What’s Holding You Back from Moving Forward in Life Starting Today

Answering to what’s holding you back in life might mean to reset your action plans for the journey ahead.

How to move on in life can mean changing ourselves, reassess our situations, and also develop a new pathway.

When we can take a deeper look between every little thing that’s ever before taken place good things happen. But only if we consider whatever lies ahead for the life we want to live.

Keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the text of A Course in Miracles:

  • “There is another vision and another Voice in Which your freedom lies, awaiting but your choice. And if place your faith in Them, you will perceive another self in you. This other self sees miracles as natural.”

This can answer to the fear of not being good enough so we can begin moving forward in life.

Yes, these are the specifying instants when you can address: what’s holding you back in life?

Far to many phrases and words the world makes use of to define these motivational messages do not truly inspire.

Worry and fear of something maintains them icy, clinging frantically to the old desire. I’m saying as well as the cutting discomfort of former failures in life.

Rather than moving forward in life we go right into a swirl of second-guessing.

As well the we hound ourselves with thoughts of the like, “There’s something holding me back in life.”

Out of fear we harbor way too many thoughts of the past. Likewise not nearly enough gumption toward letting go of what’s holding you back.  

Being Proactive Instead of Reactive

As a method for motivating individuals, it seems cultivating fear is easier than investing time and effort to bring out our own true knowledge of who and what we are.

This is what the penal system is about in the U.S.A, and is why the prisons are “over stuffed” with corruption on the side of the institution.

Likewise with violence and defiance on the prisoner side. But think about it. The more we know the less we fear.

So why aren’t we truly educating?

I have found that with new knowledge I can bring forward in myself, gives old fears a back row seat.

For example, during the few years before my incarceration, I went back and forth on commitments to quitting drinking alcohol.

(Here’s another related article on: moving forward in life means letting things go by your own power of choice.) 

I was feeling it catching up with me and was something holding me back.

Also, and with my age no longer being able to “handle it” a twelve pack of beer “like I used to.”

It was certain thoughts like I just said, about a “twelve pack” that were getting in the way of the real me.

It was the thoughts of what alcohol could do for me that I was hiding behind. Losing touch with my true essence was an issue for me more than anything else.

Did I really need it, or was I clearly afraid to live without the perceived buffer of alcohol or lack thereof?

I discovered it had to do with a lack of self-understanding.

As I gained more intimate knowledge of myself,  A Course in Miracles helped bring great things forward in me.

Such as, why I did the things I did, what resentments were. Just as well, how I could address them, only then did my fears subside.  

I maintain this knowledge within me, and it expanded with me while there in prison.

It seems kind of strange to admit it, but I had to learn to respect prison as the place where I’d be physically living for a while.

Of course, my hope asked that it not be too much longer.

I must say, the good is difficult to find at the surface level, but it is there inside those concrete walls.

Nevertheless, instead of being reactive to everything I faced there in prison, I decided to be proactive.

What I mean is trying to understand both sides and what they must deal with, meaning, the institution itself, for starters.

The guards and other staff members have their discipline, versus the survival methods of each inmate. I must add, which is different for everyone.

My point is, I respected it all, the entire picture for what it was at that time for me and not afraid of it.

I’m trying to be thought provoking here for answering to what’s holding you back from attaining your life dreams.

However, respecting something does not always mean tolerating abuse either.

It is less difficult to rid the illusion in my mind of having an enemy when I respect it only for what it is.

Of course, when another inmate informed me that another inmate was ready to attack me, trying to harm me for notches on his new gang membership belt, then I had to see this as real.

But I did so not by choice.

I’d take one step in the descent to hell, which, as well as illusion, is not real.

Many times we must use illusion in order to see illusion to discover what’s holding you back. Sometimes we do have to face it so that we can get rid of it.     

By being attached to the unreal is a hell we make. So, then, can the inner peace of how to move on life be an awareness?

Try to see what I mean here.

It’s like this:

By choosing my reality up front in any given situation, gives me certainty in my direction going forward.

A plan is set, and then I must follow it through, where I no longer need to worry about something holding me back.

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To moving on in life,

James Nussbaumer

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