Finding One’s Passion and Raise Self Esteem Now to Start Living Life

At a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar I helped us all look deeper at what it really takes for finding one’s passion.

I uncovered that many people are concerned about low self esteem when it comes to start living life to your full potential.

Having no passion in life, one woman said, is because she feels not good enough or has not the right type of intelligence to uncover success.

She said if God wanted her to be super successful He would have already made it happen for her. 

Keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “Heaven waits silently, and your creations are holding out their hands to help you cross and welcome them.”

Let’s try to “overlook” these false ideas about finding one’s passion and “look beyond” them.

That’s right, “forgive” them.

I believe much of the scarcity mindset is in looking at God as a body!         

Try to go deep within yourself for the remainder of this brief article when contemplating finding one’s passion.

Try to be relaxed and settled within yourself as we move forward, here.

If this is not an appropriate time, go ahead and read on, but do bookmark this or save to your desktop for later.

Yes, if needed, come back to study this part later when you can be more focused. You’ll want to see this as an exercise you owe to yourself to participate in.

Let’s begin by asking the following question about finding one’s passion by seeing our all loving Creator as He really is:

If God is a body what must His Plan for salvation be?

What else could it be except for something surrounding death? If this is so, and His Plan is not absolute, there must be confusion.

This would mean that if He is trying to present Himself as the Author of life, He must be a liar and a deceiver full of promises and offerings He can’t keep.

Therefore, it would seem He offers illusions in place of Truth.

Well, of course not, no one truly believes that, but why do we think God is against us at times we’re in turmoil over such things?

The way the body sees reality makes this view of God quite convincing. In fact, if the body were real it would be difficult indeed to escape this conclusion.

But I urge you, my friend for beginning to raise self esteem, wake up and smell the roses.

Your body will one day no longer exist. When this occurs, and your body made its final heartbeat, all of the projected images you’ve made will be gone, too.

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Hang on here as we look at why the physical body is not able to help begin finding one’s passion.

There will be no bodies, buildings, (and, or oceans left in this world. The world will be gone.)

These images, golf courses included, and more, which you’ve made while in this body you call yourself, will fade away right along with your ego.

The projections of the ego based on fear and doubt will have ended. You won’t need them any longer.

You’ve not been realizing entirely what your brother/sister truly is. Likewise, your grievances against him/her helps along your belief that he/she is a body.

I hear you asking me. If my body fades away along with my projections of the dream, how does it turn to dust?

We’ve been through this before in previous articles here at my blog and in my ever-developing book series.

So, as a review, your body only seems to turn to dust in the projections of others, and in their own dream.

You’ll never project your own dust.

The ego aspect in us fearfully tries to save us by claiming God made us all as a body. We even call God, “our maker”.

We accept this huge lie and seem to be okay with it. As a body we surely don’t allow ourselves to be deprived of what the body offers.

Why it’s evident everywhere many are concerned about raising self esteem.

We’re taught to take the little we can get, because God sent us into this world with nothing.

The body becomes our savior, so the ego in us thinks. This is the worldly view of the world many see.

Some hate the body and try to glorify and exalt it.

But while the body stands at the center of your own concept of yourself, you are attacking God’s Plan for salvation.

Likewise, holding your grievances against Him and His Creation.

We do so that we may not hear the Voice of Truth and welcome it as being Who we are of. That’s right.

We are afraid to accept the fact that we are of God. This goes against all that many of us were taught.

But many have seen this Light of Oneness, and is how they live their lives.

Their full expressions are living proof of why these individuals have what they want in life.

They have it because they’ve become it, and they extend it just like the Creation had intended.

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To living a wonderful life,

James Nussbaumer

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