Handling Guilt with Truth Value by Awakening Consciousness

It’s our own choice in handling guilt when we condemn ourselves and judge others in this same manner, which brings on the guilt that spurs attack-type thoughts.

The mind chooses to judge another as being unworthy of his or her love, and believes punishment should be due.

Often it is as tedious, but hurtful, as the “silent treatment” used in my story a few chapters ago taking place in the living room of the young couple, Adam and Eve.

The mind that judges perceives itself as separate from the other and believes that by punishing the other it will escape punishment or some other kind of loss for itself.

This is an untrue attempt of your mind to deny itself reality and to escape the seeming penalty of denial. What is the penalty? you ask.

It’s not in the laboring sacrificial tasks of getting rid of denial that penalizes you, but it is in your holding on to it.

By holding on to it your guilt obscures the extension of your Father’s Light to you.

A Course in Miracles gives us this profound spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • You prefer to believe that your thoughts cannot exert real influence because you are actually afraid of them. This may allay awareness of the guilt, but at the cost of perceiving the mind as impotent.

Try to consider handling guilt this way:

If you have a lack of truth you continue to harbor this insane, unreal projection of guilt which is a dark existence image is your body and nothing more.

The piling on of guilt for hiding this truth from yourself is the penalty you pay, and it keeps you focused on the unreal.

What you have is illusion giving you more illusion until the bitter end of your relationships, career, or anything else you pursue in this world, including what you call your life.

When we accepted guilt into our minds collectively it has been seen as an illusory form of wholeness being so fragmented that it started the multidimensional world of separation, another illusion.

But just as well our acceptance of awakening consciousness, the process of reawakening is what heals the guilt we feel so that we can make the proper right-minded choices in our lives here on earth.

This is I always urge that you learn a type of mindfulness meditation to deal with life challenges.

The completion of this handling guilt process called full awakening consciousness via forgiveness of self ends this ugly side of the world.

This is at the last and final tick of time, with no more images projected, where wholeness will be forever reestablished over illusion and fantasy with awakened oneness. Time will no longer be needed.

This will be the final undoing or reversal of separated thought. Just take a look around you in this world, watching the television news, reading the newspaper, and consider what it is you really see.

Our eyes are glued to it as if we want more of it. It is an addiction, and we always do receive more of it because we make it so.

You will note a world projecting punishment, leading us deeper into fear and handling guilt.

We’re always apprehensive and afraid of the consequences of any action we take, good or bad.

If punishment or loss or disaster happens to someone else, we feel safer in that ours was not due. The laws that govern this image seem to be the same laws that dig our grave sites.

Newborn babies arrive into the world in shock and a smack on the rear sends them screaming at their first breath of air, from a process we see associated with pain.

How often has a baby arrived gurgling joyfully and peacefully, with a cute smile?

They grow up to be taught to beware and to guard against what surrounds them, and quickly learn to see the sadness and death that they ultimately expect for themselves.

Their mind becomes imprisoned in the brain and bound there. Yes, the mind will be formed by the images that are governed by the laws of the body.

The mind seems to marinate inside the brain like an olive in a martini.

The mind becomes even more controlled by the intoxication of illusion, especially if the body is harmed, or threatened.

When a body is lost prematurely to death, not one of these youngsters has had time to soak up the image of a cruel God, but their adults have.

While this is not what a father wants to subject his children to, we see this as the price to pay for love.

But why must we see love as requiring pain, agony, hard work, or sacrifice as a way of strengthening it? There is no cost for love in the real world.

If it did cost a hefty price, according to the ego’s interpretation, attacking others would be justified and seen as a way to gain peace and joy.

Isn’t handling guilt failed why we’ve been going to war?

Only the world of guilt could enforce this, because only guilt can conceive of it.

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Think about it. Back at the symbolic Garden of Eden, the separation portrayed as the loving first couple’s so-called sin would not have projected outward what we are seeing today, had they not believed it was their Father who drove them out of paradise, as punishment.

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The Image of You Handling Guilt by True Awakening

Imagine before the separation occurred millions of years ago, but only an instant ago in reality, that nothing existed except for perfect oneness where it was free of handling guilt.

There were no cares, no worries, no anxieties, only continual bliss with perfect calmness and quietness of mind.

Sounds like Heaven, doesn’t it?

It certainly is, and this is what time is meant to accomplish for us.

The purpose of time is to get us back to this state of Being, which is what we already are and always have been behind the dream of separate guilt complexes.

Consider this principle from A Course in Miracles

  • Truth could not awaken if it arose from anything but perfect innocence and light. Innocence is wisdom because it is unaware of evil, and evil does not exist inside of Truth.

The bliss of the Truth of Heaven is our reality—our natural state of mind.

But because of fragmented reasoning we continue to dream of the path to mediocrity, which is littleness.

Being away from our natural state of greatness where we truly belong merely increases the guilt with time.

But time also can heal the handling guilt process, fear, and separation.

This is why God placed the Holy Spirit into our dreaming segment of the mind, which places Him as the right-mind, so that He can participate in the dream.

He is constantly through reflection, teaching us how to awaken carefully with the same calmness and quietness we naturally know so well.

Once this handling guilt goal has been accomplished, we will no longer need our Teacher, or time in which to learn.

We will have awakened as the Teacher, with lessons completed and wholeness existing.

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Yes, we are afraid to meet our real and true Self head on.

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