True Purpose of Life means to always Find New Passion in What You Love

Here’s a documentary story of sort about how your true extension of self heals and represents true purpose of life. 

Only in this true extension can you uncover your purpose in life, always finding new passion, and never worrying over how to find what you love.          

Since healing is natural you heal yourself by allowing wholeness to become you, thus bringing forth your passion in life.

The mind is whole, and the tiny segment of it that dreams of bodily images and projects a material world is always unsettled. It senses being away from Home.

It feels separated and cut off. This also makes us fearful. It’s the story of mankind and the world of fear and doubt we call life.

But by displaying only truth, your mind extends itself and can overcome fear and doubt. This is because the mind does not feel it has to stop at the body and be limited to it.

As you read along keep in mind this principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “Your independence is of creation, not of autonomy. Your whole creative function lies in your complete dependence on God, Whose function He shares with you.”

When you see the love in true purpose of life this type of feeling brings confidence to you.

Yes, helping you to uncover your purpose instead of being afraid of it.

If your mind is covered up you will feel vulnerable to attack, and will also feel you have turned against yourself.

This is not a good feeling, and you see littleness as who you think you are.

By removing the cover of fear is the only way to let the light of your Source reach you. This uncovering guarantees help and healing.

The Light will also extend through you to others, now that you’ve uncovered your real mind.

Only when I decided to not be afraid any longer of “what people might think and say”, did I place my manuscript for my first book into the hands of a professional editor.

Since doing so, it has been a new and bright, as in “light”, adventure for me. The help and healing I needed was given to me.

Likewise, soon would prove my own wrong-minded thoughts of fear and doubt were examples of my mind being confused or lost in my brain.

I also cover that here when feeling in the dark and not sure what to do with life because of a confused heart; I have found healing readily available. 

If the mind believes the body is its goal, we see no true purpose of life.

It will make up all sorts of projections and assumptions for the body. As well, by covering up its own extension the mind will remain believing we are separated from God.

However, you are whole regardless of what the body experiences. And you manifest, or find what you love in this world through your Creator’s extension of His thought.

That’s how you continue to find new passion for living.

You can control the experiences. A communication device such as the body can be useless if it is attacked.

Likewise, to use a communication device for what it is not intended for, is clearly confusing its purpose.

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Hoeing His Beans Taught me True Purpose of Life

One of the treasures the period of my life in prison had offered me, was through a rummage of old books in the outdated prison library.

I came across the acquaintance to Henry David Thoreau.

I seriously doubt that, otherwise, had I not been in prison, would I have ever thought about looking at Thoreau’s approach to life.

But the right timing presented it to me and helped me see true purpose of life.

Who knows whether it was my willingness or readiness, or both, perhaps, that lead me to a 1950 copyright edition of his famous book, Walden.

Also containing some fascinating essays. I certainly have come to appreciate what this man stood for.

In his book, Walden, he talks about life and the house he built for himself on Walden Lake, in Concord, Massachusetts.

He labored himself to the timber he cut down of which surrounded this tranquil lake, which he describes as one would a close friend.

It is much like I would describe my heart-throbbed Willowdale Lake, where I resided for years before my incarceration. These two lakes must be brothers, or I believe proper etiquette would call them “sister lakes”.

Walden is the lake that is Henry’s friend and was always able to find new passion there.

The house certainly a comfortable, safe means of shelter where he could warm his flesh and bones by the fire.

And, again, his description makes me long for my home at Willowdale. I was told a nice couple purchased it at Sheriff’s auction. I sure miss that old structure.

But let’s talk about H.D.T. always uncovering purpose in life.

A man who had the knowledge of the infinite and eternal Truth about himself.

An individualist I would say, although very much whole in spirit and in mind, he believed in conducting life as he chose to do so.

Henry David Thoreau constantly warned us simply not to mistake a man’s trade in agriculture, manufacturing, or professionalisms, for who he truly is.

Because of Henry’s intentness to speak of what is truly right, beyond the bodily minded, his neighbors and other townsfolk seemed to think of him as a bit “austere”.

I mean, with a strange but nice, gently and warm kind of, “off the wall” type personality. “Ahead of his time”, others had said.

He would attract people to him just to converse over simple things, such as, the importance of “hoeing his beans” in his yearly garden.

He would impress how “cultivating the ground” just right was important to the beans. Likewise, healthy beans “being important to him.”

He referred to them as His beans, as in Divine.

He loved those beans and his solitude in nature, but he also “touched with society just enough”, he would say.

In 1845 Thoreau personally seceded from the Union and refused to pay a tax he felt supported slavery.

This was the most earnest protest he could make against a government that tolerated slavery. Therefore, he spent a night in jail to make his point public.

He was truly a practical man with purpose and passion for what he believed.

Just as well always seemed to find real cause that shined light on all he had ever thought and written about freedom.

Henry became seriously ill at the age of 45, bringing on his end in this world.

This, at which time someone asked him whether he made his peace with God. His answer I thought was fitting for his personality. He answered, “We have never quarreled”.

It was Walden, where he discussed a time where entertaining in the modest, small house he built by hand. Yes, his own hands.

He wanted to offer area visitors a chance to have a glimpse of the warmth from the fire in his prided, stone by stone, handcrafted fireplace. Stones he selected from the shore of the lake.

Although he lived alone he always felt accompanied, even if it were with his beans in the garden.

He’d find new passion daily just noticing their change overnight.

Yes, he commented on  small talk like that around the fireplace, after giving his readers this lesson:

  • “I find that I love society as much as most, and am ready enough to fasten myself like a blood sucker for the time to any full-blooded man that comes my way. I am naturally no hermit, but might possibly sit out the sturdiest frequenter of the bar-room, if my business call me thither.”

So he had three chairs in the house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.

When visitors came in larger and unexpected numbers there was but the third chair for them all. But they generally economized the room by standing up.

It’s surprising how many great men and women a small house will contain, he’d often say.

He mentioned that he had twenty-five or thirty souls, with their bodies, at once under his roof. Yet often parted without being aware they had come very near to one another.

Thoreau understood that by communicating with someone through their body you are joining with their mind.

But to attack is to separate and joining is not possible, where true purpose of life is never discovered. How can we do both from our real self and not suffer in some form?

But if we can perceive our bodies as having only one real purpose, that thought which brought on this perception releases our minds from the temptation of attack.

This is so because we no longer see multi-purposes. Likewise, we give our minds totally to the Holy Spirit, which is True Reality.

Again, this union or wholeness is where we find new passion so often.

We must learn to know ourselves beyond the power of the mind that made the illusion of having a body. Then we can say, as Thoreau had said, “We have never quarreled”.

You can do this only when your mind extends to other minds naturally, as in, simply, “talking about beans”.

But in doing so, you don’t have to stop and check or question the progress of the extending motion.

In other words, not being too concerned, or dwelling on the number of bodies surrounding Thoreau’s “third chair”.

This type of concern and uncertainty would stop the extension, leaving you vulnerable. That’s, because you’re trying to give your mind responsibilities that don’t matter.

I mean, when extension is the mind’s only function. Or, we could say let’s keep our true flow going to where it is “worth beans”.

A Course in Miracles sums this up for us well through its 40th principle, where Jesus says:

  • “The Miracle acknowledges everyone as your brother and mine. It is a way of perceiving the universal Mark of God.”

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To living with passion,

James Nussbaumer

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