No Passion in Life, No Road to Success? then Ask and Receive the Answer

Let’s discuss why we must place the right kind of faith in ‘ask and receive the answer’, when you have no passion in life.

For many years, which we’ve learned to call generations, it seems we’ve been trying to project an ego for God. Thus keeping you from finding the road to success.

The ego, a bodily image, for sure, built on fear and doubt and judging others will not direct you to your true purpose in life.

The white haired old man sitting on a golden throne somewhere in the clouds.

You know, wearing a white robe, trimmed in gold, as he raises his gold staff ordering bolts of lightning to strike us down dead, if we disobey His Laws.

The good, obedient people on Earth, who abide by the laws of His Kingdom will be rewarded their own special place in paradise.

Is it a fairy tale?

This is what we’ve been taught in many areas of the world to be salvation.

The idea can make you feel like you have no passion to succeed.

But, of course, we don’t really believe God is actually sitting on a cloud. Likewise, we do understand the symbolism.

But we do give attributes to God which act as a mirror of the ego in ourselves.

The Course in Miracles asks us in a lesson: Is it possible the reason we have been doing this since the first tick of time is so that we may ease our own guilt?

Think about it.

The mindset seems to be: “If it’s okay for God to be an attacking Tyrant at times, but, of course, for our own good, then it should follow that it’s okay for man to use these similar methods of discipline.”

Or, I hope you’re ahead of me, here, and are saying this simply must be “another antic” of the ego-based mind.

And if it is, then why?

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So far in my ever-developing book series we’ve discussed how the ego’s plan for salvation is the opposite of God’s.

But we must continue to emphasize it is an active attack on God’s Plan.

Why is this?

Since His Plan is your true free will, which is your passion, it is an active and deliberate attempt not only to destroy you, but God, too.

This is why our ego, a separated thought, has assigned God these types of attributes. This fairy tale image is an attempt to prove itself as a separate mind from God.

In this wish is where the body seems to surround the mind. I mean, keeping it separate and alone and unable to reach other minds.

Only, except through the body that was made to imprison the mind. In this state you are unable to find the road to success.

You feel as though you have no passion in life.

Our bodies do have limits on communication, but the ego surely impresses on us that we have no such limits.

This is the ego-based minds’ obsession with figuring out a way to secure eternity.

If you’re having a problem understanding this, once again, you are placing way too much emphasis on the body.

I’m saying, as not only your identity, but identity in general.

To alleviate this simply focus on the Truth about your eternal existence. Quietly ask yourself again and again:

  • Where will I be when my body is done here on Earth?
  • Then ask again. Why am I here?
  • Then listen for answers.

Only you have a real sense of this. It cannot be preached to you. Your eternal existence does not rely on your body.

As well, you believing that it does, is an example of your not being truthful.

Again, we feel like there’s no passion in life for us to find.

Be truthful with yourself, ask again these questions and go deep within yourself to listen.

Allow the knowledge to cross over the bridge where your passion in life waits for you. Just as well, open your arms to receive it as eternally yours.

If the body projects, then how can these projections be infinite. I mean, when we all know the body will ultimately turn to dust?

However, only real thoughts of the mind can extend forever, and what is not of God is unreal.

Therefore, unreal thoughts must only be made through projection, which is limited to the body’s existence.

But what the ego will not admit is that the body is limited in everything it does. This can be explained simply as, “No body, no ego”.

This, or course, is a fearful thought to the part of you that operates from a separated ego-based thought system.

From this doubting and fearful thought system you will never manifest the life you want. That is, unless some changes in your thoughts spring into action.

The fear and doubt is what keeps you off the road to success.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “Do not underestimate the appeal of the ego’s demonstrations to those who would listen.”

The ego in you is aware of this, and is why it attacks God and His Plan for salvation.

How does the ego attack God?

In all of the ways we accuse Him of attacking us.

Also, think about where the kinds of things exist that we are apt to hold grievances. I’m saying judging others and conflict against another individual, who is whole just as we all are.

Don’t your judging others always seem to be associated with something having to do with the body?

An individual may offend you by saying something derogatory about you. He or she may do something you think is disgusting.

Or, someone may betray you by hostile or dishonest behavior.

Thinking you have no passion in life is the scarcity mindset that offensive behavior feeds on.

The conflict you hold is due to not seeing the person for who he/she truly is, regardless of how they see themselves.

You try to hold this person to a body which you project an image of. You are confusing the body with who he is, and judging him and his body as the same.

Don’t get me wrong, you are not seeing him as two, nor should you have to remain in a hostile or dishonest situation.

But what you are doing is seeing him as a false idea of what he/she truly is. Likewise by doing so, God is attacked.

How so, you ask?

If God’s Child is only a body, then so must He be, as well. This would make God a Creator totally and wholly unlike His True Creation.

In His Creation His Passion for life has been extended to you, but fear and doubt have you imprisoned and are not seeing it that way.

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To uncover real purpose in life,

James Nussbaumer

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