A Life Well Lived is Yours by Finding Happiness within Yourself Everyday

Finding happiness within yourself first is the secret for a life well lived.

From this authentic happiness is how to conquer your fears and live the life you want.

By operating from love rather than fear the rightfully minded, well intended individuals want only what is real.

It is because they always sense the reality of the truth about wholeness beyond the fantasy thought system.

Keep in mind as you absorb this article for what it is worth this principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “Faith and perception and belief can be misplaced, and serve the great deceiver’s needs as well as truth. But reason has no place at all in madness, nor can it be justified to fit its end.”

In other words, it is your choice to extend your truthful and loving unseparated, real consciousness.

I mean, rather than projecting images of the man – made, ego – based lacking version where madness and fear abide.

You can remain alerted to your true reality, reflecting a life well lived when you operate from wholeness. This authentic happiness is from your true deep inner core.

Here, realness is whispered into your dreaming state of mind from the current of truth.

Being within wholeness, in touch with reality, we think along with God as His extension, and not separate from Him.

This is how you maintain your Creator’s definition of who you are, and this reflects a life well lived while in this world.

Your life is real and not some fantasy. This is how we are one with our Source like the river is to the current and on to the ocean.

Or, we can say “In His Likeness.”

In this sense of who you are, you thereby trust and follow your true essence.

See this as the background music, the beat, which is the “current” for what is most appropriate for you. The world will follow.

You will learn it is your world. You call the shots.

Simply start letting go of the idea of being separate from God, and the dream of uncertainty you live by begins taking on happy experiences.

This occurs by reflecting the light of reality into your projected images, where the world gives you new meaning.

The result is a successful life.

You will learn by your authentic happiness the secrets to a life well lived by living more and more in right-mindedness.

This is which still stops the fear and doubt and scarcity mindset of ego trying to manipulate you.

But where you are able to shine it away with your light for how to be happy everyday.

Here you are deeply influenced and inspired by the glimpses of yourself behind the movie screen of unreal consciousness.

Rather you reflect love and truth that lights up a more glorious picture show of your life here on Earth.

It starts as a glimpse of your authentic self.

These glimpses get longer with time and before you know it are no longer only glimpses. But become where you are actually living at your real potential.

Our goal here together is to have you truly living among the wholly conscious. Yes, where glimpses of the light guide you through the opening to real living.

You become the light.

The real consciousness from behind the dream is where you want to be.

But before we dive deeper to understandable depths, let’s try to see our guilt and fear as only seemingly real.

What I mean is, when you feel guilty over anything begin now by seeing this guilt as a product the world demands of you.

I mean, where all along you thought you had to share it.

But keep the mind, this, too, is projected. This is why fear and guilt is not real, and realizing this you conquer your fears.

This is so because our separation from the mind of God – real consciousness, made humankind think it was projecting separate wholes of itself.

But, when really it was more separating thoughts from authentic happiness. Likewise some of these illusive thoughts were labeled sin, in addition to guilt.

Another fragmentation (an illusory whole called fear did the labeling).

As we move along in the next section for a a life well lived by uncovering happiness within yourself keep something in mind.

(I also recommend here another related article on history’s miracle minds to assist you to find real success through the secret of attraction and inner happiness today.) 

Try to see that anything that appears to separate us from each other is not the deepest level of our identity.

The Secret of Happiness for a Life Well Lived

What does finding happiness within yourself indicate to you?

There’s a great deal of searching going on these days for the elusive emotion of “being happy.

So where do you find it, how do you develop it, even what it actually is.

I ‘d like to share a little secret with you–happiness is not just for a lucky couple of who were born with it.

But it is about sticking to your goals in life and not settling for less when you feel guided from the spirit within.

You see, happiness is not something you can reach out and touch or put in the fridge and take a sip when you need it.

Authentic happiness is not found on a beach in the Tropics (really!) or in a best body. It’s not even in that ideal relationship that movie stars attempt to offer us. 

From the images bombarding you every day, it’s simple to make the mistake that a life well lived will arrive on your doorstep.

Like, when you have the most popular truck or car or the best clothing.

Perhaps an elegant house, isn’t it?

It’s easy to get captured in the trap of believing that if you could merely discover the best mate, they ‘d get here with a box of joy connected to his/her hip.

All this does is encourage you that a life well lived is something to be found outside of yourself.

And that’s where you miss the mark.

Because the trick is that authentic happiness is just a by-product of creating and living a life that works.

I’m saying, a life that you take pleasure in–whatever that is. How to be happy everyday comes from doing what you want and when you want.

It’s about being passionate from within where you want to do it, and whom you want to do it with.

And yes, I can hear many of you:

“But I can’t get the great career I want because I ‘d have to go to this and that type procedure, or training, for far too many years.

You see, a life well lived starts by thinking you have control over your life; and grows by making choices that will give you a sense of well being, satisfaction.

If that’s what it takes, happiness comes from choosing that you will go to school, so to speak, for as long as it takes.

It’s about what ever length of time it takes.

That you will organize your life until you can afford to relocate if that’s a requirement.

Which YOU decide who to hug, how much to smile, what music you listen to, and who you hang out with. 

Uncovering happiness within yourself is about making the very best choices you can.

I’m saying about who you invest your time with, how you making your living, just how much you discover, what you take into your body.

Due to the fact that when you feel great about the area you’re in you’re with the right individuals.

You appreciate and regard and they appreciate and respect you. Especially so, when you’re working on a goal that’s meaningful to you– happiness will shine right through.

And that’s obvious.

Choose today to stop going against life well lived, and rather pick three things that you like to do, that contribute to your feeling of wellness and satisfaction.

It doesn’t have to be for a long time, simply a few minutes a day will help you create the happiness that you’re looking for.

How to be happy everyday comes from within your real Self.

It is doing what you want, where you want to do it, and certainly with whom you desire to do it with.

You see, finding happiness and joy begins by believing you have control over your life now.

Likewise, you grow by making options that will provide you a sense of well being and life contentment.

Happiness comes from choosing that you will go to school for any length of time if that’s what it takes.

(Here’s a suggested related happiness article on how being content with life is a frame of mind, when one feels satisfied with oneself. One feels cheerful with one’s life and situations.) 

To uncovering happiness within you,

James Nussbaumer

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