Overtaken by Guilt Limits Relationships to Strengthen and Flourish

If you feel overtaken by guilt and fear how then may you strengthen and flourish?

When we consider the ancient teachings concerning the body, only certain fragments have been preserved, such as Jesus’s statement that “your whole body will be filled with light.”

Other fragments have only served as myths, such as the belief that Jesus’s body never turned to dust, but rather ascended into Heaven.

Where did his body go?

As you continue in this article keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • Miracles are a way of earning release from fear and guilt. Revelation induces a state in which fear has already been abolished. Miracles are thus a means and revelation is an end to your guilt.

Almost no one to this day wishes to explain or try to understand these fragments or the hidden meaning of such particular myths.

Why are they hidden?

The ego always hides from the truth when overtaken by guilt.

The belief that “you are not your body” has prevailed universally, leading to body denial and attempts to escape from the body.

Countless spiritual seekers have prevented themselves, because of this, from attaining spiritual realization for themselves and becoming finders.

Is it really necessary that we continually try to recover or question the lost teachings on the significance of the body?

This is where more fragmenting thoughts pile on with existing fragments. This becomes the birth of further separation.

I’ve discovered there’s no reason for all that fear and the like.

All true spiritual teachings originate from the same Source.

In that sense there is only one Master, who manifests in many different forms as a reflection of His Light while we dream of separation or live in this world.

You are that Master and so am I, when we access the Source within. The way is using the body to go beyond form.

We must go beyond the dream to that Light watching over us while we sleep. We do this by noticing Truth, which is the Light.

The Light is where your real relationships take place and then reflect in this world as a manifestation of this reality.

Your real relationships reflect from your inner awareness of the light Jesus spoke of; otherwise, they project from unreal thoughts of fantasy wishing.

You are going to learn to know the difference so you can make right-minded decisions.

Yes, and not overtaken by guilt and fear.

Even though all spiritual teachings do originate from this Light regardless of the laws or doctrine scribed by man once they become verbalized, they are no more than a collection of words, more form.

But you can choose to consider them as directional signs pointing you back to where you belong.

The first humans were so overtaken by guilt and fear they didn’t realize that leaving the garden paradise was unnecessary.

They separated by choice.

God didn’t order them or drive them out of Eden, but their newly formed separated thought system made by the ego-based mind did.

They were afraid to return to the garden and to let go of separate ways. They no longer understood the light of One-mindedness, and that confusion lingers today.

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Are you Allowing your Body to be Overtaken by Guilt?

What you perceive as a dense physical structure called your body, subject to disease, old age, and death, is not ultimately real and certainly is not your totality.

It is nothing more than a projection that gives a misperception of the nature of your being. Your true being is the Oneness of the light that connects you to your Source.

I just love this video presentation to identify with what’s holding you back in life.

But don’t turn away from or deny the body, because behind that projection is concealed the splendor of your eternal essence.

This Freedom is your True Reality.

Don’t turn your attention elsewhere or attack yourself with untruths, as within yourself is where your search for truth will be complete.

It is one step through the door of the fence. It’s the step you must take in order to know your eternal essence, or, being.

As you step you will feel pulled through the door like a magnetic force and your relationships with the reality in others will strengthen and flourish.

It’s a brotherhood you share, so don’t fight against your body or your brother’s/sister’s body, because in doing so you are attacking your own reality.

You are your body only as you project its image, and you have the power to not be overtaken by guilt.

The body that you see and touch is only on a thin illusory opaque screen, portraying what you believe yourself to be.

Behind the screen is your true reality that is the invisible you—life manifested. The real world.

“Consider music,” I’ve learned from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. “Isn’t it the space between the notes that manifest the song?”

Each of us is the song of the Manifested One Life that is birthless, deathless, and eternally now with no past or future, says Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now.

Why, then, have we all been sharing the same problem of not seeing our relationships as part of the Oneness instead of simply being it, as it I, and sharing only that!

A Course in Miracles also give us this thought-provoking spiritual principle:

  • By recognizing spirit, miracles adjust the levels of perception and show them in proper alignment. This places spirit at the center, where it can communicate directly.

Could it be possible our focus is too concerned with the body itself, instead of what exists through the fence?

Or, is it that we have the stage fright to revert back within as it was back at the Garden of Eden only an instant ago as we dream?

Meanwhile, histories everywhere play out in different schemes of time and space and form, always looking to a future that cannot exist.


All that we ever have is reality, which is that crystal-clear instant, now, where past and future mean nothing. It’s a holy instant, and it carries on endlessly.

It’s that infinite non-dreaming unseparated thought where we’re all in touch and whole with our Source, which I’ve chosen to call God.

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