Peaceful State of Mind with Encouragement and Inspiration

Whenever I finish a writing project of the magnitude of my books and articles, I feel a peaceful state of mind.

Yet, I also feel a sense of sadness—and surely that was the case in many other projects before this one that you now enjoy. But this is also why I’ve committed myself to my ever-developing book series.

I slowly brought the pen to paper on these projects, a sense of encouragement and inspiration urged me to keep progressing with an excitement as to where it would take me.

How would this book end?

What will get me there?

These types of inspiring thoughts create my books and articles. 

The sadness of leaving a previous book faded and the accomplishment of its satisfying, extending message moved me forward to where I am now, writing these words for the world to contemplate. 

Try to keep in mind as you absorb this article for your benefit a spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • When you have become willing to hide nothing, you will not only be willing to enter into communion but will also understand peace and freedom. Yes, thus allowing darkness to fade away.

It’s a peaceful and blissful state of mind.

Let’s ask ourselves what is a peaceful state of mind without faith? I mean to say, will never come forward in your mind, because what you’ve dedicated to truth is brought there by faith.

There have been some not-so-pretty paths I’d taken to discover this. You see, I’ve learned that faith is encompassed by everyone involved in a situation that is perceived as meaningful and whole.

What is it I really mean by “whole?”

For now, let’s look at wholeness as perceiving yourself without the barrier, or, the “fence,” and by overlooking it by looking beyond to your reality.

The fence analogy I’ve used is not intended for us to dwell on, but to simply notice it as only an illusive barrier. What I mean is, see your body for what it is to you, but don’t see it as restricting you from a sense of freedom.

Simply place yourself in a nonrestricted mode, allow your true feelings to occur, and the rest will come along naturally as we move on.

Every situation perceived wholeheartedly is positive and becomes an opportunity to heal your separated mind. Faith does this because in faith you have given yourself, or accepted yourself as being whole.

This wholeness is about you and is the spirit of God, which is holy, so we shall name It his Holy Spirit.

When you picked up a book in my series or found this article and began to read it, you decided to let go of every demand the ego-based mind has placed on you.

This “letting go” is crucial and is what saddened me temporarily when I completed my last writing project.

That discomfort was due to the change my ego saw me going through, and on to something real and new, not really new at all, but it frightened my ego-based thought system.

The ego thrives impatiently that I may expose the guilt. It feels being dragged along by my real self and the thought of losing control over my body is its worry and fear.

But always keep in mind the ego is not intentionally bad, it’s just afraid to be complete because it can never understand through wholeness.

I must excitedly add that when I do let go and actually move on, as I am doing now with this new book, all that is real in my previous projects are still extending everywhere.

I feel the warmth of a freedom so powerful because I’m sharing it as one with the Holy Spirit, who through wholeness while manifesting extends everywhere reality exists.

For those of you who may lean toward atheism, feel free to substitute the word wholeness for God. The feelings I have as I write these words come from wholeness and I choose to call it God.

It certainly is not separateness.

Since the Holy Spirit is the spirit of the wholeness of God, He shares it with me as a gift, and this freedom is a good explanation and definition of healing.

What really is the Holy Spirit’s purpose and what do I mean by a separated mind?

In my first book, The Master of Everything, I have “blue printed” the answer to this question, which I urge you to read and study if need be.

You will discover this works in your relationships.

I can tell you now that any separate-mindedness of my own is not the Inspiration which caused me to move on, let go of the past, and write this book, along with seeing my purpose real and beneficial to others in this world.

My involvement here is wholeness rather than a separation, and there is nothing in between.

To be whole with a peaceful state of mind is to heal.

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So, What Is Holding You Back from a Peaceful State of Mind?

The body and its brain control our feeling of lack and that is where any feelings of despair come from, and the body cannot heal itself alone.

Yes, this is why I urge you to begin a daily routine of a few minutes in mindfulness meditation.

Think about it, the body doesn’t make itself sick. Its condition depends entirely on how the mind perceives it and the purpose the mind would use the brain for.

In a peaceful state of mind you’ll learn to feel the ego in yourself as a tiny unreal segment of the whole mind, which sees itself separate from the wholeness you feel at times of completeness.

The wholeness is the Universal Purpose which is the Divine Power in each of us, but only through and wholly of each other.

When you are feeling whole, the ego will use the body as a weapon for defense against this purpose. It demonstrates its misery in the fact of being separate with its chosen thought system that can never locate solid, truthful answers.

The ego-based mind uses its thought system trying desperately to drive the body. You’ll notice this in the judgments you make of others and of yourself.

The body becomes dictated by illusion and fantasy, always thinking rather than being, and it thrives to form an identity and acts accordingly.

But it is no match for how the Holy Spirit uses the body.

With the ego, you actually see what is not really there and hear what Truth never said.

You believe in a manner that keeps you uncertain, and this alone can be unnerving. We can say it’s like being in prison. And I’ll vouch for that.

Lack of faith in ourselves leads straight to illusion and its way of thinking.

What is illusion? I hear you asking.

It’s what you project as images from your separated state of mind, rather than your capability of reflecting from the light of inner truth with a peaceful state of mind.

Having no faith gives you projections of others as only being a body, and the body cannot solely be used for real, loving relationships.

If you do see another as a body, you have made a condition in which a true relationship will become impossible. You lack faith in yourself, and this lack you share with another is what keeps you separated from true reality.

What have You Done to Feel Lack?

You have opposed the Universal Purpose and placed illusion of a body to stand between you and him or her and your real passion and purpose in life.

You have allowed illusion or fantasy to have priority. But even your unreal relationships made of illusion and fantasy rather than reflecting truth, still have something to teach you.

There is a hidden ingredient that will shift you to real vision, so hope is always alive.

It surely cannot be difficult to realize that faith must be the opposite of no-faith. This faithlessness will always limit and attack, where faith will remove limitations and make whole.

Having no-faith destroys and separates, where faith will join, and this is healing. You have then given yourself freedom from the past.

Now you are ready to move forward in life and acknowledge your reality by learning why union in relationships that are real are everywhere, and they wait for you.

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In the 5th book of the Series…The Light of Truth… The objective to uncover the #light and rid #darkness of Who you are would end all worry of about how to live the life of your dreams.

By listening to your quiet mind you will notice a peaceful shift beginning…

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