Trouble Turning Your Luck Around means Needing Thought Manifestation

If you’re having trouble turning your luck around here’s a helpful article as a stepping stone for living a better life.

Listen deeply to this article and videos if you are asking yourself often, how to make things happen and manifest anything. 

Learning how to make things happen is similar to learning to swim. How is swimming similar to manifesting your desires?

Both manifesting and swimming needs total trust, i.e. letting go.

When it comes to trouble turning your luck around you have to let go of your need to manage the result and trust that you will receive that which you are seeking.

The Course in Miracles gives us proof that the ego in us which is our fear and doubt side gets in our way. The ego tries to order us to:

  • “seek but do not find.”

In the case of swimming you have to trust that you will float and not drown. Everyone who has actually learnt how to swim will agree that worry causes you to sink.

Absence of fear enables you to flow brilliantly. If you go down it will be short-term and you’ll naturally rise to the surface.

It is no different when having trouble turning your luck around than how to make things happen in your life with attempting to manifest your desires.

Accept your desires as already having actually been fulfilled.

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Start to Flow if you’re Having Trouble Turning your Luck Around for the Better

You can fool people, but you cannot deceive the inner depths of thought manifestation.

Every thought, sensation or doubt, no matter how minor is vibrated throughout the interlocking chain of minds—which is the real universe.

Recently as I was swimming at my local health club it dawned on me, how swimming has keen parallels with the personal initiative of how to make things happen in one’s life.

I was baffled by the reality how beginners have trouble keeping their head above water, while experienced swimmers don’t have such an issue.

They swim easily while a beginner seems to want to force the issue of the swimming stroke.

That’s because, “The reason they sink is because they don’t rely on the water to keep them flowing. The beginner seems to fear releasing, and so flowing can’t happen.

And then it struck me.

It is the very same with manifesting your desires!

No trust, no flowing through life while you manifest anything you want.

Let’s consider your thought manifestation and its creative influence on you.

It’s just when you totally and unquestionably trust that your desires are as great as having already been provided, that your personal initiative with the help of the power of attraction will simply flow.

It’s all about not allowing the ego-based mind to hold you back in life any longer!

Follow this strategy when having trouble turning your luck around and you’ll and find the proof of your total trust is when you reveal your gratitude and currently start celebrating, in spite of your present truth which may be the specific opposite of what you proclaim.

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