Do We Truly Realize Gifts of the Holy Spirit for the Life We Want?

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit necessary for us to accept while we’re in this world for the life we want?

Why perhaps is it that far too many we humans don’t really understand what the Holy Spirit truly is?

Many people have confusion about understanding the Holy Spirit as another way for looking at the world and as a result live your dreams… 

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Understanding the Holy Spirit: Another Way of Looking at the World

Yes, there are only two thought systems, the real and the unreal, the Holy Spirit and the ego. One is unseparated from its source, and the other is in the likeness of a zillion piece puzzle.

In the 1st book of my ever-developing series I deeply touch base and explain the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how my acceptance has changed my world.

When you send a definite and clear message of your needs to the universe, which is really the distinct, infinite sphere of your mind, the Holy Spirit will clear the path…

Far too many world citizens are terribly struggling to even survive let alone live their dreams.

Consider that to get what you think you want most often occurs when you are not certain you deserve it, and that thinking holds you back…

All my best to you in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

PS. By the way, be sure to listen in on an audio cast below I recorded about the Trinity Understood.

It’s quite simple the Trinity explained is the total, undeniable truth that you are. This is not perceived by us; but it is known.

Mind body spirit is union with You as the One whole Mind of God being the Trinity

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