Stop Existing and Start Living Now with Inner Freedom instead of Thoughts of Lack

Let’s look closely at what is life all about and why we need to stop existing and start living while truly defining inner freedom.

Why is there a struggle for those just living life and feeling no purpose in life? 

This article may not answer all your questions about what is life all about, but is intended to help realize your freedom of choice.

But its intent is to get you thinking about your own life’s purpose. I mean, and to let go of self-limiting beliefs and thoughts of lack.

Can we truly define inner freedom and gain the life we want?

Is the world healing as time goes by?

We’re going to look deeply at why by projecting thoughts that lack truth and sincerity keeps the soul of humanity from a better life.

Why do we feel we have to sacrifice so much to get to the life we want?

The Course in Miracles so profoundly states:

  • “You think that everyone outside yourself demands your sacrifice, buy you do not see that only you demand sacrifice, and only to yourself.”

With a scarcity mindset of lack we wind making guilty images to tend with in the mind? Or would you rather extend reality by reflecting limitless options?

I mean truly being aligned to the Oneness of your Source, so we may stop existing and start living?

In this article, more so in in the later part, I want to explain my feelings on humankind not as a whole.

I mean, but collectively, became caught up in a dream of sort of separate false wholes, indecisive thought that developed a man – made consciousness.

A thought system that supports the denial of the truly real thought system of Love.

Let’s first consider a few things about no purpose in life because of a lack of defining inner freedom.

When the iron curtain boiled down in 1989, America’s function as the great proponent of liberty dramatically altered.

As the only extremely power, America and its concept of liberty were challenged on one worldwide front after another.

Sept. 11, 2001, and its aftermath in Afghanistan and Iraq have actually given focus on America’s concept of liberty.

Likewise caused humanity soul searching concerning U.S. military activity in other lands.

Now, within America’s borders, an escalating battle is under way for the extremely soul and heart of humanity.

The outcome of that battle will figure out whether America is still the land of dreams come true. As well, to guarantee it remained in its early days.

Lots of Americans believe that flexibility means the right to make their own rules.

Yes, meaning stop existing and start living.

Due to the fact that they see American society endangered by this self-indulgent concept of living life on one’s own terms, others feel threatened.

The two fundamental principles upon which this country was founded are power of choice and truth.

Yet, to this day we continue to live with self-limiting beliefs and thoughts of lack.

Our forefathers imagined a country free from the restraints of the English Parliament and the Anglican Church.

They developed America as a land of liberty based upon Judeo-Christian concepts.

The inhabitants risked everything, even their lives, in order to perform their vision of a nation.

I mean founded upon a nationwide covenant with their God, each other and their federal government.

In defining inner freedom or liberty, some choose to overlook the structure of reality that was important to our founders.

Power of choice without underlying commitment is like a piano without keys and will honor no music.

America is at a crossroads, having a hard time to specify flexibility within its boundaries and throughout the world.

When they developed this nation, the issues that America now faces are the exact same concerns our predecessors resolved.

What are the limits of a main federal government? What are the rights of people, or are they based on thoughts of lack?

How do we set the standards that must direct our conduct? How may our leaders impose these requirements on our people and other nations of the world?

These concerns about stop existing and start living can never ever be responded to unless we see them in a spiritual and moral context.

Likewise unless we revisit the abundant heritage of our past. How we, as a country, address these concerns will define the soul of this country.

In my first book of the  ever-developing series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, I discussed this.

I have a chapter where we look at a bit about man’s Covenant with one another in America. In the early settler days how the Indians and Quakers first met.

But what really is this covenant, this agreement, with our Source, God, our Creator? Or are we missing the mark, here?

Ahhh, in the next section let’s look more deeply at the so-called Big Bang that got us here on a planet called Earth.

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Defining Inner Freedom

 The first separated thought of lack triggered on explosion of other thoughts that had a “strive for” something, intention.

This unreal occurrence is what is commonly referred to by scientists as the “Big Bang.” This gave birth to the new time ticking, separate consciousness.

Thinking of time itself as being real it made a continual flow of time so it could further its projections of guilt.

I mean the kind of guilt for having such ridiculous perceived notions to begin with.

