A Connecting Consciousness Now of Real Love for Creating the Life You Want

Is it perhaps a connecting consciousness you’re missing for moving forward in life?

I mean with with the power of the universe leading the way?

Are you like many feeling you’ve not reached your full potential and not creating the life you want?

I mean are you still longing for more of something you can’t explain?

This message is intended to show you that it’s impossible to reach your full potential. Yes, without realizing the power of the universe, within you, yet beyond the body.

You must increase your knowledge and take action on learning to be all you can be.

Think about the many high achievers who learned the secret of a connecting consciousness.

I’m saying, who pursue, perhaps study and learn and extend themselves each day as a commitment to inner self.

We are always so filled with questions about what holds together the power of the Universe?

Real Love and wholeness must be the way God wanted it to be, because how can God be of conflict–which means non-whole?

Let me assure you if you are truly happy, perhaps have found the right mate, right career, right financial situation…

Likewise, and so on, and you are truly reflecting Heaven.

When you are reaching your full potential by a connecting consciousness, you are feeling whole-minded.

I am talking about the power of the Universe within you.

Don’t we always seem to know that there is a great power of the universe and beyond which we can not seem to explain?

Think about real love in your life.

Can you explain that?

Two hearts beating as one, making love, a connecting consciousness, if you will.

There is NO greater feeling that one can experience.

A Course in Miracles states:

  • “Praise be to you who make the Father one with His Own Child.”

Yes, you feel so alive, like you can conquer the world and seem to always be moving forward in life.

You see, I believe that we are ALL whole and are not separate from our Source (God).

And that whole-mindedness feeling is how you reach your full potential while in this world.

Yes, real love, being at full potential, must be a reflection of Heaven, our real Home.

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To living a fulfilled life,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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