Fearful and Why You are at the Branch in the Road of Your Life

Fearful and why you just cannot get a grip on this nagging thought process? Maybe it’s your future you are fearful over crazy stuff, stressed, and what to do next, or which way to turn? Keep in mind as you absorb this brief message for it’s worth to you this spiritual principle from the Course […]

Mind Over Matter: How Power of Words Get You Over Challenges

One of the best mind over matter challenges in life is understanding simply how powerful our thoughts are. A number of us discover this the tough way – myself included. After spending the majority of my early life captured up in unfavorable thought patterns, it occurred to me that I had actually developed precisely what […]

A Brief on How To Overcome Feeling Trapped in Life

I love this for making your dreams a reality! The complete moon shone and glowed over the calm, glasslike water, and relieved the sensation of being caught. A catnap I would enable myself, hoping to rid the sensation of being caught. I love this (Here’s another related article about: spiritual direction to begin manifesting the […]

Peace Within You is So Crucial for your Thoughts and Perceptions

We’d surely like to think we can count on the trustworthiness and honesty and integrity of a brother or sister.  In book 2 of the series we look at … Truth and impression, or incorrect concepts, have no connection whatsoever. They are seen as different wholes versus each other, whereas reality stands as one, with […]

Uncovering Self-Confidence in Self Insight for the Life You Truly Want

What does it mean to begin uncovering self-confidence other than uncovering your fears? Over the course of one’s life, they must take the roadway to unconscious, mindful, and subconscious learning to figure it all out. We have the root of understanding from our learning, experiences and events that we can draw from to advance towards […]

Overcoming Adversity; Another Way of Looking at the World Today

Overcoming adversity can be a no brainer when we trust. We have all lost our desire and ambitions at some point in our life. We often seem to be running out of steam when we needed it the most—then feeling more miserable over our loss of purpose or energy. Then even more miserable contemplating the effort […]

Learning from Self Insight and Inward Growth, Beginning Today

How the memory functions play into professional development: We can learn from professional and self-insight growth by comprehending the memory and how it retains details. The memory is a structure of membranes seated on short-term and long-lasting memory stems that stretch to the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Comprehending long-term and short memory: Short-term is […]