Power Thoughts of the Universe that Lead your Journey in Life with Love

Your growth oriented power thoughts pass along from your innermost truest Essence to the physical body. Let’s consider this miracle occurring for what you need to begin any new life journey. If you sow seeds in a rich and fertile soil and pay close attention to required watering you’ll see miraculous wonderful growth. These power […]

The People you Surround Yourself with will give you the Life You Want

Yes, oh my, of course, the people you surround yourself with pretty much so will determine your future. Take a look at this new feature: Surround yourself with success. Activate your happiness gene with this secret technique. Allowing you to reverse your brains’ negative hardwiring with these scientifically-proven methods.  Keep in mind this principle from […]

Effective People Know How to Receive the Quiet Answer for Success in Life

At last evenings Master-Mind Challenge webinar we deeply discussed effective people understanding the quiet answer for authentic success.  So for those of you who missed it I’ll give you a brief recap here today on letting go of the ego identity obscuring the light of your inner divine Self. It’s how we receive instructions from […]