Find the Truth in the Real You for the Perfect Life You Want to Live

Why not begin seeing why it’s so crucial you find the truth about what you really want in life?

Let’s now take some time to find the truth and put a stop to these senseless attacks on salvation.

But before we do, let’s try to welcome it instead, so that it will then fade. Please answer honestly to yourself one question:

What is the real meaning of salvation?

We did discuss this in detail in a recent webinar and my book series, earlier, but maybe you’ve never really understood salvation in the first place.

Upside down perceptions are hazardous to your inner peace and to find the truth.

You may have been seeing yourself in a body, with the truth as being seen outside of you. I mean, as though you had to find it.

Let’s begin seeing this in real Light.

Yes, the Real You!

Try to see Truth as light, the same light in all of us, as the ripples of water belong to the river.

This light to find the truth extends from God.

It is the body that is outside of this Light. When the body is gone the light continues to eternally shine as who you are.

The Course in Miracles teaches in many lessons that: In fact, to be without a body is to be in our truly natural state.

To see your true self as the Light of God is to end the attack on God’s Plan for salvation.

Yes, and to accept His Plan instead, which is your passion in life.

This means it is already accomplished. For me, this thought alone has been a revelation.

For now your goal must be to become aware that God’s Plan for salvation has already been accomplished in your mind.

You need to uncover its obscurity, find the truth, and let go of the cover that blocks the Light.

It does not take long to achieve as the only reality there is for you. So right now simply replace attack with acceptance.

Doubt could be your attack. For others it may be fear, or feeling of lack.

For example, if you’re going to attack it by your lack of faith, you cannot understand what God’s Plan is for you. Doubting yourself is the same.

You would be attacking what you don’t recognize.

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How could you ever find the truth there?

Without doubt or question, here is what we want to do: You must first lay all judgement aside.

In your own way of speaking to God simply ask Him what His Plan is for you.

Remember, because you are of His Mind, you are of His Knowledge, too.

When I have been confused, I will speak to God as being my Divine Father. This adds to the unity I want to feel.

It helps me to actually see myself as part of His Mind. I am of my Father’s Mind, is a mindset I always want to maintain.

I will use the following words, feel free to use them for yourself, and, of course I encourage you to tailor your own set of words that are must comfortable for you.

My way works best for me, and it is the idea that is most important for you to understand.

Try to find a sense of unity, real and true oneness with your Divinity when you repeat the following words:

  • What really is my salvation, Father? I don’t know for certain. Tell me, so that I may understand, and become certain.

By keeping this simple, now you can simply wait in quietness of mind for His Answer. It will be delivered to you.

Ordinarily you’ve been attacking God’s Plan for your own salvation by not knowing what it is. Guessing at it out of confusion is an attack on unity.

We get impatient, angry, and anxious as we shout our grievances so loudly that we’ve not taken the time to listen to His Voice.

You’re asking: “How will I know His Voice?”

This is simple.

It is when the absolute solid Truth comes across your mind about any subject.

It strengthens in you when the opinion of others does not make you inclined to sway their direction.

This Truth in you may at first seem scary because of your worry about loss, or what “they” might say.

You don’t have to share this with anyone. It’s perfectly okay to keep it personal.

In fact, it is far better to keep it personal, for good reason of not having to listen to the opinions of other egos.

(I’d written another related article about is life a dream?: find the truth only because so many truth seekers everywhere believe it’s our true release from guilt and depression.) 

To the real you and a great life,

James Nussbaumer

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