Private Acceptance-Healthy Strategy for Overcoming Challenges, Personal Abuse and Neglect

Many successful people I have interviewed agree that private acceptance of what is holding them back can help them more effectively to overcome challenges in life. Learning to identify, accept and face the fears that go with your own personal abuse and neglect is a personal readiness and willingness, which may or may not be accepted by social interaction.  

That’s why there are times when facing certain challenges in life it’s okay and healthy to keep things privately within yourself.

Remember, the path to inner peace and freedom and making the right choices while overcoming challenges in this world, is to realize that your mind is inside of the infinite Mind of God. 

So while you dream of being separate from His Mind, you are hearing two voices that make you see in two different ways.

One way shows you an image, or an idol, that you have learned to worship out of fear, but can never truly love.  How can you love what you fear? 

Overcome challenges

This is why the alcoholic truly despises himself when dealing with giving up alcohol that his body is addicted to.

It’s why those who are addicted to cigarettes are trying to come up with the best way to quit smoking, but just can’t do it.

It’s fear that is the real reason why all those other things we really don’t want in life keep showing up, because we are not ready and willing to let go of them.

The love and hate relationship struggles continue to plague many marriages because they are stuck. And those who think they are really trying to lose weight are not getting it done because the ego-based mind has its fearful hold on them.

You name it, there is so much more abuse and neglect that much of the world continues to hang on to because of fear, but don’t truly understand what they are fearing.

But on the better side of things, the other way shows you only Truth.  This you certainly love, and it brings you joy because you understand it as who you are. 

You don’t have to “believe” it because you “know” its stability, and the truth in its peace.  This is why you understand it.

If you’re having some conflict over this, consider, for example, forming a private acceptance which forms a private attitude, as I have learned from my good friend William Schenk: “This is what I was told.  This is what my own truthful views are.  These ideas of someone else, along with my own, I will take under advisement within myself.”

Surrendering abuse and neglect

This private acceptance is a great attitude.  Then you can ask your inner divine Guide and Teacher to sort this out for you, which He has already done.  Bring it forward in your mind. 

Then you can relax while the process naturally begins.  Any beliefs you try to manufacture one way or the other will only disturb or delay the naturalness of the lesson.

Understanding is being open to miracle mindfulness and is merely appreciating the knowledge we can identify with, as a part of who we are, while keeping it a private acceptance with love. 

When you truly understand why your spouse, child, friend, or coworker might be upset, this private acceptance is a loving response in your mind, even when you don’t mention it. 

Words do not need to be exchanged.

A Course in Miracles so brilliantly teaches us that, “God created us within His Mind in understanding and love, so this is what we are.” 

The ego is unable to understand this, since there is no conflict—thus cannot appreciate it.  If you were to respond negatively to your upset spouse, this would feed the ego’s hunger for conflict.

A Course in Miracles states, “Do not remain in conflict, for there is no war without attack.”

Inner peace

The ego in each of us always wishes to deprive someone of something, even if it’s within yourself, like inner peace and freedom, so it can feel it has increased itself or its own sense of worth or value in some way.

But what your own ego is doing is imprisoning the real power of your mind. It’s that simple, and explained nicely, here.

But Heaven, if you will, rests in your giving of it, and as you give it, so does it increase.

With your understanding of this private acceptance, do you want to give joy and have inner peace, or do you wish to remain in conflict?  Conflict at its best can only one day fade away into dust along with its body; but your real mind is eternal. 

This is why Jesus once said, “Come therefore unto me, and learn of the Truth (Christ-Mind) in you.”  Jesus had the knowledge (not a belief) that Christ is in each of us, where we unite by bringing about joy.

(Also please note that a related article may further help where we discussed inner conflict and overcoming adversity.)

To overcoming challenges,

James Nussbaumer

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