Worry and Fear: How to Beat the Struggle Holding us Back in Life

Worry and fear and how you may use your power of thoughts to get a grip on what is holding you back in life.

How many times when at the crossroads in life have, we heard this statement”? “You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!”

Okay, for now, as you absorb this article keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • The miracle minimizes the need for time. In the longitudinal or horizontal plane, the recognition of the equality of those at the branch in the road appears to involve almost endless time. They know in the heart which ever turn they make will be the right decision.

BEFORE approaching the fundamental principles upon which this lesson is established it will be of benefit to you to keep in mind the reality that it is useful,

I mean to say, one that brings you the discoveries of many, many years of research.

Yes, that it has the approval of the leading scientific men and women of the world who have checked every concept included.

When at the branch in the road suspicion is the lethal enemy of progress and self-development.

You might as well save this article for later and stop right here regarding approach to this lesson with the feeling that it was composed by some long-haired theorist.

You know, who had actually never ever tested the concepts upon which the lesson is based.

Surely this is no age for the doubter, due to the fact that it is an age in which we have seen more of Nature’s laws uncovered.

Yes, of course, and harnessed than had actually been discovered in all previous history of the human race.

Within three decades we have seen the proficiency of the air; we have explored the ocean.

Yes, and more yet, we have all but obliterated distances on the earth; we have utilized the lightning and made it turn the wheels of market.

Sure, too, we have made many blades of grass grow where but one grew previously; we have rapid communication in between the nations of the world.

Genuinely, this is an age of true Light and unfoldment, however we have yet barely scratched the surface of understanding.

When we shall have unlocked the gate that leads to the secret power which is stored up within us it will bring us knowledge that will make all past discoveries fade into oblivion by contrast.

We have currently found out enough about the human mind to know that a guy or gal may throw off the collected effects of a thousand generations of fear.

I mean learning to start Manifesting.

We have actually found the reality that worry is the chief factor for hardship and failure and misery that takes on a thousand different kinds.

The advancement of self-confidence begins with the elimination of this satanic force called fear.

I mean an ego-based force, which sits upon an individual’s shoulder and whispers into his ear, “You can’t do it – you hesitate to try – you hesitate of popular opinion – you are afraid that you will stop working – you are afraid you have not the capability.”

This worry and fear demon is entering close quarters.

Science has discovered a lethal weapon with which to put it to flight, and this lesson on confidence has actually brought you this weapon for use in your fight with the world-old enemy of progress, fear.

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Every person falls successor to the impact of basic worries. Under these fears might be listed the lesser fears.

The significant or standard fears are here identified and the sources from which they are thought to have grown are described.

The basic worry and fear.

The fear of Poverty. The fear of Old Age. The worry of Criticism. The fear of Loss of Love of Someone. The worry of Ill Health and the fear of Death.

Research will study the list, then take inventory of your own fears and establish under which of the headings you can classify them.

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Every person who has reached the age of understanding is bound down, to some level, by one or more of these standard fears.

As the first step in the removal of these evils let us examine the sources from whence, we acquired them.


All that humankind is, both physically and psychologically, he visited through two forms of heredity. One is referred to as physical heredity and the other is called social heredity.

Through the law of physical heredity man has actually slowly progressed from the amoeba (a single-cell animal kind).

From there, through stages of development corresponding to all the known animal types now on this earth, consisting of those which are known to have actually existed, but which are now extinct.

Every generation through which we humans have passed has actually added to his nature something of the traits, practices and physical look of that generation.

Man’s physical inheritance, for that reason, is a heterogeneous collection of numerous practices and physical forms.

There seems bit, if any, worry and fear and doubt that while the basic life challenges of men and women could not have actually been inherited through physical genetics (these standard worries being mental states of mind and therefore not efficient in transmission through physical heredity), it is obvious that through physical genetics a most beneficial accommodations location for these fears has been supplied.

It is a well-known reality that the entire procedure of physical advancement is based upon death, destruction, discomfort and ruthlessness.

Let me also add that, the elements of the soil of the earth discover transportation, in their upward climb through advancement, based upon the death of one type of life in order that another and greater type might subsist.

All vegetation lives by “eating” the components of the soil and the elements of the air. All kinds of animal life live by “consuming” some other and weaker form, or some kind of vegetation.

The cells of all plants have a really high order of intelligence. The cells of all animal life also have a very high order of intelligence.

Undoubtedly the animal cells of a fish have discovered, out of bitter experience, that the group of animal cells known as a fish hawk are to be greatly feared.

By reason of the truth that many animal types (including that of most males) live by eating the smaller and weaker animals, the “cell intelligence” of these animals which enter.

We have actually now I mean in today’s world found out enough about the human mind to know that a man might throw off the accumulated results of a thousand generations of fear, through the aid of the principle of Auto-suggestion.

We have actually already found the fact that worry is the primary factor for poverty and failure and torment that takes on a thousand various types.


Every individual fall heir to the influence of some important standard fears we must face. Under these fears might be noted the lower worries.

The significant or fundamental worries are here enumerated and the sources from which they are thought to have actually grown are described.

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No one needs to live under that eerie feeling of guilt or fear.

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