Stop Panic Attack, Fear and Anxiety Now with Signs of Spiritual Awakening with Happiness

In this article from the start I want to bring to your mind that to stop panic attack, fear and anxiety can be comfortably healed.

It’s about understanding that we’re all going through steps of spiritual ascension, we may say.

Some prefer to say spiritual awakening.

Stay with me here because later in this detailed article I will share a first hand example by story.

I’ll tell you of my own fear and anxiety where I had to stop panic attack dead in its tracks.

As you move along keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “This world will bind your feet and tie your hands and kill your body if you think it was made to crucify God’s Child.”

Whatever it might be called, the state of spiritual awakening is something that people realize.

Some will use standards and by following the steps for spiritual awakening will you only reach that state of enlightened spirit.

And through these actions, people will soon reach that level or understand spirituality, knowledge or awareness.

Depending on the line of idea, the method, and the kind of book you’re checking out.

Or perhaps the instructor you’re following reaching spiritual awakening follows numerous rules or much more like guidelines.

Might it be generic concepts or particular actions, individuals find it much easier to reach a state of enlightenment.

Whether you believe in an action by action process or you only accept the truth that spiritual awakening occurs just in a natural and more spontaneous manner.

I mean preparing your self brings you closer to that objective.

Thinking truthfully that a specific level of awakening is possible is surely something that you must accept.

As you discover more of yourself, take the chance to understand reality. In this true Reality awareness is where you stop panic attack, fear and anxiety.

Place yourself in the world you live in and see how you associate with it offered all the things that you learned about yourself so far.

Obtaining an awakened or enlightened spirit originates from understanding the nature of the world.

Likewise how you react to it and how you can affect it.

This is an important aspect of reaching an enlightened state by realizing signs of spiritual awakening. Balance with both the physical body and the spirit is the ideal state that we should intend for.

These are merely musings of what and how I believe we prepare ourselves for that awakening of spirit.

Like what I pointed out previously, how your reach that state is relative.

We can go on arguing for an entire day on the numerous actions or approaches. Or on how knowledge can be attained.

Yet we forget that the whole point is having actually reached that level of consciousness where panic does not exist.

This is also why I suggest you learn how to do mindfulness meditation and practice it daily.

Likewise I recommend this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice, because it’s easy, quick and effective.

I also mean for overcoming fear and anxiety and panic attack.

For me following steps for spiritual awakening means letting go of an ego-based thought system built on fear and doubt.

Having received a sudden gush of spiritual knowledge is likewise great with me. The essential thing is reaching that level.

It does not really matter any longer how you managed to do it. However rather what you can do now that you have actually reached that level.

That I think is the more crucial problem that we need to deal with.

May it be generic mindfulness principles or specific actions, people discover it easier to reach a state of enlightenment.

Whether you believe in a step by action process or you only accept the fact spiritual awakening takes place is a great start.

Try to be open to preparing your self closer to that goal by not letting circumstances control your life dream.

For me following steps for spiritual awakening is like I am compared to a river that knows where it’s flowing.

Next, I share that state of mind as I reminisce of a grueling time while I was in prison for several years.

Stop Panic Attack by being Like a River

Yesterday my psyche reaffirmed to me once again that I am indeed a prisoner by the state of Ohio. A medical round trip to seventy-five miles away Columbus for a doctor’s visit began at 5 am.

A dozen or so of us shackled, handcuffed and a belly chain, dressed in an orange jump suit labeled INMATE. All loaded on a bus as a literal chain gang to Corrections Medical Center, not to return till 7 pm.

Enough of a helpless feeling to flame up a panic attack, for sure.

This morning my wrists and ankles still bear the red marks and slight bruising from the steel wrapped around my flesh and bones during the entire day.

Only a few minute break for a bag lunch.

Mary Sarton once wrote, “There is a connection between any place where humans are helpless and a prison.”

While I still struggle to depend on others, the added misery of prison bars clanging open and shut this morning continue to be even more of a slamming sore spot in my life.

But for the moment my fears and anxiety faded when I looked at this morning’s world news. 

It sent me in awe with a photograph of a painting that sold at auction for $120 million. The struggling unknown artist titled it, The Scream.

This portrayal was of a blue eyed little girl standing brightly on a pier at a sandy, sea side beach.

Portraying her puckered mouth and face with blond braids flapping in the coastal breeze, as sea gulls witness, becomes a bounty for life.

The newspaper article acclaims this piece of work as the artists own rendition of the joy life is meant to be. I guess his own river of abundance that the ocean in the background has given him.

Are you like many individuals throughout history and especially today, where circumstances control your dreams?

Likewise seem to define you and your life?

Or, are you like the constantly rising many others in this world with a wholly truthful and honest heart about yourself?

These individuals incline to flow naturally in a direction with real zest.

I’m saying, which in itself is seen as success in a venture they have chosen that doesn’t force life on them.

