Transform Your Life for Good Now by Changing How you see the World

When you can leave your errors behind you it’s a new step with a clean slate and now it’s time to transform your life.

Yes, replacing the old dream of life in this world with a better dream.

This is called having what you want. Although you’re really not changing the dream state at all.

Rather, you are changing how you see the content of the dream. Likewise, adding some expression of your realness to the role you play.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “Salvation seeks to prove there is no death, and only life exists.” 

This is how your thoughts design the new dream where you transform your life.

The Course in Miracles deeply teaches us that, since you’re really not separated from the Mind of God, you will experience positive change.

We can say this is your resurrection.

Yes, being that it is a change of mind about the meaning of the world, and of who you are. Each new thought becomes a constant rebirth.

At this point in your positive awareness you must not concern yourself with the uncertainty.

But only focus on the certainty in the steps you take, leading you out of separation. The ego aspect in us all filled with fear and doubt will always find some uncertainty.

Your certainty is the happy dream necessary. That’s because if your body suddenly deceased while in total illusion, it would be too much for your real self to handle.


It would be like turning the bright lights on abruptly during a nightmare. At first you would think the light was part of the nightmare, adding more fear.

Begin to transform your life with positive change of thoughts about your life. 

God does not want us to suffer because of an error in thought. Besides, we cannot whatsoever re-awaken in Heaven while in fear.

Again, why?

Fear doesn’t exist in Heaven.

You may be asking: If fear has not left me and I cannot re-awaken even if my body has deceased, is this what would lead to re-incarnation?

There is no right or wrong answer to the fact of a re-incarnated state. This is totally up to you to decide, because remember, you control the dream of life in this world.

Since you control the dream you also control its projected images. This subject I will leave opened and is an excellent topic for another book.

BTW, I hope you will become a reader of my book series if not already!

But I will suggest for now that you take your own thoughts deep on to transform your life.

This matter based on what you’ve learned from this world, and contemplate this with Truth at your side.

But I will move on by adding that the present moment is where you can end any illusion.

Certainly, by living a life of your purpose, by answering to the Truth within you on your every move.

In this sense you are always ready to re-awaken fully, because you are already partially awake.

Only you know what your purpose is, and what it means. This is the beginning of your awakening. In this world it’s how you transform your life.

But understand that the figures or images in the dream of separate identities may not support you.

That is okay, because without their unreal support, anyway, the dream will fade away in that proportion. It’s only illusion, and will set you back.

It’s when you allow the figures in the dream to support you that strengthens the illusion, keeping you stuck.

What are these “figures”that might try to hold you back in life?

They are “others”, the individual bodies themselves with no reality attached, or, we may say, full ego-based projections.

Your projections are what have made you sick. Sickness is not real, but to a split-mind it seems to be very real.

Your mind cannot be split, or thought of as separate from God unless another mind agrees that they are each separate.

This makes it a joint decision, but of separate thought, to be sick.

If you choose not to agree, and then accept the part you play in making sickness seem to be real, the other mind cannot project its guilt.

I mean, without your participation in letting it perceive itself as separate and apart from you.

I am being very whole here as I write this. Likewise, I hear you asking me to explain what I just said, in a lighter and clearer sense.

(Here’s another awakening article: about this brand-new time in history is creating a transformation of spirituality and consciousness.) 

Okay, I’ll come into some positive change shallower water, about knee deep.

Are you ready?

When you choose not to agree in a decision to be sick, you have accepted your role as a “figure” in someone else’s dream of separation.

As well, have accepted your ego for what it tricked you into believing about yourself.

You accept the fact that even though your body might experience physical complications, you now know your body is not you.

This acceptance means you “know” that “you” can never truly be sick.

By uniting with a brother/sister’s mind will prevent the cause of sickness and perceived effects.

Healing is the effects of minds that are whole and unseparated, or, non-dreaming.

Sickness is only of the dream and whose dream, really does not matter. This is why all along I’ve been urging you to “let go” of unreal thought.

Remember, too, there is a difference for changing your life for the better when you think about yourself.

I’m saying, about “you”, and “he”, or “she”, and me, your neighbor, and all others, as the whole Son of God, versus “others”.

Your brother/sister is real, which is that true essence to the core of the One Mind of God we all share in wholeness.

It’s who we are behind the dream and as the dreamer who is dreaming of life in this world.

“Others”, portray the outer shell made up of flesh and bones, minus, the unseparated wholeness.

The shell is driven by ego-based thought that projects images or figures based on how it perceives things to be.

“Others” who offer you some assistance may be of your dreaming mind of time, space, and form.

Try to become aware of the difference when you are having a conversation with someone, even if it is small-talk.

Try to perfect this awareness in the Light of who you are.

Is he/she a figure in your projections, or is he/she a brother/sister? And, can you spot them both?

(Consider this detailed related article for your whole family, where personal transformation and self-growth are concerned:) 

To changing your life for the better,

James Nussbaumer

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