The Real Meaning of Success: How to Live a Life of Purpose and Passion while Finding Happiness

It used to be the meaning of success meant working hard and if you were lucky then achieving success was a reward.

Then as humankind has awakened a tad bit more, many are realizing as perhaps you, too, that, the power of the universe is wanting to help you create the life you want, or get the life you want.

  • So, what should you do?
  • Give up on working hard?
  • Or even worse, give up work altogether?

Of course not!

Keep on reading to discover more about how successful people grow and the habits of highly effective individuals everywhere.

Here’s how to achieve dreams and goals fast by understanding and accepting the power within you for living your passion and purpose.

How can I be successful is answered and defined quite differently for everyone.

When asking yourself how to be successful, you must truly be asking what would make you thrilled and alive with purpose and passion in life.

  • Real success requires more than just material gain.

The Course in Miracles states, “You must learn to believe in in your own perfection.”

The true meaning of success is a mix of living aligned to you perfection being really happy with your professional and personal life.



In order to succeed, you need to own the key to success and want to learn how to be rich and successful from your heart, and then the universe will deliver it to you, and successful others have proved this.

There’s a solution that will not only help you think like a success, but to actually become a success and live the life you want.

Follow the strategies given you here today and you’ll see how to ensure your purpose and passion in life brings you success.

Real success is shown by wholeness, which is just experienced by positioning oneself with the requirements of your passion and purpose.

To just see meaning of success as a presentation of a particular level of product or monetary status acquired through aspiration is to just understand a little part of your inner power’s capacity.

  • Success comes as the spin-off of a life lived from the within out.
  • The essential to living an effective life is in understanding the awareness that you suffice.

You produce the area within your awareness that permits you to straighten harmoniously with your higher self or the right mind, as soon as you accept you are good enough and deserving.

It took some time, and major truth-telling, however I quickly found I was pressing myself towards a vision of success based on cash, not wholeness.

I dedicated my complete attention towards my enthusiasms and passions, and I enjoyed being aligned to the meaning of success, my inner power’s bloom, we may say, as an outcome.

However, the fact is you are better off knowing where you want to end up so you know how to design the map to get the life you want.

You wish to consider your way of life first and design your personal life and/or company around diving in and going deep to create the life you want.

I’d read a piece that stuck with me but the author is unidentified:

“The meaning of success is half won when one acquires the routine of setting goals and attaining them. Even the most tiresome task will end up being endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.”

Now let’s move on and discuss being successful by accident where purpose and passion is the key to success and unlocking the door…

Lessons I Learned on the Way to Success by Accident

When I’d read and studied the lives of highly effective people who have ever walked this Earth,  I had no concept just how much my life would be impacted by my findings.

It wasn’t because these people who’d owned the key to success were able to willingly without effort extend their natural light of power.

The Course in Miracles states, “Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.”

Actually it was a lot more exceptionally easier than that.

Many were able to realize concepts on the meaning of success that the majority of people never could comprehend deeply, let alone on the surface level, of the actions needed to develop a process and follow a blue print that helps successful people grow.

After much intensive research of my own I was left with some golden nuggets that will undoubtedly assist you in business and personal success in life.

  • Here are a handful of lessons I have actually gained from successful others:

A lot of individuals get captured up in the “how” to do something.

I mean that mega-million dollar thinkers do not consciously operate in that manner, and once they make a decision they look for the options to press forward in life.

Make sure your goals are congruent with your leading a few certain values in life.

Think of how lots of times have you been provided an opportunity and the only thing the person could tell you is how much cash you’re going to make?

For example, some individuals may not achieve success in the equity and bond markets, even ultra low-priced penny stocks picks,  because they would feel like they were taking advantage of people throughout tough times.

Another person in that exact scenario may view themselves as being a consultant to somebody who would otherwise lose their nest egg and get absolutely nothing from it.

As you can see it’s the same scenario however everyone has a various value system.

This is not about best or incorrect, but it is about you just being concise and clear about your individual values and make sure your company, business, and/or personal life is in alignment.

Even when you’re down to your last five to ten dollars you might be one idea away from the real meaning of success.

While one success story claimed “she was shaking and scared she knew she had some options to consider.”

  • Have you ever been at a branch in the road and had to make a choice?

“After being on a job that was making me sick I had come to my breaking point,” another one said. He added, “I understood I too had a decision to make and needed to come up with a newer plan.”

Think about when there is something you have wished to achieve, but hesitate to step on faith?

For example, my good friend started trading all penny stocks for a hobby, having pure fun, and that fun led to an explosion in his penny stocks picks to help fund the life he truly wants.

In other words, he used the penny stocks picks ‘fun’ he was having,  to get the life he wants!

How cool, and by the way be sure to see the Proof video right here.

So, what I’m saying is, exactly what if you took just a small step today toward that objective and begin to get the life you want?

Get a packet of those yellow sticky notes and the next time you feel scared simply take one little action, because if it worked for this millionaire it can work for you, too.

There are several old adages that parallel with, “You get what you expect in life.”

Now the trick to the meaning of success is you don’t need to get caught up in pushing too hard on the procedure, but rather enjoying the process.

Commit results to the outcome and be open to permitting the beauty of intent and synchronicity to work in your favor.

  • Build your life and purpose for the future.

This lesson ought to be a mantra that is taught for any brand-new business owner. Numerous individuals start off just focusing on how they are going to produce income.

Oh, surely, don’t misunderstand me, this is essential too.

Nevertheless, if you wind up a millionaire with no time, bad health, and no close friends or family to share it with, would this be the meaning of success for you? 

