False Ideas of Yourself as being Real need to be Released for a Better You

I hope this catches you at the right time if you feel having some false ideas of yourself which might be holding you back in life.

Maybe you need a boost of sort from the pressures of this world, where it gets you at times. You know like, wanting to quit hiding the most glorious spirit about you.

In a previous Master-Mind Challenge webinar we discussed crossing over the gap of fear and doubt to end the pressures we put on ourselves. 

Others wanted me to explain my thoughts on why by placing the Holy Spirit in our right-minds we may easily move on in life.

It’s this simple for tapping into your innermost power for the life you want. I mean, when you believe you truly have the power to do so.

We discussed deeply, I mean touching hearts with tears about sometimes what we see in the mirror. Likewise, what we’re missing when we analyze ourselves in that projection.

Okay, let me explain:

But, please put on your spiritual metaphysical acknowledgement cap. And then later please message me on how I did.

As we dream of separation, God has built us the bridge over the space that miracles will leave clean of errors.

The Course in Miracles helps us here where it teaches us that only through forgiveness is where right-minded perception looks beyond all errors.

Likewise, in due time depending on your readiness shifts to knowledge.

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Your willingness to end all false ideas of yourself places your first step on the bridge.

For how long it may take, don’t we mostly form a perception first before it is bridged into knowing?

Sometimes perception is not needed, at all.

When you’ve reached knowledge your mind has traveled over the gap using the bridge.

But your wishes and the shame of guilt He cannot bridge, only because what is unreal cannot travel.

But it can be let go of where the unreal effects no longer linger.

You can let go by stop trying to make false ideas of yourself as appearing to be real. Or, we may say, trying to make something out of nothing.

If you have a problem understanding this, simply revert to the knowledge you already possess within you about the truth.

Let the knowledge you do hold, only, become your understanding, and operate from that, while other perceptions travel over the bridge to join in your forever existing knowledge.

The Course in Miracles helps here, too, where teaching us that we certainly do know what is true has always been true. Yes, cannot be altered, and always will be true.

What is “false can never be true” is a knowledge we all begin the journey with. Truth is the knowledge that you are, because It is what created you.

Crossing Over the Gap of False Ideas of Yourself brings Forth the Miracle

The miracle allows you to realize the nothingness of what is false, or unreal, by allowing you to see the real Light of Truth, which you are.

There’s no need then, to pretend and the miracle is in “knowing the real you”. Yes, no more false ideas of yourself.

What you perceive will be of a confidence that knowledge is on its way, and at worst, an error may be made.

I do mean, though, an error of right-minded intent that the Holy Spirit will use later if it is useful.

Otherwise, no harm had been done to yourself

Nothingness, if not let go of, only breeds more of itself, which means more illusion and nonsense in your life.

More chaos and conflict will result.

Consider all this world really is, is a little gap perceived by your split-mind trying desperately to make a ripple in eternity.

It continues to project more space trying to make more time, by breaking itself down into days, months, and then years, but seems to always hit the end “dead on”.

(Here’s a brief realet article helps us see that the people you surround yourself with for realizing the real you and your potential.) 

To opening up to the real you,

James Nussbaumer

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