Surrendering Different Fears and Unusual Phobias Now with Real Conscious Awareness

I want to address for you to do nothing for surrendering different fears, except for looking at them for the ugly illusion they are.

You have a God given power within you called non-resistance for spiritual growth.

As unusual phobias or common fears of any sort arrive watch them fade as they approach your light.

Your inner light is your real conscious awareness.

As you read along for what this article is worth to you, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “You are not two selves in conflict. What is beyond God? If you who hold Him and whom He holds are the universe, all else must be outside, where nothing is.”

Through this power you are releasing ego-based fears and doubt back to the nothingness it came from.

Your self-made unreal, conflicting consciousness awareness dissolves. This is the positive place surrendering different fears can take in your life.

In this sense, your fears will set you free.

How to overcome fear will open up your real, pre-time whole consciousness where your true spirit exists.

It is that which has been imprisoned by physical form.

The more you look at fear head on without judgement, the more it will be drawn to your light.

Watch it, notice it, see the fear draw closer and closer as it gradually fades away right before you.

That which is unreal cannot penetrate what is real.

You are real.

When President Franklin Roosevelt spoke to the country saying: “All we have to fear is fear itself,” he was exemplifying surrendering different fears.

He wanted the free world to experience non-resistance to fear.

To resist mean s to fight back within ourselves. Likewise, makes more drama, only gaining further projected images.

The inner-resistance we think we depend on is another so-called separate whole. I mean that it is made by the ego’s foundation built on fear.

It’s what makes us want to force a situation.

For example, when I began writing my book series from the volatile and often violent din of the cell block, making its original notes and outline, I felt something.

It was as though at one point that I was behind schedule on a schedule I set for myself.

I was rushing myself, forcing thoughts that were already settled in my heart. As well, nothing seemed to have my usual natural rhythm.

But once I was able to start surrendering different fears and quiet my mind something drastically changed.

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I was able to take the attitude “whatever will be will be.”

Yet while of course always following my heart.

This is became my own denial of my physical form, which was making me think it was my absolute reality.

The importance of a time – restraint, my fear, dissolved an my heart was no longer under pressure.

My inner power of thoughts began flowing from my ink pen onto the paper with words that reflected my innocence.

And, now, many people around the world are holding my words in the form of published books in their hands.

Did I remain behind schedule?

Yes, on that original schedule.

But then I became far at peace with a new schedule that was more appropriate for the writing conditions.

I mean, the volatile and rigorous atmosphere, and the sick environment I had to deal with in that smelly, obnoxiously and boisterously loud prison.

Am I making a judgement about my living conditions thus making way for wrong mindedness to seed itself in my psyche?

No. But I was noticing what I must do next.

Likewise, by setting a new schedule.

One that shined onto the face of an ego-based environment that I had no choice but to only physically abide in.

When we resist we make the world and the structures of the world appear to be a clearer projection.

I’m saying, seeming to be more real, and includes our own identities as seemingly more clear in the physical.

In other words, your ego which can’t understand real spiritual growth seems to be in control.

It seems to be more real as a conscious awareness, but is only fantasy.

This widens your image of the world and the ego with a heaviness.

As well, an absolute importance that makes you take your body and the behavior of the world, much too seriously.

When you take this fall, your role in the world will seem as though it must keep up the struggle for survival.

Just as well, because it is your perception of life you make it your reality. This is why all the more you need to begin surrendering different fears.

A Course in Miracles further states: “For nothing real has ever left the mind of its creator. And what is not real was never there.”

With this, you place yourself into a negotiated contract with the “dog eat dog world.” If not, that, then it is the attitude of  “keep swimming or sink.”

Think about the many activities or goals which you undertake that become short-lived.

For a while, they become nothing more than a hopeful hold onto the fantasy that sits on nothingness.

The things in your life, -bodies, events, situations, thoughts, emotions, notions, desires, ambitions, fears, dramas, and on and on, they seem to arrive.

Yes, pretending to be all too important, raising more anxiety, and, though, before you realize it they are gone.

But were all those things ever real?

Were they ever more than just a dream, the dream of physical matter wishing for more material gain?

One thing for certain, they were definite images which you made.

They are a means for existing in a mad world, but it’s up to you to surrendering different fears.

It becomes the identity of conflict if you don’t let go of phobias and begin surrendering different fears.

But the ego-based mind’s war cannot survive let alone become waged in the first place.

That is, unless there is a belief in victory, perceived as something you feel you need for completeness.

(This other suggested related thought provoking article discusses internal strength. To create the life you want never fears that something or someone is more powerful than itself.) 

To living a happy life,

James Nussbaumer

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