How to Stop Fear Fast where Unlocking Potential in your Life is the Result

When we realize that our Divinity, or, we may say, when our Higher Awareness encourages us, how to stop fear is not so difficult.

Yes, this acknowledgment of spiritual connection becomes the horse that carries us through!

By looking within yourself for how to stop fear, I do not imply for me that as a Little League Baseball player stealing home plate wasn’t just a little fearful.

But in a game at our city series playoff with tremendous fear in me, I darted off third base and was successful at stealing home plate.

Yes, fearful as all get out, till I’d realized I succeeded!

As fond as that memory still is to me I’m not stating you’ll have to be a super hero.

This thought provoking article is intended for you to quit the tales in your head that hold you back.

Rather, though, of really feeling an urge within you to let go of the fear that keeps you from how to avoid fear.

I mean on your own from all the discomfort fear and doubt makes for you in life. 

As you read on and benefit from this article, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “There is no problem in any situation that faith will not solve. There is no shift in any aspect of the problem but will make solution impossible. 

Being raised by my parents as a catholic, it was a pleasant experience. My own defiance was moderate and written off as spurts of growth.

Although, as painless as it was, during my adult years I have experienced other religious paths. Sure, good, bad, indifferent, and always with dogmas to sort through.

I’ve chosen to never be a consistent follower of any one particular religious faith.

But I will admit that to this day I still lean toward my catholic upbringing in my own liberal fashion.

I guess home is home.

But I do disagree with the idea of our imposed guilt for being a “supposed – sinner.”

All in all, though, I have met some wonderful, fun, fine, loving people along the way, and in this I see myself fortunate.

I guess not even the Pope, should I expect to see things entirely my way in all areas.

But where my Divinity is concerned I’m not a catholic, only because I am what I am. The catholic religion doesn’t define me in my relationship to Heaven.

I do admit, however, to receiving an excellent education in the catholic schools.

Along the way I was never made to feel that my freedom “to choose” otherwise was ever jeopardized.

For those individuals who taught me at St. Barbara’s grade school, and then, Central Catholic High School, I thank them for that.

Regardless of the horror stories of catholic nuns slapping one’s hands with a ruler, and priests lurking for little boys, I saw none of that.

But I did see Sister Eukaria kicking a ball, or flinging a Frisbee. Likewise, another nun who kept a ball glove in her desk drawer with a softball securely fitting inside it.

Even in high school I remember one nun in particular to be a Bob Dylan fan. As well, and Father Kaylor dug the Beatles.

And, while another priest led a campaign against drugs for lost teens calling it the Carpenter Shack.

But, really, to me it’s not the religion I choose to associate with.

I mean, the prayer book in my heart is connected to the one major discipline: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

(You may also find helpful another related article on how to stop fear: doing nothing for surrendering different fears, except for looking at them for the ugly illusion they are.) 

It’s that simple, and this will help you deal with how to stop fear.

Why, you may ask?

For me this says it all, and can make life easier while problems face us here on Earth, if we dream of love instead of fear.

Just as well, joy, and good times, rather than, the pressures and stress of time and space and appearances.

The former is certainly the “unlocking potential’ in you, way to dream.

Take the aged old adage, “The opposite of how to stop fear of your problems is standing on faith.”

I’ve heard it often, but it leaves me incomplete.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “Is it not possible that all your problems have been resolved, but you have removed yourself from the solution.”

The thinking seems to be that fear is paralyzing or even regressive. I mean, causing us to retreat in defense while faith does inspire us forward.

But I don’t want to feel like fear is somewhere behind me. I’m saying where I’m looking over my shoulder for its catching back up to me.

This kind of fear that we cannot let go of leads to many troubles in the love relationship. If that’s the case you think with you then check out this relationship healing article.

This is why I choose reality, where fear has no opposite because it is an illusion.

Your real self behind the dream of separation has never known fear, nor will you ever. It is non-existent to our eternal reality.

It’s merely a separated thought to help identify a self you’ve dreamed up.

Faith, however, is an experience once we accept the truth that keeps us grounded to our Home. And, which is where we abide as the dream plays out.

So by looking at life this way gives me strength for how to stop fear.

I always wondered why does not fear feature so prominently in our discussions, lessons, and practice of faith?

Why haven’t we thrown fear out? Religious dogma seems to preach the “fear of God” as a good thing.

The thought of an individual being, say, a “God fearing” young man is seemingly respected and encouraged. It seems, with pride attached to it.

But does this truly make sense as a goal for being real and unlocking potential to live the life you desire?

Once again, here is the ego infiltrating down through generations to instill in us the notion of God being fearful.

We think this necessary to gain Heaven.

Does our all loving Creator truly want us to fear Him? Therefore, why the wrong-mindedness about all of this and how to stop fear?

Could this be why we’re so afraid of our own true potential? Is this why we’re afraid of truth?

This belief confuses us over the difference between fear and knowledge. Just as well,  especially where our Divinity is concerned.

(This other related thought provoking article is on regardless of what the ego-based mind built on fear and doubt has taught us, you can change the world and your life.) 

To living your true potential,

James Nussbaumer

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