Unhappy with Life and Feeling Depressed all the Time? Be True to Yourself!

Why are so many people all over the globe so unhappy in life and filled with uncertainty and feeling depressed all the time.

Let’s see in a metaphysical sense how through the power of choice to forgive yourself properly will lead to being true to yourself.

This truth about you lived each minute of each day is all about love and has no knowledge of feeling anxious, depressed or alone.

Let’s consider this principle from the Course in Miracles as we move through this brief article: 

  • “What is healing but removal of all that stands in the way of knowledge?”

The Course in Miracles goes on to teach us that real knowledge is of the real world where there can be no unhappiness or sense of loss.

Let’s look at this for healing the thoughts of being unhappy with life:

Imagine that someone came up to you wearing an ugly ask and asked you to heal a terrible blemish on its plastic surface.

What good would you do for that person behind the mask, if you took out a can of paint and brushed a bit of paint over the blemish?

Would the little dab do them good?

Healing thoughts of being unhappy with life takes place when that person realizes the blemish is not the problem.

But the mask is.

We must look positively behind the masks and see what is hidden. The beautiful face underneath the mask is not affected by the plastic blemish at all.

But you may not know this until you’re able to see beyond your own mask first. Yes, so that you can realize who you truly are.

When you’re able to recognize the mask you wear and can become aware of the real you underneath it, only then can you know the difference between your body and your mind.

By looking beyond the mask, what have you done for yourself?

You have learned the meaning of true forgiveness, by realizing how easy it is to look beyond the unreal to the real.

Right there in that instant you begin healing that part of you unhappy with life.

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The blemishes in your life are merely errors and it is okay to make errors.

Even Webster tells us that an error is the “state of having some false knowledge”. It’s a mistake.

This is why an error is not real.

By seeing this light and accepting it, you’re able to forgive others, too, without judgement. Sure, while seeing the beauty in them that has always been their reality.

You’ll come to understand why so many of us chose to wear the mask. This is what healing is all about.

It’s in that “looking beyond”, where you’ll find the honesty that is so vitally real and important.

Our kids need to start seeing life in this way.

This is why Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young wrote the song, “Teach Your Children Well.”

But you have a question.

You may say that in previous articles I said that true forgiveness was to “look beyond,” and now here I am saying that “healing is”.

What’s the difference?

There’s no difference.

They both entail that we “overlook by looking beyond,” only that to forgive immediately begins the first thought, or, step, in healing being an easy process.

Forgiveness will accept the error as unreal and healing continues especially when feeling depressed all the time.

Any loss involved will not seem important as it did before. It eases the confusion.

Your confusion over what is real or unreal is what makes you see loss in the way you do.

It becomes a conflict.

In the real world you cannot experience loss, because there is no such thing as time taking away what belongs to you.


You cannot lose your mind, but the body can perceive wrongly that you may have.

When you see another individual as only a body, you are seeing him through the eyes of time. So, therefore, have taken away his power to communicate.

By doing so, you have reduced your own power to communicate not only to him, but through him to others, as well.

This is a form of attack and an attack on you, as well. How so? Because by belittling your thoughts you are belittling his in your mind.

In order to save yourself from this illusion, just accept within yourself that you are not going to look at him in this fashion.

You will then be saving him from false ideas of himself. Remember, you are the one projecting the images of yourself, and of him or her, too.

Therefore, in your own mind don’t allow him/her to see themselves as only a body. Take off his mask for him in your mind.

To do this, simply tell yourself that he is free from any belief in littleness. This will help you to escape your own thoughts of the same.

What is the littleness I speak of that leads us to being unhappy with life?

It’s not seeing others and yourself as being holy.

We’ve defined holiness as being the whole truth of what you are. As well, holiness proves itself in you when you can see this same naturalness in others.

The simplest and natural way to do this is by seeing beyond the mask after you have overlooked it.

To communicate with God is to see this holiness in yourself and in those you encounter daily. The feeling or sensation this holiness gives you is God’s Voice bringing you Home.

You’re awakening to reality, and is where you end all feelings of scarcity and being depressed, and the like.

I realize you may say that all of this sounds good.

But I am telling you from my experience that it is good, because you are being yourself.

This is what others love about you.

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To a happy and successful life,

James Nussbaumer

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