Recovering from Infidelity Affair – Healing the Broken Marriage

Many couples are recovering from infidelity and discovering next that they are in couple counseling faced with forgiving an affair. Infidelity statistics are at an all time high today, said research studies and one survey blamed the internet.

But another  study applauded the internet for how easily and successful it is now to succeed at relationship healing with online courses driven by professional marital therapists.

Below is a video I recorded following a lengthy webinar where we dived in pretty deep discussing recovering from infidelity, and what it takes to choose either to move on, or to begin fixing the broken marriage.



If you’re hurt over being of those infidelity statistics or perhaps just the thoughts of perceptions and assumptions, questioning, does my husband really love me, you might want to consider where you are within yourself.

Or if you’re a guy thinking you’re seeing seeing signs she’s having an affair, keep in mind that a once committed relationship could end.

I mean, it may degenerate to one spouse demanding a divorce and that itself would certainly be painful.

Let’s face it, signs of she’s having an affair, or that he’s cheating, makes the infidelity affair and how to survive infidelity a difficult issue.

Both couples need to learn how to fix the broken marriage and be willing to pursue conserving the relationship and improving from within, if, that is what they truly want.

You’ll find that online marital therapy is possible even when recovering from infidelity to begin forgiving an affair, and conserve a relationship after one partner has actually been unfaithful.

But it will require commitment and diligent effort.  

Remember, A Course in Miracles teaches to, “Not be afraid to look within.”

When you are not fearful of going within you to the core of who you are, you will more easily see that your real beauty is there within.

I mean you more easily heal over relationship struggles.

(Here’s a related article gone viral about remaining in love is more difficult than falling in love. Perhaps you’re seeing signs she’s seeing someone else.) 

To healing and happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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