Where are you at this moment?

Do you feel lacking or anxious in an area. Or do you feel full with a sense of substance that is deep within you.

You know, full of excitement and bliss without being anxious all the time? Is peace what you expect and what you have?

If you’re anxious about particular things in your life and want to quickly stop panic attack, consider a river.

I mean that river teaching you everything you need to know so that you don’t fight against your naturalness.

But rather trusting in every true degree of your depth without fear and anxiety.

We can learn from the river that the insecurities and fears in our lives are illusory. That seemingly ever so frightening future should not naturally be a concern.

The river will continue to flow along teaching us there is no such thing as death. The water trusts it current.

It does not try to tell the currents’ power how to direct its flow. But the water does allow itself to be pulled easily and naturally to the ocean.

The rivers current has its own timing and knows for certain where it’s going.

That’s why it is the current.

Can you picture the twigs bobbing merrily along the surface as well as the drift wood drifting along for the joy ride?

As I imagine myself sitting alongside its protective bank, it looks like the same river Mark Twain created as Huck Finn’s home.

The fish certainly trust all that the current brings them. The water itself is the river and naturally hears a calling by its own likeness.

The ocean where the current constantly leads to needs its rivers flowing.

This is how we are led to reality when we trust our own current. It’s how to stop panic attack or other anxiety is never concerned with.

That current is our true free will given to us by our Source, leading us to the fullest and happiest expression of life.

The expression itself we extend is our “artwork,” if you will, our dream to live.

The Source many have named God.

But let’s not get caught up in the form of letters in the alphabet. But, rather be concerned with the real meaning behind the projection of a word.

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Next, let’s look deeply at releasing fear and anxiety by trusting in the power of your naturalness.

A Natural Key to Stop Panic Attack and Release Fear

Words are forms of thought made to express an idea. The natural idea of trusting in yourself is your key to release the foundation of fear.

You will want to with ease let go of your very first fearful thought. That’s because it leads to a war with yourself that cannot be won.

For now see the first fearful thought you have over anything as marking the beginning of delusional thinking.

I mean the unreal, which doesn’t exist.

And to get a good grip on that is how to stop panic attack.

Try to keep in mind this foundation principle of A Course in Miracles: “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.”

Unreal, delusional thinking is the foundation for an illusory thought system filled with fear and anxiety.

This influences and controls our perceptions of the world, ourselves, and our “Definition” which is of God.

If our true definition is of God, am I trying to say that each of us, ourselves, are of this Oneness?

If you are thinking this way you are off to a good start even if part of you thinks this is an arrogant thought.

That’s okay, please bear with me, but as you do try to carefully consider the key to the release of fear.

Try to see in your mind where the first ever, fearful, untrue and illusive thought came from.

In this world there always seems to be a first for everything.

It is the very first thought ever influenced by a separate notion that builds thoughts and holds our beliefs.

Consider the mind as being beyond the body’s brain. Nonphysical, it is whole, and here never having to stop panic attack. 

A small, tiny portion, an extremely micro segment of mind had a nanosecond of thought it may be lacking something.

To have a thought of “something” other than what you are would indicate a splitting away from its wholeness.

The split would continue to fragment over and over kind of like how rumors form to spread even more gossip.

Since splitting was occurring, panic and frustration occurred.

Then another thought called time had to be formed and this process of fragmentation and separation compounded into a thought system.

That first thought had an insecure idea that its mind was separate. I’m saying, split off from the wholeness of God.

This became the theme of this new thought system that would later form a name called human consciousness.

It’s where this thought process made by humankind had started being concerned with fear and to how to stop panic attack.

This so – called yet non whole consciousness, or conscious mind, continued forming perceptions that were notions.

Yet, not knowledge, that gave birth to additional thoughts that were thoughts that were totally separate from our Source – the Oneness of Creation, or, God.

We call this separateness formed out of thoughts of lack, humanity.

But who decided on this lack?

Nothing did, and that is the illusion of this world where we seek to stop panic attack, stress, and depression.

However, the “pre – time,” original and real wholeness created of the one thought of Love, – the Real Consciousness, remains unchanged and is forever one reality.

The way to stop panic attack and anxiousness is to face this micro segment that only thinks it became divided.

I mean dreams of all this separateness, it is only a runaway thought, errant in nature. It’s that which has dozed off, or a day dream of sort, that thinks it is life in this world of fear.

When, truly, we’re still whole and one with our Source, our Creator.

Think of a child in school gazing out the classroom window with fantasy thoughts, while much of his mind can still hear the teacher in the background.

The child senses that safe loving environment with the teacher as real. But dreams of hitting that home run on the ball field, or with little Suzy.

It’s unreal. A dream.

Yet the reality of his being is with the love and care of the teacher. It’s where there’s no need to stop panic attack because fear does not exist there.

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To releasing fear for a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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