The type of guilt that won’t allow us to stop existing and start living. 

Even the thought of being ridiculous was a bothersome ridiculous stream of guilt. One that plagued the separated consciousness.

Images expanded just as rumors travel today, and became the birth of an image called mankind.

As more and more thought split and fragmented in this explosion of guilt, like cells splitting under a microscope, separate images massively came onto the scene.

As well, they projected differently with a theme that no two were exactly alike.

In other words what I see you see less, greater, bigger, smaller, pleasant, unpleasant, and differently. I mean to say even if in the slightest of degree.

The Course in Miracles further states:

  • “I have said that the ego’s rule is, “Seek and do not find. Translated into curricular terms this means, ‘Try to learn but do not succeed’.”

A separate world for each, an unreal one, that arrived where separate projected images threatened each other.

Denial has become another way of holding on to old unreal pictures long after they have faded away. Yes, only to hide from the fear of guilt for doing so.

Mary Pipher in her book Another Country asks us to think how incidents in our lives trigger the reaction, “We must do something.”

Awkwardly and reluctantly, the issues are faced. Denial is temporarily not a problem. We make plans to fit the current situation.

Things go pretty smooth until there is another incident, then chaos emerges which has its own set of laws.

I touch much more on this throughout my book series.

Yet being unreal, having a false foundation, then accumulating more splitting thought  illusively perceived from this foundation has made a world of images.

Take away this belief that the images are real and everything it supports crumbles.

Just as every river has a current, so does every building have its cornerstone.

But if the cornerstone is not real, made of fabrication, there is no need to release all the surrounding blocks of fearful beliefs.

They will in time simply tumble.

The cornerstone of humankind is structured in fantasy, a false idea, a dream of having a mind separate from God’s Mind.

Claiming this separated thought system as our way of life is why we can’t stop existing and start living.

It is a belief in a separate identity from our Source. It is a worrisome errant thought of lack making our own currents for our own separate rivers.

Try to see this thought of lack, – the physical world, as a projected image of what we think is a free will.

But don’t know for certain, developed from our self – made consciousness onto a theater screen, so to speak, behind, on the other side of the screen, is our true reality.

The screen is put up to hide the guilt where it projects images you only dream are true.

The dream covers up true reality.

What we continually see as a projection we think is our real identity. Denial.

Your perceptions and thoughts of these images are like seeing your consciousness in a mirror. And, a body is formed before your dreaming eyes.

How else would you be aware of what you think you look like? As we change our thoughts, the physical world around us shifts to reflect that change.

This reflection could be positive or negative – what we will shift to perceiving as a right – minded or wrong – minded fashion, your personal life can be transformed in either one of two ways.

In the right – minded approach to seeing the world around you, you want to stop existing and start living. Yes, you are able to sense the reality behind the projection screen.

You are alert to it and can sense truth and maintain it as your chosen cornerstone. Doing so while the dream plays itself out.

But in the more wrong – minded way of seeing life and the world, you will continue to wish for fantasy.

You will begin calling it truth when actually it is an untruth.

Additionally believing this is your journey, covering up guilt and sinking deeper into the dream itself, called ego.

But ego in this sense has another take to it than what the therapist will counsel you about by analyzing the darkness in your life.

It’s this darkened thought that holds us back in life from how to stop existing and start living.

We’re not meaning egocentric, although the ego – based mind does lead you to that type of behavior.

Rather, ego is the total of right and wrong – mindedness.

But where right – minded thought and perceptions will allow some truth shed its light onto the scene.

Wrong – mindedness won’t consider true light at all. But in time the right – mind has a goal of shifting the mass consciousness bit by bit with the influence of truth.

What we must look at here is, it’s our choice in how humankind becomes weighted in either direction; a world of righteousness out weighing its opposite.

Do we choose real zest and  truth, and stop existing and start living?

Or do we tilt toward a life of fantasy and total falsehood with pain and suffering. How do you want to live?

Final Word on Real Freedom:

Let’s today stop existing and start living beyond the cornerstone of humankind structured in fantasy and thoughts of lack and feeling no purpose in life…

Do you truly want to stop existing and start living?

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All my best in happiness and freedom,

James Nussbaumer

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