Design the Life you Want and Love Now in a Literal Heartbeat

Did you know that you can be like successful others and design the life you want and love. If you have poured material and self inner drive into personal transformation, and have not yet succeeded, don’t worry.

There is a process for real thought called the power of reflection laws and principles which will help you achieve your dreams.

It will make it possible to create the life you want, or, manifest your dreams where you actually get the life you want.

Below is a video I posted to YouTube following a weekly webinar on the facts about how to design the life you want and love.



People around the world are fed up and are saying I now know how to change my life and are living the lives of their dreams.

Below is a video I posted to YouTube following a weekly webinar on the facts about how to design the life you want and love.

It’s by understanding the missing ingredient of the reflective state of mind that you need to know about to design the life you want and love?

Certainly sometimes it means facing head on and thinking about deeply over being confused about who I am, like, “Am I actually living beyond the body,” or yet ask yourself the aged old question, “What or who am I?” 

This system virtually puts the law of attraction, or universal vibration, on autopilot allowing you to use the Creative Channeling.

It was Albert Einstein who said “life in this world is a vibration.”

Yes, a universal principle, a law of the universe, if you please, that is detailed in the video that also gives you a free e-book.

I mean to ‘Channel’ your destiny, and get the life you want.

I mean like also how to improve your health and immune system and other physical and health related issues with new mind,body,spirit reflection techniques.

I also mean, why and how the power of the mind and thoughts for letting go of self-limiting and lacking beliefs, leaving the scarcity mentality behind, and moving forward in life.  

To design the life you want and love only takes you to understand that there are new proven creative thought process breakthroughs, real thought over illusory thinking, that literally helps your mind to create the life you want.

It’s about how to design the life you want by diving into success and how successful people grow, and answering to, can I be successful in life.

It means grabbing hold of and embracing passionate objectives and goals.

(Here’s a related article that is an upfront review on the 15 Minute Manifestation – Does it really work to get the life you want?) 

To creating the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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