Spiritually Saving a Relationship or Failing Marriage. Is it Time?

Let’s discuss how easy it is to begin spiritually saving a relationship or failing marriage. 

Often, we believe or think that trying to save the marriage might be a waste of time.

Although time is being used by the Holy Spirit, our beliefs seem to be that the time it does take humanity to heal and awaken leads us into the future.

This is not accurate.

As you look deeply into this brief article keep in mind this spiritual principle about the holy relationship from A Course in Miracles:

  • The holy relationship, a major step toward the perception of the real world, is learned. It is the old unholy relationship transformed and seen anew.

You see, the Holy Spirit is not governed by time and uses it in His own way. Time is His friend in teaching, and not a single instant is wasted as it ordinarily seems to be by the human body.

Each instant of physical time has its purposes in the arranging of events, as orchestrated by Him who conducts from each of our right-minds.

Yes, He has used time for that gray hair, or no hair, those wrinkles that you may sport in that distinguished age compared to your rebellious long-hair teens, which also served a purpose.

This is the real universe is in performance for you and the Truth of your Love.

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So, what can you begin doing now about spiritually saving a relationship or failing marriage? 

Send reflections of your trueness into your projected images of how you see not only letting go of someone you love, but the world, too.

Begin being who you are and not what the world expects of you. Actually, the world doesn’t expect anything of you, but you think it does.

You must realize that the Holy Spirit is your right-mind, and time is in your brain—the body, which is a character, a figure, in the dream of form.

I strongly suggest this video for saving your marriage.

Yes, such as what can trigger love questions to ask your partner.

Do you get my drift here?

Time runs your character of the dream but not the character of your reflection that is eternal.

Time moves along with your body even when deciding over to leave or stay in a relationship. Likewise, and when your body passes on and ends, so will time.

This world is projected; the images you make will not go with your body, because both will have ceased being a dream of what could never become real.

Even your brother’s/sister’s projections will no longer exist without you in this world.

How is this? you ask.

You see, without the projected images you make of your love relationship or marriage troubles, these individuals don’t have an image to live out.

The world stops without you in it.

Projections end.

Their images projected by your own separated thought of how to begin spiritually saving a relationship or failing marriage play off of your images of them.

Without you, form doesn’t exist. Your fragmented thought is what made the world you see.

This is why all your wasted time about letting go of someone you love is due to your identification with the ego, your body.

I mean to say, which uses time to make destruction on saving the relationship and of your world.

The ego-mind, just like the Holy Spirit, uses time to convince you of the inevitable end to learning.

However, to the ego the goal is your death but not for itself, so it thinks.

The ego-based mind tries to figure out a way to live beyond the grave, even if it’s hell. Its failure to prove this is its frustration and its fear of life in this world.

But on the other side of things, the Holy Spirit’s goal is your vision of real love and the eternal instant of life that you live inside of.

This is why look deeper in you before letting go of someone you love.

The Holy Spirit teaches us that this is as certain as God, and that this certainty is your essence which always exists, now.

Understanding the present instant, now, especially when trying spiritually saving a relationship or failing marriage leads you to accepting and realizing your own holiness.

The holiness you truly live as your reality is not the image of your guilt over a failed marriage or love relationship.

Therefore, what else could it be?

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Spiritual awakening and the holiness you truly live as your reality.

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