Spiritual Manifestation by Healing, Transforming, Letting Go of Ego-based thought

Spiritual manifestation happens when you make the shift in your mind to right-mindedness where you must change your whole approach to life and higher consciousness.

You must begin healing and transforming wrong-minded ego based perceptions—which are misaligned mindful patterns and thought system.

In book 1 of the series we go deep about…The ability to experience spiritual manifestation comes naturally to those who are willing and ready to begin experiencing a higher consciousness.

Are you willing to do what it takes to see a reality that never had sin to begin with, and to live with peace and joy, free of guilt? 

Or do you wish to live your life under dark clouds that limit you in your true purpose? 

Spiritual manifestation does not entail sacrifice at all, but it does require letting go of illusion.

I realize there are those who say that the body is real, and that it is all there is to life; that when the body dies, “It’s over—that’s it, lights out.” 

Whatever way you choose to live, only you know within yourself whether or not you are living a life that fulfills your purpose.  Only this is your true free will.

No matter how you decide to view this cloud cover, whatever excuses you come up with, you indeed know if you are lost or not. 

You may say things to yourself such as, “I’m just waiting for the economy to turn around” or “Once the kids get through college I’ll be able to free up more time.” 

In book 2 you will learn…Spiritual manifestation only seems difficult or impossible because we’ve been taught and programmed to always be looking “out there” for that “someday” that we wish to believe is the magic pill. 

Would you dare to consider these excuses as a cop out to your fear of your own ego’s anger toward you?  This is being afraid of your own shadow. 

A Course in Miracles teaches…Out of fear, you simply do not wish to rebel against the ego and this will make spiritual manifestation not possible for you, unless you surrender those old ideas and ways of thinking. 

If for some time, you have been sensing what I’m discussing here, then this is experiencing the Holy Spirit and His Voice touching you.  Of course, any fear you have is an illusory front of the ego mind, designed to scare you. 

If you’re finding what I’m saying hard to believe, then ask the Truth that is inside you what it is you are denying. 

Simply ask, “How do I truly choose to live?”

In his book The Power of Now, spiritual leader and psychologist Eckhart Tolle describes  a “critical-limit situation…” 

I read about the critical limit situation and it certainly caught my attention due to my own personal disaster, drastic upheaval, deep loss, and suffering. 

A critical-limit situation occurs when an individual’s whole world is shattered, turned upside-down, and doesn’t make sense anymore.  It is an encounter with death, be it physical or psychological. 

It appears that much of the world—individuals and nations alike—will need a critical-limit situation, to spur us to recognize the letting go and undoing process by the Holy Spirit; forcing us to surrender and into an awakened state that starts with right-mindedness—the part of our consciousness drawn to wholeness.

It’s where healing takes place. 

This is the only way to awaken to One-mindedness—where we’ve always been at Home with God; the right-mind gets us there, and this is spiritual manifestation

There is no guarantee, of course, that even this type of situation will do it, because humankind is stuck so deeply in wrong-mindedness—the doubting, fearful, and judgmental aspect in us all called ego; but our potential is there. 

Some will never recognize this, however, and merely wither away. 

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To spiritual manifestation,

James Nussbaumer

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