Soothing Anger by Consciousness Responsibility over Frustration Now

Soothing anger is a must for finally reaching your life dream and the goals that go with it for long-lasting happiness. Much of the USA and the entire world are watching the consciousness effort desperately and losing hope. Many are wanting things to happen right now in this instant today. I like this spiritual metaphysical […]

Trump or Biden who Truly Won? And What Things Look Like on the Horizon

I suggest checking out this round table discussion with the following wonderful people: Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Sacha Stone & Sean Stone. Be sure to do your own research on these individual’s qualifications: All my best, James Nussbaumer PS: Feel free to visit the rest of my blog where you can search […]

Reaching Your Full Potential by Consciousness while Being the Real YOU!

If you’re like many everywhere you want to begin reaching your full potential and truly feel successful. Many have had success by truly realizing true consciousness. Yes, but also feel that they’ve not achieved full potential levels of advancement, and still longing for more. This article is intended to show you that it’s impossible to […]

Trouble Turning Your Luck Around means Needing Thought Manifestation

If you’re having trouble turning your luck around here’s a helpful article as a stepping stone for living a better life. Listen deeply to this article and videos if you are asking yourself often, how to make things happen and manifest anything.  Learning how to make things happen is similar to learning to swim. How […]

Learn Reflection of Self to Rise over Adversity and the Way to Success

Reflection of self helps us to begin judging less,—and in this way of being sin no longer occupies the space in our minds that we made between ourselves and our brothers/sisters.  A Course in Miracles states, “Love knows no bodies, and reaches to everything created like itself.” The ego—that aspect of us that thinks we […]