Is Karma and Cause and Effect for Real?

We discussed is Karma for real and how does it affect your pursuit for a better life. It was discussed why you must: “Feel the feeling as though the prayer has already been answered”. Sure, and in that feeling we are speaking to the Forces of Creation, allowing the world to respond to us.  But […]

Weight-Loss for Diabetes and Heart Patients and What to Learn Today

Physical activity and weight-loss for diabetes and heart-patients reduces the risk for of coronary heart problems. Surely, and reduces the danger of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and specific cancers. Research reveals that day-to-day physical activity may help an individual lose weight. Yes, by partly reducing the slow-down in metabolic process that occurs during weight […]

Manifesting Your Desires Understood: A Few Step Formula from your Heart

Here’s the manifesting your desires understood reasoning from the heart of you and why you need to embrace that power. Webinar of Manifest Your Dream Life (few subatomic step formula) I have something very powerful to share with you today… It’s an incredible step-it-up-formula, but take the Quiz first. Yes, for manifesting your desires understood […]