Not Feeling Good Enough usually a Wake Up Call for You are Good Enough

Be glad that by yourself you are not not feeling good enough, which will make room for that you are good enough.

This thought alone will reduce your own fears, because by acknowledging this fact you are on the road out of hell.

You’re catching glimpses of your true reality.

I mean the wholeness which establishes that you’re not alone. This means you can relax in knowing that help is everywhere.

The wholeness you are part of has given you a free will which is your Creator’s Will, and designated for you.

It will be accomplished by you by simply accepting it. The whole Sonship will come to you with the help needed and time will not interfere, but it will help.

You are the Son of God in wholeness which is why the Sonship will not fail you. Your Self is needed.

The Bible states, “The Word” (thought) “was made of flesh”.

With ego eyes this statement is interpreted and processed by the brain to be something of a magical feat, rather than creation.

However, thought does indeed make the images we all project, which initiated the separation.

On the other hand, thought is creation itself, the one-minded thought we are all of.

It is from this One Thought that is the Holy Spirit, Who uses our separated thoughts of bodily images as a communication device, to undo the errored thoughts.

It is the only natural use to which the body can be used for, when you keep in mind that your real mind is not lost or trapped in this image you made of a body.

Yes, it’s how you wake up to realizing that not feeling good enough is a bunch of nonsense.

But let’s face it in this world it is difficult for us to perceive anything as truly whole.

Not even the body can we think of as whole, because it appears to be multi-purposes or functions.

Or, simply put, we can say the body has ongoing fragmentations of not good enough all the way to the atoms and cells, splitting and dividing, to keep the body alive.

Likewise, which of course is an ordered process from the split-mind that rules chaos.

The ego says the process of splitting and dividing is of God. But this is not a biology lesson, here.

But it is a lesson in the fact that these purposes and functions are images seen by the ego-based mind.

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It can’t see beyond that. It is afraid to look deeper to where you are no longer in the mode of not feeling good enough.

The Course in Miracles teaches very profoundly that:

However, our True Helper guides us to see that part of the mind simply fantasizes it is separate from Heaven and holiness.

Therefore, for the time being as a way out of this thought, or a way of shifting to the right, just look at the ego’s temple as the same temple of the Holy Spirit.

Then we can trust Him to replace the unreal trust we’ve had toward the body, with real trust in our own naturalness.

This will cause a real shift where real knowledge tells you that you are good enough!

Consider this important to understand, especially in the fact we really do not trust our bodies.

This distrust in the body frightens us. In this sense only, we can say the body is our temple.

The Holy Spirit, our True Self, directs the body in how to use our right-mindedness. Or,  will follow those thoughts while we dream of separation.

When the body is used for communication purposes directed by your right-mind, driven by the Holy Spirit, healing is the wonderful result.

Think about all the ways your body alerts you to physical injury. Oh my, yes, and the warning signs your body will repeatedly give you.

Consider what effects your mind will cause for healing of not feeling good enough.

Can high blood pressure be seen as negative or positive messaging? How about elevated sugar levels, liver enzymes, cholesterol levels, white and red blood cells, and on and on?

Might we be well alerted to the possibility of fatal illness?

This is all true and good that you understand these warning signs. But this is not the intent we’re looking to learn, here.

But this can assist you in realizing how the real you from behind the dream has the power to control the dream of life.

That means you have the power to end not feeling good enough, and begin knowing that you are good enough.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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