Just you can answer that so right now ask yourself a couple of concerns:

  • How many long versus short hours a day to you wish to work?
  • Are you going to work weekends?
  • Just how much net revenue do you wish to make each year?
  • The number of weeks or months of getaway time, holiday or vacation, will you take each year?
  • Will you work when you travel?

The more plainly you define what success in your personal life or business will look like in the future the simpler it is to ask the right questions to help you arrive.

  • Collaborate your way to success.

For many individuals who have let the politics, back biting and brown nosing of a corporate world we settle in, the concept of being able to produce our empire alone is what we really want.

What I mean is, while on the surface area this both looks and feels excellent, yet the truth is that you can achieve wealth and experience wealth creation alone.

One entrepreneur shares the idea of the partnership nation, meaning that it is a brand-new paradigm in new business success today.

This is why I suggest you take a look at the free manifest your dreams Breakthrough Kit, and really learn to turn on the switch and get the life you want. 

The concept consists of strategic alliances, networking with others and one the most important players the virtual assistant.

This digital age can do things from make travel plans, visits, book-keeping, taxes, update sites, write or even give you golf or tennis lessons and the like.

Make sure your objectives and goals for the meaning of success are in agreement with your top passions in life.

Next, I will dive in to making sure you do not imprison yourself to the jail cell of “no focus” on your way to success.

(I also feel another related article may help, it’s on personal fulfillment and inner power uncovered now to release a scarcity mindset and get the life you want.)  

A Key to Success unlocking your Self-Made Prison Cell

Do you have objectives and goals, and I also mean do you have a strong focus in life, or are you consumed by lacking thoughts?

Have you invested a great deal of time, effort, and cash to achieve financial freedom and yet feel you haven’t made it yet?

For all your effort do you still feel that there is something missing in your life? I mean it is certainly crucial to set objectives in your life.

When faced with a number of options, it provides you a focus a way forward a mechanism for making choices. Nevertheless, it can also be a jail cell.

How can having clear-cut objectives and goals while having fun and focus be a prison cell, is what I’m asking you to consider?

It becomes a prison cell when you produce goals based upon your regretful past experiences, perhaps where you recall failures too hard to handle.

  • Simply put, then you set the future on the past.

It creates the illusion that you are moving forward in life when all the time you are stuck within the border of your previous regrets and fear of the future.

It’s like driving your life vehicle on the path to success by searching in the rear view mirror all the time.

You have a fantastic vision of exactly what took place in the past, however haven’t a hint about what is coming in front of you.

The point is: whatever took place in the past is not a true indication of your full potential.

As the late Wayne Dyer mentioned, “To pull your own strings and grow, you need to be both willing and ready to let your future and present be opposite your past. Your regret of the past is not your destiny.”

Simply put if you continue to do exactly what you have constantly done then you can only anticipate getting the life of what you’ve constantly gotten.

The unfavorable in your mind or on exactly what is missing out in your life you have no option but to produce limited goals and focus if you continuously focus on the past.

You are back in that prison cell once again and you need to break the cycle, so how do you do it?

You change your thinking, which means a chance to create the life you want is the meaning of success and to learn to develop and then pave the road ahead.

An opportunity to create a focus and objectives that you desire to attain, means answering to, where are you now, and where you want to go, and the being committed to taking action.

  • Where are you in life?
  • Explain your present scenario.
  • What are your top priorities in life?
  • Do you like where your life is going?
  • Where do you wish to go?

Exactly what is the true meaning of success to you can be answered to the question of, ‘when you are on your death bed recalling your life’ exactly what would you want to think your life was about?

Check out these concerns deeply and often until you feel you actually understand where you are now and where you wish to go.

How you arrive will end up being obvious as you advance, and without rushing, because time is on your side no matter what age you are.

Keep focused within, on your true inner essence, and think of you as opening a savings account or investment portfolio of the self, so to speak.

The more time you put in, the more credit and appreciation of your bonds and equities appear on the account and therefore in time the more is offered for withdrawal.

  • Now the crucial question:

What holds you back? What stops you from choosing exactly what you wish to accomplish in your life?

It is not enough simply to create a plan and a focus, and you must comprehend where you are now and where you want to go.

To change something you have to DO SOMETHING NOW!

Put your focus into action, because it’s your focus and you have thought it, designed it and built it, now have the enthusiasm, objective and desire to execute it.

Since, at the minute, you have no evidence of what is going to happen, and the only evidence you have is in the past.

But to regret the past and fear the future is only keeping you confined to your own self-made prison cell.

There is something miracle-minded about this process called life.

If you look back over your life you will discover, like many others have, that most of the time you set out to do something you didn’t have the ability prior, but you started anyhow.

All you must muster up for the real meaning of success is self-discipline, enthusiasm and guts, and being aligned to your true free will while in this world.

To give yourself a better than typical opportunity for attaining the meaning of success, each night before you go to sleep use these words I’ve borrowed from the Course in Miracles in prayer or meditation:

  • “If I lose or forget my goal in life let me remember what my purpose is.

And, by the way, if you want to learn how to do mindfulness meditation and never knew how or where to look, I suggest you you check out the 7 Minute Mindfulness practice right here.

So, again, with all that being said, have the nerve to drive towards your objectives and goals.

I mean really move on your passion and purpose with strong enthusiasm to keep going and the discipline to create a new practice even when it is difficult.

Keep focused and keep moving forward in life.

On a regular basis ask yourself, what did I do today to bring me closer to achieving my objectives and goals and my focus in life?

Begin right now in this instant, to walk free of that self-made jail cell, because the door swings easily open.

(Here’s a suggested related article discussing how to empower oneself with the power of manifestation tools available today.)  

To purpose and passion in life,

James Nussbaumer

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