscuring, and never without your own ego-involvement.”

If you desire to live a happy life then get rid of the negative “something” which makes you unhappy, afraid, doubting everything and worrying so much.

Simply notice that ego in you without judgement and watch it fade away, where all that remains is a happy life.  

It truly is how to get the life you want!

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To bliss and happiness in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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