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To find your inner strength for solving life’s problems and overcoming adversities we face means dealing with uncertainty.  When we face obstacles unprepared or by surprise, we will surely feel some fear, self-doubt and feeling a bit off balance.

But this is okay, and this is the subject of this episode of the Better Life Podcast I’ve posted below and also to YouTube.

I will discuss how you may reclaim your real self and make your dreams a reality, by knowing how to find inner strength for uncovering inner knowledge and wisdom that is of the universe.

It’s a wisdom we have access to while in this world which the Course in Miracles terms the Holy Spirit, always there for solving life’s problems.



It serves no purpose to try and begin solving life’s problems in some special way you dreamed up.

Even the way relationships seem to drift on us and there is break-up, we seem to want to look for a rebound.

This article and Better Life Podcast is not about relationships, but let’s face it, to find your inner strength here is one of those things we at times struggle with.

If this is the case with you, then I suggest understanding your true inner Self, I mean the real power of your mind, will you then be released from the problem.

The Holy Spirit–Who is the real divine inner You, and is the only means you have for offering you this release from any and all problems you think you have.

To find your inner strength means to uncover the light of your true free will, yes, to make your dreams a reality, and is exactly why I urge you to seek out mindfulness meditation exercises!

A Course in Miracles helps us understand solving our problems in life, and that this makes it simple for the Holy Spirit to actually help find your inner strength when effective problem solving is needed. 

Ever ask yourself how to begin solving life’s problems, and on to achieving your dreams, or what are my dreams in life?

Always follow your dreams … A life of purpose.

Yes, you can find your inner strength and begin solving your problems in life, and you can live your dream.

We all have had our share of problems in life that make life miserable for us at times.

Let’s take a look within and try to understand why we don’t ask the Holy Spirit to solve all of our problems in life for us– and why and how we should.

Our problems can appear in many forms and will do so while in this world, but effective problem solving skills are always readily available within you

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To making your dreams a reality,

James Nussbaumer

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