Live a Happy Life by Finding Peace Within and Lasting Harmony

You cannot bring peace, joy and harmony to your life unless you just plain decide to live a happy life. How do we find peace within is contemplated often, and, as well, is often left unanswered.

Some say living a happy life is in financial security. Others will tell you it’s in letting go of a self-sabotaging thought system called ego that is full of clutter.  Some say it’s about living according to your spirit.

Whether you are having love relationship struggles, career problems, or issues with addictions like drug and alcohol, or perhaps trying to quit smoking, or maybe you’re having troubles with weight-loss, or whatever it might be of the various edges you live on, you can find happiness in life.  

I have actually chosen to live a happy life and declaring this day as the DAY OF HAPPINESS for me.

There is no negative notion in stating this day as the Day for Real and True Happiness to begin for all of humanity.

This is the most crucial decision of your life which you must take now with a firm dedication within yourself.

Think, how excellent you will look, when you bring a right-minded smile to your face and joy to your life.

When choosing to live a happy life and declare this day when you first arise in the morning as the Day of Happiness, you put yourself on the course which results in a delighted, healthy and successful life.

Finding Happiness in Life

You put all your effortless energies and natural abilities of the reflective right-mind to work for you in bringing happiness into your life, and you actually do what you once thought impossible in all that marvels you.

Remember as A Course in Miracles teaches, “Spirit need not be taught, but the ego must be.”

That said, begin opening your mind to spirit and give yourself a chance to live a happy life.

There might be 10 reasons to be delighted if there is one factor to be dissatisfied. Why enable unhappiness to overcome happiness. Why not try to find chances to be pleased rather than making excuses to be dissatisfied.

There is absolutely no reason in keeping oneself dissatisfied over minor things and unrelated matters.

Because they realize that their happy state of mind is life enhancing, which is a matter of self-worth and well-being for them, a lot of people never get illnesses or confronted with disease.

But there are those who rather continue complaining and feeling the discomfort of fear, guilt, and self-doubt, judging and criticizing others.

This kind of negative attitude or wrong-minded ego-based state certainly delays the recovery from any illness they might need to fight.

A Course in Miracles states, “Only your allegiance to it gives the ego any power over you.”

Individuals must understand that the spirit of joy and bliss is the best medication which remedies much of what brings us down both mentally and physically.

I think for me that was the most pleased moment of my life when I realized that I was alive!

The pleasure and happiness of being alive removed any pain trying to find its way to me and helped me in fast healing when needed.

How to Get Happy

Being alive itself, refers to happiness, enjoyment and excitement. While you are alive in this world, you can do a lot to live a happy life bring joy to others.

However the “real joy” will pertain to your life just when you will also aim to bring joy into the lives of other people.

A metaphysical principle of A Course in Miracles further states, “In learning to escape from illusions, your debt to your brother is something you must never forget.”

If you agree, then please join me with smiles and grins and your hands waving in the air along with me, in spreading the word of joy to as many people as possible,  by referring this article to your family and friends, co-workers, etc.

Likewise, encourage them to begin each day with an Agenda of Happiness.

Let all children, teens, parents, grandparents, women and men everywhere state that TODAY is the day they will begin a life of HAPPINESS!

Remember, you cannot live a happy life unless you decide to be delighted in all that you do. As soon as you make the decision for a happy life, you put yourself on a course which leads to a blissful state of mind and healthy life.

The “real happiness” will come to your life just when you as well try to bring joy into the lives of other individuals.

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To well-being and happiness in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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