Feelings of Inadequacy Easily Surrendered by the Power of Your Thoughts that Define Yourself

Letting go of those feelings of inadequacy so you may begin following your dreams and living at full potential, certainly do help create a wonderful life. Overcoming inadequacy or social anxiety is not only about seeing a difference in your life, but in the world as well.

But many of us continue to make a life for ourselves based on a scarcity mentality, rather than creating a life based on the abundance of our inner joy and bliss.

By defining yourself from a scarcity mentality you can easily get too wrapped up in final outcomes, where the anxiety of those feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, builds a foundation that only holds you back from the real creative power of your thoughts.

The feelings of inadequacy take control and instead of reaching your goals you reach stress and fatigue and simply come to a point of total burnout.

A Course in Miracles says, “Let your mind wander not through darkened corridors, away from light’s center.”

So, what is the difference between making a life around self-doubt and anxiety versus creating a life from our inner well-being and joy?

It may seem like there’s no difference at all, but actually one seems to be a struggle and the other becomes an exciting journey.  

The power of your thoughts

Your thoughts may lead you to the body because of the power involved—the powerful pull of the ego, which identifies with the physical and the feelings of inadequacy that go with it. 

But the real power of your thoughts giving you a success formula may save you from this as well, because the real power of your thoughts is not of the body’s making. 

Try to remember that the ego mind makes, whereas the reality of God creates.  Which have you been operating from?

As a true being of the reality of God, you have the ability to direct your thoughts as you choose.  If you don’t know that you do, then you must begin perceiving this as so.  Within time this perception will transform—shifting into the knowledge you’ve been denying yourself.

A Course in Miracles further states, “The link with which the Father joins Himself to those He gives the power to create can never be dissolved.”

This is the power you have within your own thoughts.

Once you begin accepting this fact, you will begin knowing that you made beliefs about your mind being powerless. 

You will begin noticing that you’ve been holding yourself back by these feelings of inadequacy, and are denying yourself  by delaying your part in the Atonement, the awakening from what never was, where it is needed.  The world needs you.

Define yourself

Do you see the illusion we make of ourselves?  It’s called ego, and it’s brilliant at preserving itself by attacking what it is preserving. 

We do this all the time when we see ourselves as “not rich enough” or “not smart enough” or “not strong enough,” and on and on. 

The list continues with the endless ways we attack ourselves, leading to addiction and other personal problems bringing on anxiety from raised self-doubt, thus making more fear.

The real you cannot create fear, because God knows nothing of fear.  The ego has made the mold for it.  This is why the ego never recognizes what it’s really doing.  The ego draws from the one source that is totally adverse to its existence, so that it may continue to exist. 

The ego-based mind leeches itself onto your creative Wholeness, and then makes fantasy fragments of it where feelings of inadequacy form a scarcity mentality.  

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To your creative Self,

James Nussbaumer

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