Dream Moods need Listened to; as a Result Getting the Life You Want

Dream moods simply lead to either a bad dream–a nightmare, or may bring forth a lovely dream. Don’t you agree? Some individuals dismiss dreams as nonsense, thought patterns running ‘in question’, so to speak. I mean, as we sleep since we are not mindful and in a position to manage them. Others think that a […]

James Nussbaumer again Signs with Ozark Mountain Publishing; Book 4

James Nussbaumer again promises not to disappoint his valued readers. Even those who have wondered if his ever-developing miracle-minded messages from the darkness of adversity would continue. In this series readers lived through what was the last place he expected to experience ultimate freedom.  His in-depth frank descriptions of prison life give us a stunning […]

Emotional Infidelity or Cheating in the Marriage: Why Hurt Others?

Emotional infidelity or cheating – I mean, why hurt others, even those not directly involved? How you deal with an emotional infidelity in your relationship is up to you. You certainly have a number of choices, not the least of which is ending the relationship. Some may argue that a psychological affair is not cheating […]

Not Feeling Like Myself: Tools for Turning Your Life Around if in the Dumps

‘Not Feeling Like Myself,’ Certainly can be Turned Around by Power of Visualization Techniques You are not alone if you’re ‘not feeling like myself’, at that threshold of in the dumps, or anger and frustration.  Maybe you’re with thoughts of, “My life sucks,” or screaming inside, I really hate my life. Perhaps you have those […]