In Despair and how to experience Emotional Healing

Being in despair and enduring a situation where emotional healing is needed can be a huge hill to climb for overcoming adversity, but it doesn’t have to be. In despair and trying to find a way through emotional healing certainly can be a battle with the snarling dogs of your own ego mind. 

 I mean to begin rising above and overcoming adversity is a commitment you must make within to get over any such ego-based fear. 

Many have read my articles about letting go of the ego-based mind and embracing emotional healing, and more, where I discuss being in despair and overcoming the extreme adversity of a 10 year prison sentence.

I hope my true stories of overcoming adversity and sending that bothersome, but illusory, junk yard dog in my own mind on its way, may reflect your own awareness of the Holy Spirit in you, and the happenings in your own life.

Learning to let go without fear and being miracle minded, is what I mean.

In book 1 of my ever-developing series we surely do deeply dive into…It is your awareness of His presence that may have been missing when you may have faced despair or turmoil. 

You can begin to strengthen this awareness as you strengthen your alertness and begin emotional healing. 

Many of us in despair have been caught up in the world of perception, which means we are caught up in finding an answer that exists outside of us. 

But an idol is a wrong-minded remedy of the ego for overcoming adversity, whose only strength is that it can get you to perceive the way it wants you to.  It points “out there” where nothing knows the real you.

The only true help is accessing your True Helper, which is in all of us.  

He is housed in your right-mind and watches over you as you dream of a life of time and space.  He will, upon your invitation, arbitrate between the pull of the ego mind on you, and true reality.

A Course in Miracles states, “There is nothing to prevent you from recognizing all calls for help as exactly what they are except your imagined need to attack.”

All of us even while in despair and going through or needing emotional healing at one time or another have experienced some intuition and dismissed it as luck or a whim.

We need to lighten up and not attack ourselves.  It is you, along with the Holy Spirit, Who brings about any such luck, which truly is emotional healing going on within you because you embrace it! 

These aspects within you that the Holy Spirit reveals, including Him, are the vision of the Christ Mind completed.

The power within you to heal.

This is your wholeness reflected as your strength, rather than the weaknesses you experience on the fast downslopes.

I must go further to say that if you listen to these intuitions or sensations of truth when you are faced with overcoming adversity, you will find the Holy Spirit will give you what you need for your growth at that moment—even if it is only a tiny wisp of strength that seems to be holding on by a thread, such as my own thoughts of a “non-mandatory” prison term, meaning hope for an early release or parole. 

In book 2–the sequel, I really get involved about…That’s all I had, but somehow that thought was given to me, as well as the strength to hold onto it. 

A Course in Miracles helps us further see that…

The ego mind through its wrong-mindedness might argue and say that the thought of an early release was only a survival instinct—a delusion from being in despair. 

Yes, this may be true, but there’s more beyond this that the ego mind can never recognize. 

To that, the ego mind may respond that this is insane or preposterous or arrogant.  But that’s just like the ego—always attacking when emotional healing is needed and also when it doesn’t know what to do next. 

The truth is that I was given a path to hope, like a ray of light, that led me out of the depths of despair and allowed me to see the face of Christ in my desperate surroundings. 

While deep in despair when the hope for early release fell away, I was still left standing in the light. 

But without that slender hope at that time, none of my right-mind would have been available for emotional healing for overcoming adversity and to fulfill my purpose in the “Sonship,” as A Course in Miracles teaches.

That hope was essential because it kept me at a maximum potential thereby from succumbing to my deepest despair imaginable—a subjective state we experience when our inner resources are sufficient to cope with a situation like emotional healing. 

I was able, by a thread of hope at my innermost core, to avoid a meltdown of the trust I had in myself to endure this period in my life: a prison term of ten years. 

Fortunately, my dad always taught me to keep moving toward the goal, and my mother was always matter-of-fact.  Thanks to that early guidance, I’ve never totally lost sight of the knowledge that the universe—the working of the whole—is always on my side even in despair. 

My strength has used time to rebuild.  Oh sure, my weaknesses still sneak up on me in form of anxiety.  But with the Christ Mind as my thought system, I will continue to endure. 

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To emotional healing,

James Nussbaumer

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