True Miracles Do Happen in Each Instant Daily by the Power of the Real You

True miracles are not some form of magic trick, such as, walking on water, or turning water into wine, or raising a body from the grave.

No, let’s not scratch our head over the idea of a miracle as something hardly ever happens. Rather let’s see that true miracles are ongoing everywhere all the time.

But the miracle is the manifesting of our expressions from behind the dream of life in this world.

It’s when miracles do happen by shifting them into the projections of the dream of life, time, space, and form.

Yet when we dream of having a separate mind from God our Source, these separate figures of separate dreams are also projected separately.

What one body sees is not the same to another. Like a dark shadow, these separate figures cannot join as reality. But each of our ego-based thoughts dreams that they can.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states:

  • “The miracle acknowledges everyone as your brother and mine. It is a way of perceiving the universal mark of God.”

Remember, you project the images of the entire world you see, and in this power, well, true miracles.

These images are your projections based on how you feel while you dream, and cannot be the projections of others.

The images that others project are not yours, however, others can coach yours along.

This gives us separate wholes with separate coaches with separate and different sights for coaching. I mean, which projects separate conflicts.

You can choose not to allow yourself or your brother/sister to be sick, by not having separate projections of sickness itself.

By this, you will not be dreaming the world’s dream that says you are sick.

If a pill is necessary to help your body along in the projection, and your true expression agrees, then you can do so.

But, without placing your separated thoughts alongside of others.

Then you will not see the unreal cause of an unreal sickness where it is. Likewise, will not have a gap of space between minds, where sickness breeds projections of itself.

Wholeness can never be sick. Why? Due to it not having separate space. No space at all.

Let’s move on in life over the gap where you create true miracles. 

This gap we’ve projected between ourselves makes us join in each other’s sickness of mind. Or, illusions, that project themselves as part of the body which is also a projection.

Through His Holy Spirit, God has built a bridge for this gap, called the “Forgiveness Bridge”.

How appropriate.

The bridge overlooks the gap as it takes us beyond it. This allows us to not get caught up in the errors and illusions of this gap of space between minds.

This is true forgiveness where we see the body for what it is, and appreciate it for “that”.

When it has served its purpose, we peacefully and lovingly set it aside, ending the dream and moving on.

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Real love with the real you can never be a part of this world, but it can be expressed through its projected images.

It lives eternally in each of us as the wholeness of the Sonship, as the Course in Miracles terms for the whole Child of God, in mind.

Realizing this deep within you is where true miracles are manifested for the life you want in this world.

The Child of God does not live in this little gap, which holds your wishes, out of fear, to remain separate and afraid to join.

The gap seems to breed sickness due to its lack and longing for wholeness. As well, then is projected into the body, but the body is not its cause.

The Course in Miracles through many of its principles and lessons proves to us why separate thought cannot become whole.

Since wholeness has no space, the purpose of the gap is a place for all the unreal cause which sickness is effect to.

A gap has been made image of by each of our separate and different projections, only to keep us separate.

It’s a design of something to display differentiated forms of expression projected outward. This, which we see as if it were the cause of pain and suffering.

But what is the cause of pain and suffering?

It is nothing more than the separation itself, and not the body which is the separations only effect.

Any other effects of this unreal world we see around us are caused by the body.

But wait a minute, you might ask about true miracles.

What about the clouds in the sky, the trees, the rain and all of the other sights, beautiful or destructive of nature which we see?

Our bodies certainly do not make a thunderstorm, followed by blooming daffodils, you may add.

The wonderful sights as well as the not so wonderful destructiveness you see in this world, is an image you project.

The real you behind the dream certainly will influence the lovely sights as expressions of your peace, serenity, love and joy behind it all.

Likewise, but on the other hand, your projections of fear, guilt, doubt, lack, insecurity, and more of the same, show you not so wonderful sights.

Included in this is the ugliness of sickness and death.

You see, the separation itself that causes the pain and suffering is nothing more than empty space. Yes, covering nothing and doing nothing.

It’s the space we projected when we came across the separated thought of being apart from, or split-away from our Source, God.

Remember, as I discuss deeply in my book series, it is an instantaneous thought that we still think we live in.

We think our world is alive and breathing within this instant. Inside of this instant is the tick of time that continues to project images of life.

Even time requires its space to keep one minute separate from the next. To be separate must involve space, otherwise, how could we continue to project separation?

Think of it as that space between the ripples of water that a ship has made in passing by.

It gets covered just as fast when the water rushes swiftly in to close the gap, as the waves of the ocean join to cover it.

Where is the gap between the waves, once they’ve joined and covered up the space, which only seemed to keep them separate for just an instant?

The gap is gone.

Where is the space for sickness when minds have joined to close the little gap between them?

Where is the space between our separated thoughts, when we each sense no individuality of mind and we become whole?

Is there, then, any, space available for a body to be projected?

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To miracles in your power for a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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