Conscious Steps where Thoughts Illuminate Your Innermost Core

Let’s consider conscious steps from one individual to another, which one of them is thinking real?

Are they thinking from a reflection of their true light or do thoughts arrive from a projection—dreaming types of thought?

Ask yourself this easy question, and you need not have to share your answer with anyone.

How often do you feel you need to be stepping up to the Light of Who you are, but are too timid or afraid of this illumination?

Okay, let’s move on from here.

If our trueness and reality is not reflecting onto the dreaming mind, then the conflict between the two is the insanity of thought separate from God.

The thoughts lack wholeness.

The only way to bring sanity out of this insane thought system made from separation, produced by humankind, is to accept that your true essence, or, your light, cannot conflict.

While we move on this article keep in mind these profound words from A Course in Miracles:

  • The miracle is an expression of awakening with an inner awareness of Christ Consciousness and the acceptance of your True Reality.

After all, how can total oneness conflict?

This is what proves, at your innermost core, that you are responsible for what you believe. If we are of the One Mind of God, and our thoughts illuminate from this light, would your beliefs be real or unreal?

You wouldn’t need curiosity to find reality. You are already it and are your pure knowledge.

As you continue through this blog and of course my ever-developing book series, try to keep in mind that when a situation has been given wholly to the truth, conflict cannot arise in your conscious steps.

In other words, if two individuals are both operating from the reflection of this One-Light, which is Truth, how can an attackful situation arise?

This must mean that conscious steps for peace is all there can be.

In this peaceful joining where you meet with real thought, it is a wholeness of mind opening to its knowledge, instead of a segment of mind wishing it were separate and dreaming so.

From joining comes the state of mind where you begin to perceive situations as meaningful. Truth is the goal and is where real opportunity will come your way.

With right-minded conscious steps you will begin meeting the right people at the right times. Astonishing proof of this is revealed in my 3rd book of the series, And Then I Knew My True Abundance.

If you have not yet, then I encourage you to check it out when the time is right for you. You’ll see why nothing outside of wholeness or total oneness of mind can mean anything substantial to your life.

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Yes, Your Innermost Core Illuminates Conscious Steps toward Freedom

Nothing in and of itself can attack or become attacked. But images can seem to attack, and that is why bodies seem to attack other bodies.

Remember, even a thought of attack is attack in your mind, because an image is projected.

You may not see yourself as vulnerable to your separated, dreaming thoughts, but when you see attack as real thought, it is only because you believe the image you project of yourself is capable of being attacked.

You’ve learned this from those who taught you this is an unsafe world.

Let’s be patient now while we go into some deeper water about conscious steps for just a moment.

But don’t think too hard about this, just like you wouldn’t panic and struggle to make brisk strokes in a calm but deep end of the swimming pool.

Rather, let yourself smoothly swim with ease. Simply absorb what I have to say, here, and allow it to become a part of you.


Okay, are you ready?

When time began it made you see attack as real; it’s ticking away at life, the serpent conniving Eve, and even the image of God’s angry outcast on the first couple from paradise.

You have the effects of these self-made thoughts being projected as images and they are embedded in you, which are also the effects on you that control the way you live your life.

If you can comprehend this law, it will ultimately save you, but you could be misusing it. You must begin to learn how it can be used for your own best interests, instead of against them.

Look at it this way: Consider when you project attackful types of thought are you not fearing attack as well? In that sense, if you fear being attacked this must be proof enough that you are certainly vulnerable.

This gives you vulnerable and defensive attack thoughts in your mind, which, of course, are frightening thoughts. If it’s a frightening thought it must be projected and somewhat confusing, whether you care to accept it or not.

The fact is, in order for us to be completely invulnerable to attack, we simply cannot have a single attack thought.

Doesn’t this make sense?

It would then make further sense, or let’s say, an “extended” sense, that invulnerability and attack contradict each other and will not compliment any given situation.

I also like to hang on to this spiritual principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • Consciousness in a Divine sense is the state that induces action though it does not inspire it. You are free to believe what you choose, and what you do attests to what you believe. 

Any idea you have about attack stems from the thought that you always attack yourself first.

If you believe you can have attack thoughts and at the same time be invulnerable from attack, then you are attempting to weaken yourself in your own eyes. How and why is this?

The answer lies in the fact that you are in conflict.

I mean to say with your conscious steps between being invulnerable and wishing to attack, and conflict only weakens us.

You have also attacked the perception you have of yourself. Additionally, because you believe in these attack thoughts, you can no longer believe in yourself.

A false image of yourself will always struggle to take the place of what you truly are. When you struggle, conflict is all through you.

Operating in this fashion makes it extremely difficult to handle any irate situation you may encounter.

But, hey, it could just as well mean the difference in that slippery, sliding putt on the golf course as in my story earlier in a previous article.

Was it my task to sink the putt or was it more important that I didn’t have any conflict in that task? Think about the task, surely, but don’t make a struggle out of it.

As the late great golf instructor Harvey Penick says in his Little Red Book, “When I ask you to take an aspirin, please don’t take the whole bottle.”

Taking conscious steps toward the true outcome you want especially with your marriage or love relationship, is more whole than a reckless advance.

Too many of us distrust anything unfamiliar, whether it’s a sliding putt in a fun game like golf or a conflict-free loving and joyous relationship.

Think clearly now, you’ve survived the deep water, and let’s move on to discuss by example how all of this plays out in the special love relationship.

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Yes, it is all about living your dreams and being truly happy.

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